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Vacation homes

I play the sims regularly and I thought it would be cool if there could be a vacation home!! I try to play tha sims I the most realistic way and I think that a vacation home option would be great! I think it would go something like you have a normal house and without having to move out you could go to a different community and own a house there as well and it be a vacation home!!!
My other concern is if there are going to be better job choices again!! I really liked the business and medical field choices and if they could be more realistic jobs simple things like we would see on a daily .... These are just thoughts I think would make my experience better!! Maybe someone feels as I do!


  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 87,902 Member
    I agree or atleast buy additional homes like we could with the island paradise patch.

  • Moonlight.SonataMoonlight.Sonata Posts: 125 Member
    I would love to be able to buy a second home. I don't have enough space in one lot to do the million and one things I want.
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  • SimDesignSimDesign Posts: 22 Member
    I agree that we need to be able to buy second homes. Perhaps we could even split a family this way so that you could have a secret pad that your family doesn’t know about. Or you could have multiple families without them all needing to live under one roof. Or parents could get a divorce and the kid could split time between the homes (maybe that’s too real? Lol). Also this would free up our creativity to keep designing homes without having to switch sims/story progress.
  • DannydanboDannydanbo Posts: 17,927 Member
    Have you tried using a GENERIC lot type for the second house? You won't technically "own" it but I believe few if any other sims enter that lot without being invited. It might be worth a shot.
  • CaityTrinaCaityTrina Posts: 555 Member
    I would like to purchase additional property including different lots (nightclubs, lounges, libraries) as well as additional homes, that you could then rent out for cash
  • CIASimtridgeCIASimtridge Posts: 31 Member
    I'd like additional homes for celebrities to have in more secluded areas, I would be amazing if they had an update to the Get Famous pack that allows expensive plastic surgery and special options for celebrities and then have that separate home away from paparazzi and such to recover and rest.
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