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MEGA THREAD: Promote your Sims YouTube or Sims Twitch Channel and discover others


  • roroprincess1229roroprincess1229 Posts: 201 Member

    New island living trailer reaction + ea play news
  • rll4ever93rll4ever93 Posts: 20 New Member
    Hi everyone o:)
    Just started my own Sims youtube channel couple of months ago. ( making sims 4 series ) you can give it a try.
    My youtube name is Snap Cat <3
  • krisdmkrisdm Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey fellow simmers, I have started a new Sims YouTube channel and would appreciate you checking it out. I would love your thoughts and feedback. My YouTube channel - asimminglife
  • jacechujacechu Posts: 87 Member
    Hello everyone. My name is Jace. I'm not new to the Sims, but I'm definitely new to YouTube/video editing. The link to my channel and to my Twitter is in my signature. I'd appreciate any and all feedback. But as I said, I've only just started out and have only been doing this a few days! And I am quite open to you asking me to check out your channel as well. I have a nice little list of Sims YouTubers I already watch, but they're the bigger ones. I'd like to add some smaller people in there as well! so feel free to chit chat with me on Twitter, PMs here or in YouTube comments! Nice to meet you all
    Sims YouTube
    Gallery ID: jacechu06
  • Pcom77Pcom77 Posts: 34 Member
    Here's my Machinima channel that I'm looking to grow on youtube, Pcom Studios Machinima! I don't have a ton posted yet but will with an upcoming series!
  • xxmissyxx101xxmissyxx101 Posts: 5 New Member
    I started a Sims based youtube channel, mainly so that all my hours on Sims could have a so called 'Productive' output and I could use some skills I learnt at University :p. I have a few videos thus far and I feel they are improving each time!

    Youtube Channel Name: Carmesi
  • ShaySimsShaySims Posts: 3 New Member
    Hello everyone, I hope all is well. I have recently started Sims 4 machinima on my YouTube channel. It’s included with some of my Bratz Doll movies, however the channel moving forward will be 90 % Sims movie content only. Please check out my first two Sims 4 movies. It’s a series titled “Lisa”, inspired by the first season which was a Bratz Doll series.
    My YouTube is Bratz BREAL Girls

    Also, I am looking for voice actors for the future of this series. Please let me know if you’d be interested. Please forgive me if there’s a separate thread I should post this in. ❤️
  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 8,152 Member
    The Free Will Show is closing its 1st season with Episode 6! It's airing now on my Youtube channel.

    In this episode one more contender is kicked out - who will it be? From season 2 there will be only 4 contenders + 1 dog, and there will be 8 episodes before end of year.

    Simmerville on Youtube | My blog is updated weekly: Simmerville's Sims
  • siminettesiminette Posts: 131 Member
    Hi everyone!

    I created a chalet on three floor with a waterfall aside.

    Thanks for your support and your feedback!

  • roroprincess1229roroprincess1229 Posts: 201 Member

    *Presented by EA Game Changers*
  • ParallelSimsParallelSims Posts: 5 New Member
    Hi all! My channel is pretty new, so I'd love it if you could check it out and let me know what you think! Since I can't post links yet, you can find me by searching for ParallelSims in Youtube Thank you :blush:
  • KafeleKafele Posts: 17 Member
    Hey everyone! My name is Kafele and I have recently (well literary today) started a new YouTube Channel and one of the big focuses will be The Sims 4!

    Backstory on my channel itself, I want to treat it as a tv channel of a sort. What I mean by that is, I would like to have a bunch of different content that ranges from Sims to Wrestling to Sports and so on. Think of it as the channel USA where they have both dramas, reality tv, and wrestling. I'll even have certain days you can expect certain content going forward.

    So originally, I wanted my first series to be a Sims Machinima. However I thought of something really interesting. What if I treated my sims in the Machinima as actual actors and actresses? So I decided to do that as I create my Machinima, I will be creating a lets play series based on the leading sims actor in my first Machinima series!

