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  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,634 Member
    rosemow wrote: »
    Very lovely seaside Victorian home! :) The exterior design, towers, porches, balconies roofing are very nice! Very nice greenhouse! The upper science level is great! The pool, hot tub and outdoors living area is very nice! Great kids play area! Very lovely and beautiful furnishing and layout of the interior! The coastal blue and white colour scheme of the living areas is very nice! Very nice dining room! The type of dining chairs used and the patterned curtains are very nice! Very lovely lavender, blue and red colours and furnishing of the bedrooms. Very nice gym and sauna rooms.
    It is a very lovely family Victorian home! :)

    Thanks so much @rosemow! Your lovely comments and continued support mean so much to me!
    Beautiful Victorian! It's very unique and I like how it was made specifically for the sunnier climate.

    Thanks @60smusicluvr! I love old Victorians that have been updated so I loved this request!
    BreeMiles wrote: »
    @romagi1 your Coastal Victorian is breath taking, I love the soft creams of the exterior, and the gorgeous pale blues on the inside, So beautiful and outstanding as always! <3

    @BreeMiles, thank you! I had a wonderful color scheme to work with from Sky!
  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,634 Member
    soocoolsim wrote: »
    Beautiful home Rox. You managed to blend both styles so well. The decor looks so fresh and inviting and the architecture is darling. Love many of the patterns you used and the special touches throughout. Looking forward to downloading for a proper walk through. Well done! :D<3

    Thanks bunches Paula! I'd be going bonkers without a computer for a whole week!
    suzses wrote: »
    So beautiful and airy - and full of wonderful little details! Looks great in Sunlit Tides, too.

    Thanks much @suzses! The sun in ST is a bit bright for me but I do love the world!
    Jessabeans wrote: »
    I love how you used soft colors on the exterior to suit the plum climate. I like all the little details in the magic room and workshop over the garage and how you recolored the ITF rugs to look like dirt under the trees. The waterfall effect coming out of the hottub looks great too. Just a lovely home all around.

    Thanks so much @Jessabeans! I Love magic and those greenhouses drive me crazy with the bad moodlets. Always looking for some way to do them different.

  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,634 Member
    Sandraelle wrote: »
    Just wrote on the dna thread so will copy what I wrote there:

    @romagi1, Coastal Victorian fits perfectly in the beach environment. You did an awesome job of keeping it in the Victorian style but also blending in the beach vibe. Love all the colors and patterns you chose for all the rooms. And wow, that magic room in the attic is full of details. Great job! Rec'd, (will DL soon) and fave'ed. :)<3

    Thanks so much Sandy! You know me :) I Love a magic room!
    masajo wrote: »
    This is such a beautiful Victorian, perfect in every way. I love the coastal vibe and the soft palette of the exteriors. The interior layout is fantastic, the blue mixed with lilac is so beautiful and I especially like the magic room, very mystical :)

    Thanks bunches @masajo! The blue and lilac are the requesters colors that worked well with the theme and as she's doing something of a Charmed story I tired to go with that feel for the attic magic room.

  • Mystik1978Mystik1978 Posts: 1,612 Member
    OMG @romagi1 I am blown away! I will be honest when I first mentioned the idea of combine a classic Victorian and a sunset beachy charm to it I had my doubts at how well they would blend but you did AMAZING! I can not say enough how wonderful this is but let me try.

    First of all the color pallet, you used was amazing. Everyone is correct when they said you blending the beachy bohemian vibe well with the Victorian. The eat-in kitchen with it cool CAS lighthouses almost made me cry. My daddy loved lighthouses he always wanted me to take his ashes and scatter them (not that I would since that is not legal ;) right beside his favorite lighthouse in Cape Cod in Virginia Beach, near where I grew up. So having them in the build was like a nice homage to him, and you didn't even know it!

    While my sisters are not set to start out with a family; as I mentioned, I love the room to grow in this build. The toddler room and children's bedrooms look amazing and I already ready for when the time comes my girls find true love!

    The art area looks cozy and while it is not messy it has that very real feel to it. I know I always wished for my own craft room in real life but until that day comes I am going to enjoy playing around in this one!

    The magic room is jaw-dropping! You know how much I love me some magic in everything, especially Sims and it shows how much you know about me and how much care you took into making sure I will love it! The little details are amazing and I am already itching to mix some potions and brews in that room! My crystal ball tells me there might even be more details that I do not see in images ;)

    The workout area is another nice touch! I love the sauna (you know I never really played much with builds that have saunas) so looking forward to checking that out.

