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oXseashellXo's Creations ~ Updated 6.15.19 ~



  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,911 Member
    Very nice exterior design of Shady Acres! :) The roof covered front porch is very nice . Sims will enjoy sitting there watching sims pass by their home. The white colour scheme of both the exterior and interior looks very nice. It is a nice touch that there is an outdoors laundry clothes line. Sims will enjoy sitting near the campfire toasting food and keeping warm. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! It looks very nice how the fireplace, tv and booknook is designed! It looks very nice the way that the bookcases have been placed either sides of the fireplace to create the tv nook. Very nice design of the kitchen nook. The white siding walls looks nice, and the hanging pans and wall utensils are homely touches. The sunflowers on the dining table are sunny for Sims to see as they are dining there. Very nice furnishing of each of the bedrooms ! The type and placement of the curtains through the home areas looks very nice.
    It is a very nice American Gothic style home! :)
  • oXseashellXooXseashellXo Posts: 678 Member
    Awwww Thanks @rosemow :heart: so kind of you to say!
  • oXseashellXooXseashellXo Posts: 678 Member
    I've been working on a few builds. Most are large and it's been pretty slow going. I thought I'd share a few WIP's. Normally I'd put them in the WIP thread, but it's been so long that I'm afraid a mod is gonna come by and close this thread for inactivity....

    Meadowsweet Hills: Craftsman inspired architecture with walk-out basement. Features 6 bedrooms (including a nursery/toddler room), 7 bathrooms and detached a greenhouse. Almost every single skill item is included. Still working on part of the basement, master bedroom and exterior of the home.

    A tudor inspired cape cod family home with 4 bedrooms (including a nursery).

    Miscellany builds in clockwise order: A tudor inspired family home with 3 bedrooms. Tudor style library with science and vampire lairs. A large version of a tiny house (you can't really have partial height interior rooms in the game) with a first floor master and 1 bathroom. The second floor loft is a shared child and teenager bedroom.

    A really large farmhouse style build on a 40x30 size lot. House boasts a first floor nursery, 4 bedrooms on the second floor (one is a shared children's room) and a butler's suite in the attic. Most skill items are included in the lot.

    This house is actually finished and I'm currently playtesting, but my game has been weird since installing Strangerville and want to make sure its cause of new bugs from EA and not something on my end before I share any of my current builds.

    This is my final WIP. Its a huge mediterranian/desert style mansion with a large courtyard. I just can't seem to get all of it right. It's been driving me nuts. A few rooms are perfect, but others I just have to keep redoing, over and over and over again. I'm just never happy with them. It's extremely frustrating, since I really love most of the home. It's got 8 bedrooms (including 2 toddler/child rooms and a butler's suite) and 9 bathrooms. It's got almost every single skill item.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,911 Member
    Your WIPs are very nice! :) Very nice exterior designs of each of them! It is great that they are a variety of different styles. Very nice types of and placement of the windows. I hope that your continued work and play testing goes well :)
  • oXseashellXooXseashellXo Posts: 678 Member
    Awww. Thanks @rosemow :heart:
  • oXseashellXooXseashellXo Posts: 678 Member
    edited June 2019
    Meadowsweet Hills

    Named after a flower from an episode of Supernatural. A Christmas god gives meadowsweet to their victims to display as an offering. You can guess what happens next..... Rest assured, there are no evil gods in this house. Or so you think....

    Its a large family home with 2 stories plus a massive attic (so, technically 2.5 stories). The master suite has a massive bathroom and closet, plus extra space for yoga. A shared children's room is right next to the nursery. Three teenage rooms with double beds. The massive backyard features a playground and pet training obstacle course. A greenhouse has room for every plant your sim could wish for. A few aer already planted for you :smile: Almost every skill item is included in this house.

    I like to decorate my sim's homes with their collectibles, so I left most of the shelves empty. Its been fully playtested by large families with both dogs and cats.

    Download here:


    Teen bedrooms and master suite (top right)

    Nursery and kids room

    Living and skill areas

    Skill areas, play rooms, attic & an empty vault that's just waiting for all your sim's collectible treasures.

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,911 Member
    Meadowsweet Hills is a lovely family home! :) Very nice exterior design of the home and roofing! The furnishing of the interior is lovely! It is a very detailed home! The designs of each of the bedrooms are very nice! Very nice living areas! The greenhouse is very nice! The plants on the edges of the greenhouse are very nice. Sims will enjoy growing plants there.
    It is a very nice home for sims families to enjoy living in! :)
  • oXseashellXooXseashellXo Posts: 678 Member
    Awww. Thanks @rosemow :star:
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