    Her name is Jorja Cabello (Yes, I mixed Jorja Smith and Camilla Cabello names together hahaha!) and she will play the leading role in my Machinima titled Stories. More info on that soon! Thinking of making my Machinima a voice over but still not sure how to do so or even get actors hahaha.

    Well enough of my talking, and here is the video attached below! I will say, my speech isn't the best but through YouTube, I hope to work on it a lot more!

    YouTube Channel: Kafele Gaming Network
    First Series: "Keeping up With Jorja Cabello"

    Thanks and I hope you stick around cause I sure will on the board!!!

    P.S. First Teaser trailer for "Stories" comes out today at 3PM EST!!!!
  • ItsYukiMeItsYukiMe Posts: 64 Member
    Hey everyone! I just started my 100 Baby Challenge on my Youtube channel "ItsYukiMe" spelled the same as my username :)

    I actually started posting videos years ago but had to slowdown and eventually stop because of college but I'm back now and hope to continue!
    I'm a new member so I can't post any links but I appreciate anyone who checks me out! :D
  • siminettesiminette Posts: 131 Member
    Hi everyone! I use the new sims 4 pack to made a speed build video.
    Hope you will come to watch it!
  • roroprincess1229roroprincess1229 Posts: 201 Member

    Hello Buddies! Welcome to "Let's play the sims 4 island living." Meet Danica Huntley and Noah Lockwood. A couple who moved from the big city to the quiet beach town of sulani. Noah had a dangerous job as a detective and Dancia's was offered to transfer to sulani which inspired them both to move there. Upon moving Dancia came across some strange kelp from exploring a cave on the job and now is a mermaid. She's been slowly adjusting to such a change. Enjoy the let's play guys!
  • ItsYukiMeItsYukiMe Posts: 64 Member
    Hi every-simmer!

    My channel name is also "ItsYukiMe" spelled the same as my username here.

    I can't post links yet as I am still a new member but I hope to see you there! Currently I am doing the 100 Baby Challenge and also some varied random genetics challenge videos. Thanks! :)
  • Lisa_The_Simmer1Lisa_The_Simmer1 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi all, please take a look at my first video on my youtube channel Lisa The Simmer!

    Constructive criticism appreciated!!
  • whimreaperwhimreaper Posts: 351 Member
    Hello, everyone! I'm just starting out my sims YouTube channel! I already have 4 videos up and will be posting another sometime today or tomorrow. Here's my latest upload if you're interested:

    Also this is my channel URL:
  • ToastPlaysStuffToastPlaysStuff Posts: 38 Member
    edited July 2019
    Hey all! I'm rebooting my YouTube channel where I do speed builds, CAS videos, and challenges! Check it out!

    Post edited by ToastPlaysStuff on
  • zanyshanezanyshane Posts: 62 Member
    Hi all! I am still a newer YouTuber, but I wanted to dive into The Sims 4 in a fun way.

    I decided to begin a Let's Play Sims 4 series based on trying to make in-game achievements (found here). Thanks for deciding to check-out my content, and I plan on having more sims content coming soon.

    🚀 Let's Play | The Sims 4 Achievements: "Blast Off" (Ep. 1) 🚀
  • ItsYukiMeItsYukiMe Posts: 64 Member
    Hello everyone! just became an official member so now I can post links! :D This is my latest part in my 100 Baby Challenge! Thanks to anyone who clicks :)

  • roroprincess1229roroprincess1229 Posts: 201 Member

    Giveaway instructions:
    Watch vid + sub + links
    Additional entries for following me on twitter, twitch, insta, tumblr
    Comment (vid) on content you would like to see
    Comment first + last name & social media handles
  • simskeletonsimskeleton Posts: 417 Member
    Hey everyone! I'm working on growing my youtube channel, and I've have been posting videos everyday lately. If you like sims content, please subscribe to My Youtube Channel! :)

    I have been doing a lot of challenges and gameplay videos recently, and have many more ready to share. I also love making music videos as well and have some ideas for future music videos.
    Here are a couple examples:

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