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What made you start playing the Sims?


  • KristinaKristina Posts: 582 Member
    Been playing since 2000. My best friend had the game and I would go over to hers after school to watch her play it. Eventually my parents bought me my own copy.
  • MindsimscreateMindsimscreate Posts: 414 Member
    My mom told me I should try it since we had just gotten an Xbox a year and a half ago. I told her I didn’t want to but she bought it anyways, and I ended up looking forward to it for weeks before it finally came in the mail. Needless to say, I now have sims 4 on PC and own all the eps, gps, and sps.
  • RIP-Troika-GamesRIP-Troika-Games Posts: 221 Member
    ....I have no absolutely no idea. Can't remember for the life of me! It was the first one, I was young and it was so long ago.
  • netney52netney52 Posts: 1,166 Member
    My brother had the game in 2000 but rarely played it so I started playing it. I loved sims 1 and played it for many years. Sims 2 for some reason would never work on my computer so I gave up on it. Then I got sims 3 which I loved open world but hated how slow it was and my pets would freeze all the time.
  • fatbat21fatbat21 Posts: 1,527 Member
    My brother and sister (29, 24) (I’m 18) both played a decent amount of the sims 1 on our kids computer back when i was in preschool, once in awhile they let me play and i always thought it was the best thing ever! Eventually they both kinda grew out of it and i got hooked on the sims 2 in elemtary school, then i got my sister (by me i mean my mom bought it, ahhh being a kid) the sims 3 cause she wanted to play it and i watched her play it and i immediately wanted that so i got 3 a few weeks later and got hooked on the newer game. Played 3 all the way threw bought every Ep, 4 came out and my laptop couldn’t run it so i bought a lower level gaming computer, continued to fall in love with 4 and now I’m off to college and instead of buying a MacBook(like everyone else lol) i bought a new gaming laptop haha.
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  • IfIdieyoungIfIdieyoung Posts: 42 Member
    I played the sims 2 at a friends house, love at first sight :)
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  • SimpkinSimpkin Posts: 7,425 Member
    my friend. I didn't even have a computerback then when s1 came out
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  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,632 Member
    Just curious to see what attracted my fellow simmers to the game. I started playing on the pc before the ps4 version came out. I didn't know the game existed until my friend told me about it. She gave me all her base game cd and all her expansions. I thought I'd give it a try. Best decision ever.

    Seeing pictures of the soon to be launched TS2 and realizing I could build just about any house I could imagine.
  • fiercephoenix91fiercephoenix91 Posts: 175 Member
    For me, I played Sims when I saw the date advertised on TV for the first one. Then things just happened and I have been a Simmer since.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,910 Member
    Information gathered for an economics paper on EA. TS1 was still in development at the time and I found it intriguing. I made a note to follow progress even after the paper was long done, and got the game as soon as it came out. It was revolutionary in concept, brilliant in execution, and explosive in the unlimited ways EA and outsiders expanded and built on the game, the creativity it unleashed. Been playing one form or another (usually several at once) ever since. Still think TS2 is the best of the bunch, though each of the others has things it does very well. For me the ideal Sims game would have 2 at the core with the best of the others brought in.
  • LatteCrabLatteCrab Posts: 2,935 Member
    Curiosity and looking for something new to play with my kids, when they were younger.
    We started on the Nintendo systems, and eventually discovered the PC versions. :)
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,814 Member
    I started with SimCity back 20 years ago or so when my friend was playing it and also one of the kids I used to babysit. We didn't have a computer back then but as soon as I could buy one I bought a copy of the game myself and it advertised The Sims in game and on the back of it. That was Sims 1. I ended up getting that one too though at that point I still played SimCity more often. I probably preferred SimCity throughout Sims 1 and 2 although I played them both but now with Sims 4 I absolutely can't get enough of it and I rarely play SimCity anymore haha
  • GoldenBuffyGoldenBuffy Posts: 4,025 Member
    While at Toys R Us I noticed this cardboard cut out stand about some game called The Sims. I thought it looked like virtual Barbies, so I picked it up. Got home, installed it on my pc, and stayed up for a whole week playing Bob and Betty Newbie. lol Let's just say that I've never looked back. I love the Sims!

    I continued to play Sims 2 up until 2011 or 2012, when my years long save got corrupted (plus my hard drive blew up), and I lost my Riverdale Sims. That's when I fully switched over to Sims 3 (and got a new pc).

    Then I accidentally corrupted my Sims 3 game by doing a batch cc merge in 2016. So that's when I switched over to Sims 4 full time. I still play Sims 2 and Sims 3 but it's just not the same after losing my long played saves. *sniff*
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  • sims2freak737sims2freak737 Posts: 2,539 Member
    I remember when I was about 12 or so we got The Sims on PC and I just fell in love with it. My brother usually stole the consoles (Sega or N64) so I was sort of left to the PC. I was never really into games with stories or much strategy and I loved sandbox style games like Roller Coaster Tycoon.

    I just remember needing to get every single Sims game at the time and I remember being absolutely blown away when I got The Sims Makin' Magic and it came with a Sims 2 Sneak Peek Bonus Disc and seeing what The Sims 2 would be like.

    It's pretty much the only game franchise that I've grown up with consistently.
  • DragonAge_300905DragonAge_300905 Posts: 1,606 Member
    My computer broke and would only play the casual games. I was playing virtual villagers a lot and saw a add for the sims medieval. Really liking the idea of playing in a medieval world, I bought a new computer and bought it.