    Lastly, I want to thank you for adding some of those extra things I had not first talked about, like the science area and the butler's room! You know I am going to need a live-in butler and I even added him to my story of the sisters. Think Batman style, where he has watched over the girls for years. I just wondering how hard it is going to be for me to get the classic grey-hair old guy for my butler. I would make him, but I don't think you can use sims you make to fill the butler role, can you?

    The outdoor area looks so warm and inviting! Man, I wish I was in FL it is going on May and is still cold here in the mountains of WV. Thank you again for taking all my crazy ideas and blending them so well! I can not wait to jump into the game and play in my new house! But, first I need to work a bit more on my gifts for the Sims 3 Gift Exchange! Then I can play!!!

  • GreenCatsGreenCats Posts: 9,318 Member
    Absolutely beautiful Victorian @romagi1 <3
    You can still find me on my old My page (http://mypage.thesims3.com/mypage/GreenCats), and see more of my game-play pictures and CC-free uploads at gcsims.com
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,255 Member
    As always, your home is beautiful! I must say you're one of my favorite builders, and I constantly stalk your studio lol.
  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,634 Member
    @GraceyManor LOL!! Thanks so much! Please stalk away! :)

    Thanks bunches for stopping by @GreenCats! :D

    @Mystik1978, Yay! So glad you are happy with how it turned out! Glad it brought back fond memories from your childhood. Yes, I did know you liked magic and I do too! LOL When you said Charmed I just really wanted to use their attic as inspiration for yours. I've played with a Butler a few times but I have no idea how you get one you want! I'd probably have to take him into CAS and just change him. :mrgreen:

  • matashjmamatashjma Posts: 41 Member
    @romagi1 I am super excited that you have decided to take on my quirky build for my Bee Sims. Honey Bumbles and her whole team are waiting. Thank you for looking into the staircases and pond.
    Store content: Aurora skies, Dragon Valley, Midnight Hollow, Sunlit Tides. are gold. The rest are standard. I have all the free items from the store. But no Dr Pepper items. I have all the expansions and stuff packs.
    My sims spend a lot of time in your Ash Manor, 100 baby challenge. So I am drawing inspiration from that house in what I want for the sims. The ground floor containing the art studio, that long study with the 8 computers, the lounge behind the main staircase. The kitchen and dining area. The second floor is absolutely a joy to spend time in. So as you have done there(just minimized) "Master, Nursery (4 cots), girl child (2 beds), boy child (2 beds), girl teen (2 beds), boy teen (2 beds) and Butler with 8 multi person baths".And your cleverly hidden laundry baskets all over the place. I had to go into buy mode to some of the tricks you have used to hide all those laundry baskets. I love the way you did the bathrooms, main en suite and butler's en suite. Then downstairs the gym. That gym is to die for. It is so clever of you to use the big bounce ball from the horses in the gym. Makes it look so realistic. Then of course the logic/ science / room in my request. What you have done so far is perfect there. I love it. And a pool plus pond outside. Place to park 4 cars. And of course the busy bee bouncing bobble and hive climber(I didn't even realize it was something my Bee Sims could use until I saw it in your picture.) No other activities or skill building items. Maybe just a spare room to be decorated as per need arises. I always end up putting extra things the sims collect or make all over the place and it ends up looking rather messy(or just well played with from my perspective). I think that is everything.

  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,634 Member
    @matashjma, Thanks for the speedy reply! :)

    I do like to hide the hampers except in the bedrooms and baths. :mrgreen:

    For bedrooms you requested - 2 main bedrooms, nursery, 2 children bedrooms and 2 teen bedrooms= 7 bedrooms

    So one of the main bedrooms you would like to be for a butler?

    I have room for 2 beds in each child and teen room also 2 cots in the nursery. You would like 4 cots in the nursery?

    So just the science skills? No painting or music items if there is room to put them in a bedroom or some place?

    How many plants do you want in the garden? Do you have a preference as to which ones?

