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If it is a Tropical Vacation EP I hope we can make and run our own hotels.



  • drake_mccartydrake_mccarty Posts: 6,032 Member
    Dannydanbo wrote: »
    How small do you think Dine Out would be if it came in an EP instead of it's own GP? And how much smaller, content-wise, would that EP be with the Dine Out GP added to it?

    I'm not against hotels, I want hotels, I just think they should be in their own pack like Dine Out was. Just because we got resorts in Ilsa Paradiso doesn't mean we need it in this version of a tropical pack. Would you give up merfolk to get hotels in this pack? Like it or not, you can not deny that S4 EPs are smaller than S3 EPs. One world adventure instead of three. One famous career instead of three. What they have done, I think they have done well, but done smaller yet better than S2 or S3.

    I agree that hotel stuff could be placed in any world and should be able to be placed in any world. IMO, it should be it's own GP like DO to get all the goodies we'd all like it to have.

    I would absolutely trade mermaids for hotels. They are not even a supernatural I want in the game. I didn’t care for them or play them in Sims 3.

    As for Dine Out, the main attraction was reworked from the existing retail system. I don’t think it would make much of a difference, I mean they reworked the same system in C&D and still told people we would get less if they didn’t so I really don’t think that argument makes much sense. Wouldn’t we have gotten better Vet clinics if they were in their own pack????
  • Jasper7702Jasper7702 Posts: 300 Member
    I think that hotels should be included, because it will be hard to implement them without a world used for vacationing. We don’t want a hotel in willow creek, because what’s the point in that. Atleast it should be added in its own game pack, with it being featured in a minor vacation world.
  • BabySquareBabySquare Posts: 7,833 Member
    I'm not fussed about running a hotel, but I desperately need a hotel lot type to be added.
    If the tropical island theme was in a GP, I would imagine it would (content wise) be like the two previous holiday GPs we've had, but if indeed it is an EP, there'll obviously be more content, hopefully including hotels.
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  • toxikittentoxikitten Posts: 26 New Member
    Yeesss that'd be really cool!
  • Aeroprincess87Aeroprincess87 Posts: 6,278 Member
    Hotels would be a day one buy for me. Forget waiting for a sale. Building, owning, running, staying in hotels is an automatic buy the moment its out. I dont want rental houses for my newlywed sims on their honeymoon! I want them to stay in a suite!

    Same here. And as much as I like Jungle Adventure, mosquitos and spiders galore is not my idea of romantic. However it is sadly the only thing my sims got that is close to visiting a tropical island. I really hope if we get hotels they can go into any world though. Then I'd put one in San Myshuno and Del Sol Valley.
  • telmarinatelmarina Posts: 3,037 Member
    For me an instant buy was if we got second homes. I'ld buy right away :smile:
  • CIASimtridgeCIASimtridge Posts: 31 Member
    I would love that, especially if we could build oceanside hotels or even some of those overwater bungalow's in the water
  • EnjoyfulSimmerEnjoyfulSimmer Posts: 1,242 Member
    Fun to stay at, yes. But running one is not on my wish list. Im buying this pack regardless.
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