    Then I bought the sims 3. I still play the sims medieval once in a while. I wish we could get some medieval stuff in the sims 4.
  • duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 3,228 Member
    My younger brother introduced me to the Sims back in the Sims 1 days. We've both kept playing ever since through all the different versions and share save files online. We don't always live in the same State so its something we can do together to keep in touch.
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  • phantasmkissphantasmkiss Posts: 1,398 Member
    Waaaay back in the 1900s, my grandma had Sim City on her computer, and it was the most amazing game I'd seen since Oregon Trail and Odell Lake. The next time I got hold of a Sims game was a college friend who owned Sims 2. We played lots and lots of Sims 2 together, and when she moved on to Sims 3, she gave me all her Sims 2 disks (including the entire library of expansions), which were later stolen.

    I bought Sims 3 eventually, and as much of that as I could afford, and my daughter's father gifted her with Sims 4, or I never would have moved on (Color Wheel 3 EVR). My daughter begged me to play with her, and build mode is admittedly great in this version.

    I could say my grandma got me into it? I could say my college friend, though really she just allowed me to play something I was already interested in. I could say my daughter, since she got me playing the current version.

    Or I could end this essay that no one will read by saying that it was love at first sight. The Sims attracted me because it was a quirky dollhouse with a life of its own and too many jokes to catch in hundreds of hours of gameplay. I love you for you, Sims.
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  • BusufuBusufu Posts: 1,919 Member
    My little Sis <3.
    I'm so grateful to her.
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  • simgirl542simgirl542 Posts: 1,014 Member
    I was at Blockbuster one day in 2002 and saw the PS2 game sitting on the shelf. I decided to try it. I enjoyed it so much I rented it more then once then eventually bought the game. All I can say is: Vibrate is not a fun thing to have turned on when you know sims could die by electrocution in the game. I still remember my reaction when the controller vibrated while my sim child was being electrocuted to death.

    When we got a computer I got my hands on Sims 1. I gradually got all of the expansions and stuff packs as the three or four pack sets.
    Then I got sims 2 for my birthday not long before sims 2 Pets came out.

    By the time I got sims 3 I had "killed" our first computer. It was pre-Windows XP I think.
    I killed our second computer with sims 2 and our 3rd computer with sims 3 on it. Sims 1 was no longer compatible by this time.

    Now we have a Windows 8.1 computer and I rotate between sims 3 and 4 and sometimes I go back to sims 2 but usually for a very short time because of the graphics being so poor, but it's still fun to play occasionally.
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  • NindigoNindigo Posts: 2,764 Member
    The prospect of exploring depravity and as a creative outlet.

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  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 5,622 Member
    I was around for the original version of Sim City, enjoyed it, and played a few later iterations. I was of course aware of The Sims phenomenon when it happened but - foolish me! - didn't think it would be the kind of game I'd enjoy.

    Fast forward many years, to midway through the run of TS3. I am at my sister's home for the holidays, and poke my nose in to see what my youngest niece (age 11 at the time) was playing. It was The Sims 3: Supernatural. Witches? Werewolves? Fairies? Sign me up! I was at an angry place with my current game at the time (for reasons that would make this a long and off-topic rant) and ready to do something different.

    So, when I got home, I dropped some fun money on a version of TS3 that included Supernatural as a bundle. That was 7 years ago. I had a lot invested in TS3 - it really grabbed me - so I was not at all eager to make the jump to TS4. They finally got me to try it with the free base game giveaway and, naturally, I am having a ball with it.
  • WynnoxWynnox Posts: 43 Member
    We had the Sims 1 on an old 98 we used to have, and me being a kid used to have a blast making families of people with gibberish names and then... burning them all alive with the classic enclosed wall and rocket trick. childhood right there! I've since played 2, 3 and Medieval. To be honest im pretty sure the Sims 4 is the only game where I didn't immediately begin it with murdering a bunch of sims somehow.

    So basically what pulled me into the series as a kid was murder, but now days i'd say its pulled me in as a game where you can express yourself and your creativity, and as an old game slogan once said; 'play with life!'

    Also, the amount of drama you can make in your sim's lives is pretty amusing.
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  • nightowl1nightowl1 Posts: 89 Member
    For me, it was just out of curiosity that I picked up the game. I was 6/7 at the time and somehow I hardly ever heard of the Sims, so finding a game that was about controlling pixel people and giving them life amazed me! And then I spent the majority of that time finding multiple ways to end their pathetic little lives, causing multiple fires, deleting pool ladders - just generally being evil incarnate.

    I have a lot of happy memories related to the Sims.
  • Sims_4_ever_Sims_4_ever_ Posts: 143 Member
    Hey guys! It's great to see everyone interacting with this chat. I wanted to talk about something a little off topic for a second. I just posted a new discussion called "You control my 100 baby generations challenge!" All the details are explained there, but basically I am putting the lives of my sims in your hands! Like I said, there is a description in the discussion that goes more in depth in what that means, but before I let you guys make any exciting decisions and see how everything turns out in the lives you create for my sims, I need to know that there will be enough people participating that it will be successful. If this interests you, please head over to my discussion, and leave a comment letting me know that you will be sticking around! Otherwise, I will not be continuing with the series. Thanks, and have a great day! :smiley:
  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 4,662 Member
    edited June 2019
    I've always had an interest in life simulation games. When the Sims 1 was released I was already hooked on another life simulation game called Creatures. It wasn't about humans like the Sims is but it did simulate life in it's own different ways. I didn't really like the Sims 1 all that much though as it didn't have any aging or death and to me that seemed a little anti life simulation. I didn't really play it all that much. It wasn't until the Sims 2 came out that I got completely hooked on the Sims.
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