  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,657 Member
    Solana is a lovely Contemporary home.
    Brainiac looks great.
    I love your Coastal Victorian <3
  • matashjmamatashjma Posts: 41 Member
    @romagi1 . Good morning. One of the main bedrooms to be either for grandparents or a butler. I love that the extra main bedroom can be for dual use. If 4 cots can be added to nursery, please. If space is a problem 2 will be fine. The art studio in your Ash manor is perfect. So often my sims spend time there on their own. "The ground floor containing the art studio, that long study with the 8 computers, the lounge behind the main staircase." So now to ask for :The bedrooms, the art studio, the gym, lounge, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, study with 8 computers, the science/logic laboratory, spare room( to be decorated as need arises), and if the garden can have a pool, pond and beehives. The garden can be decorated as per your vision of this creation.(ps please keep the idea of the deer in mind if you can)The rest I leave up to you. No other skill building/hobbies needed. Thank you ever so much.
  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,634 Member
    @matashjma, I’m thinking I need to clarify abit. You still want 7 bedrooms and 5 baths plus the science lab but the 2 computer study you would like to have 8 computers and you would like an art studio, gym, spare room and lounge added. Correct?

    So now to ask for :The bedrooms, the art studio, the gym, lounge, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, study with 8 computers, the science/logic laboratory, spare room( to be decorated as need arises)

    Does the above mean that you would like to decorate those rooms yourself? The living room also?

    and if the garden can have a pool, pond and beehives. The garden can be decorated as per your vision of this creation

    So basically you would like the shell and landscaping only?
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,366 Member
    Coastal Victorian is just Beautiful @romagi1 :blush: Love the beautiful blues you chose for the interiors. So elegant and tranquil. The greenhouse is gorgeous and I love the pool area <3
  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 4,929 Member

    Coastal Victorian is a super gorgeous creation, dear @romagi1 ! :love: What a beautiful combination of colors and elements! I love it! <3
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,163 Member
    Hi @romagi1

    I haven't been around the forums for some time for personal reasons and I am afraid i will be repeating this message to the DNA team members on my first comment getting back to your threads as I have missed seeing some of your builds and being able to comment. I have downloaded/rec all your wonderful builds in the time I have been away and caught up on your last finished build coastal victorian which is another stunning build, I love all the internal colors you have used throughout the house and just love the way you have designed the exterior with enough room for a pool area, a greenhouse and a science room. I have so many wonderful builds downloaded from the DNA team now I use in so many of my current worlds but would like a shiny new world to fit them all in so I can use them all at once :)
  • StephStebStephSteb Posts: 2,014 Member
    edited September 2019
    romagi1 wrote: »
    Question for current request.

    ****Bookmarking this thread while I am creating for you should help insure that you receive notifications.****

    WIPS are in the next post down! :)

    FREE items from the store. here


    Hi StephSteb, just a couple of questions to get started. :mrgreen:

    1. I'm planning to make the husband also. Do you have any preferences on him? Hair, eye color, traits?
    2. Wanted to make sure you want a baby and not a toddler? I can do either.
    3. Are there any skills you would like them to have? Rewards?

    Hi, yay! Ok to answer your questions:
    1. No preference
    2. Either is fine, although toddler would be better!
    3. All of the rewards, maybe. I don't mind if they don't have any at all, either :)

    Edited to add: I also have recently uninstalled Showtime from my game for a little while. I don't know if I'll install it back any time soon so that EP is out, too. Thanks!
  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,634 Member
    Hi @StephSteb, I have a WIP for you! What do you think of her? Hair style, color and face. Would you like anything changed?

  • StephStebStephSteb Posts: 2,014 Member
    romagi1 wrote: »
    Hi @StephSteb, I have a WIP for you! What do you think of her? Hair style, color and face. Would you like anything changed?


    Wow, she is gorgeous! I love it! I like the hairstyle she has and I also like #3. Thank you so much! <3
  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,634 Member
    @StephSteb, Great! I will continue on with her and show you a pic of her hubby when I get him close. :)
  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,634 Member
    @StephSteb, your Witch and her family are ready! Meet Ethan, Amelia and Aidan Ryker.

    Irresistible Witch, workaholic husband and an adorable toddler with some skills and reward point for you to spend. ~ DNA Request ~ by romagi ~ no cc or cap ~ Enjoy!





    Download: https://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=9339569

    Request: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/comment/17164283/#Comment_17164283

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,688 Member
    Very lovely family! :) Aidan is very sweet! Their outfits for the various categories and the colours are very nice :)
  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,657 Member
    Beautiful family <3 Their outfits look great.
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,163 Member

    wonderful family you always make such fantastic sims download and rec :)
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