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Island Living Giveaway


  • EvilWitch83EvilWitch83 Posts: 119 Member
    PLAYA DEL CARMEN. Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway. :)
  • jacechujacechu Posts: 87 Member
    Playa del Carmen was my result!
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  • kateoverendkateoverend Posts: 7,984 Member
    Covertt wrote: »
    Bocas Del Toro Archipelago was my result 😎 sounds good to me! But its rather far away for me aswell o_o

    That is the island escape destination I got :) This tropical paradise is for people who would rather hike than swim :D
  • SeashoreLiviaSeashoreLivia Posts: 471 Member
    I got Playa del Carmen. That was a fun quiz! :)
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  • Agus3005Agus3005 Posts: 10 New Member
    I got Playa del Carmen!
  • jooxisjooxis Posts: 504 Member
    I got St. Martin and St. Maarten :) thanks for the opportunity!
  • Colorist40Colorist40 Posts: 6,882 Member
    I got Isla Mujeres
  • mrcnlbyrkmrcnlbyrk Posts: 59 Member
    Playa del Carmen
  • sflowerss28sflowerss28 Posts: 1 New Member
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,317 Member
    Oooo, I got Boca del Toro archipelago! It looks positively gorgeous there! Thanks for holding this giveaway @simgirl1010 and Good Luck everyone! :)
  • bixtersbixters Posts: 1,226 Member
    I got the Panhandle as #1, which honestly does not appeal to me at all. I'm guessing I only got that because my budget was quite low haha. #2 was Tulum, which seems like a better fit for my interests :)
  • aabroadyaabroady Posts: 59 Member
    The Florida Keys. Eh.
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  • Evilyn_1007Evilyn_1007 Posts: 306 Member
    I got [MARTINIQUE.
  • TheDweebieTheDweebie Posts: 1 New Member
    lol idk what that is but it sounds nice :)
  • AphoticLeeAphoticLee Posts: 1,237 Member
    1. Isla Mujeres
    I've been to Cancun so I don't doubt this place isn't just a beautiful. Thank you for this opportunity.
  • NeshaBoo21NeshaBoo21 Posts: 2 New Member
    I got Negril
  • VittaVitta Posts: 26 Member
    I got Big Island. Hawaii is one of the destinations I'd love to visit, anyway. :)
  • SimsLlinaSimsLlina Posts: 29 Member
    Thank you! I got Maui, Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta!
  • JemmaTheSimmerJemmaTheSimmer Posts: 199 Member
    I got Maui! Totally true, would love to visit there. Bit far away though from the UK!
  • kr823kr823 Posts: 37 Member
    I got Samana Peninsula in the Dominican Republic :smile: Looks great. Thanks for the contest, good luck everyone!
  • Louise_G0325Louise_G0325 Posts: 944 Member
  • CharliimaiCharliimai Posts: 1,771 Member
    I got Maui!

    "Maui no ka oi" is what locals say—it's the best, the most, the top of the heap. To those who know Maui well, there are good reasons for the superlatives. The island's miles of perfect beaches, lush green valleys, and volcanic landscapes, as well as its historic villages, top-notch water sports, and stellar restaurants and resorts, have made it an international favorite. Maui is also home to rich culture and stunning ethnic diversity, as reflected in the island's wide range of food and traditional activities.

    Thanks for hosting another super generous giveaway @simgirl1010 <3
    Good luck to all entrants B)

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  • Ataberry26Ataberry26 Posts: 50 Member
    I got Maui :D Thank you so much for giveaway!
  • RoboElephant0514RoboElephant0514 Posts: 13 New Member
    Mine is Maui ❤️🌺
  • Randomly_PreciseRandomly_Precise Posts: 2 New Member
    I got San Juan... which is funny, being Canadian, I always wanted to see Puerto Rico... maybe someday... Thanks for providing the giveaway.. nice that people do this.. wish I could.. so good luck to everyone (of course secretly hoping I win! hahaha yea right :P )
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