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I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Sims_4_ever_Sims_4_ever_ Posts: 143 Member
This is a very weird issue that I have, but I have tried a variety of things and can't solve it. Please give me your ideas and solutions, and lets just have a conversation about my weird sim related problems.
My vampire sim, Addie has the vampire downside that she can't eat human food. But since she has the glutton trait, she always tries to eat human food and gets sick and vomits in all of the toilets.

She constantly sneaks past me when I'm controlling a different family member and cooks chili and eats it and gets sick. Literally every time I look away she has a bowl of chili. I threw all of the chili in the house away, where is it coming from? It's like she just summons chili! I looked away for two seconds, there's no way she made it to the kitchen and cooked chili in two seconds!! There's no chili in her inventory...Am I going mad? Did she build a secret kitchen? Who knows, she's getting the chili from somewhere.... The kitchen is filled with cobwebs and spiders because we rarely go into the kitchen but to make food for the kids, even though she keeps eating the chili and getting sick, throwing up, and then eating more chili! Don't ask me why because literally everyone tries to stop her but somehow she gets past me and literally always ends up with a bowl of chili! Then she gets sick and throws up, ruining the toilet, just to go back and get another serving of chili! My family has literally replaced the arch to the kitchen with a metal safe door to lock her out of the kitchen, but she just flies over it and makes more chili. Whenever she has a second of downtime she tries to make/eat chili. And why chili? The whole situation is just weird.

I am not interested in resetting her vampire uspides/downsides, and really don't want to have to use a retraiting potion. But I can't delete the fridge/stove until the kids are teens so that they can just drink blood...


  • AriaMad2AriaMad2 Posts: 1,380 Member
    Check the fridge.

  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 17,822 Member
    It sounds like an oversight in the design of the Vampires pack.

    Why not rotate the fridge to make it face the wall when you're not using it? That's what I did in previous Sims games when the butler would NOT stop cooking food even though we had a lot of leftovers.
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  • CIASimtridgeCIASimtridge Posts: 31 Member
    Maybe after cooking food for the kids you could put it in their inventories? Make something like a grand meal that stays fresh longer and put the fridge in the build mode inventory to quickly grab it when you need to make more? Probably tedious to do but may help until you find a long term solution!

    If you haven't done so already, turn on cheats, side click your sim with the issue and click "Reset Object (Debug)" ?
  • Sims_4_ever_Sims_4_ever_ Posts: 143 Member
    Thank you guys for your suggestions. I will definitely try them out :)
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