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Would you like to see a university EP for the Sims 4?


  • indpntsimindpntsim Posts: 132 Member
    I just want to send my Sims to university.
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  • AquaGamer1212AquaGamer1212 Posts: 5,417 Member
    I only had 3 packs for the Sims 3 and the one I liked most was University Life. I’m super excited for its return to the Simverse.

  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 849 Member
    Yes. I loved the game play in Sims 2 University. I would love to see most (if not all) of that come back to Sims 4. I barely played Sims 3 University Life since the time in University in that game was only 1-2 Sim weeks.

    Campus: I would love a choice of different Universities to choose from. I enjoyed playing 2 of the 3 colleges offered in Sims 2 University.

    Living Options: I loved the different living options, depending on what the incoming student Sims could afford (although all my Sims lived in dorms which were free). My Sims would find their future spouse and a lot of friends in the dorms. I also loved creating households from pre-made Teens who kept their individual last names.

    Academics: I loved the variety of majors (which came with their own class for each semester). I loved all the outside work your Sims could do (term paper, assignments, skills, research, final exam).

    In-Game Time: I liked that the years were broken up into 2 72 Sim-hour semesters per year. I enjoyed the 75 Sim-hours after graduation where Sims could stay on campus until they grew up into Adults. I did not like how they were done in Sims 3 (1 year in 1-2 Sim weeks). The two features from Sims 3 I did like are: 1) the ability to go back if your Sim wanted another degree, and 2) the fact that they could not fail to the point of getting kicked out without the option of returning (Once you got kicked out, dropped out or graduated in Sims 2, you could not go back).

    Young Adult Life Stage: I liked that the pack came with its own Life Stage. I loved the specific clothing and customization for Young Adults.

    Community Lots: Sims 2 University had way better community lots I always sent my Sims to for personal electronics, video games, and skill building.

    I wish all of this could be in a pack for Sims 4. I would also like a variety of 2 and 4 year colleges and universities. From Sims 3, I would like the study objects that came with each major, the beginning aptitude test, and the fact that some buildings were not rabbit holes your Sims disappeared into for hours at a time. I also miss the different scholarships from Sims 2.
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
    No, we have enough university gameplay in previous Sims games.
    The only thing I used the University ep for was the YA life stage. I had a mod that allowed me to click a diploma at home and instantly graduate so I didn't have to play any of it. It was just annoying.
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  • soko37soko37 Posts: 593 Member
    That they felt the need to give us laptops in the free update tells me university is coming. You cant really have university without them, so....I cant think of any other EP where a laptop would be mandatory. We are definitely getting university.
  • godfatheroz2godfatheroz2 Posts: 87 Member
    I don't care either way.
    I said I would not care either way. What I would really like is added hobbies for the Sims or a more in depth vacation pack. I would like sims to be able to on various vacation spots, such as the beach and do various beach activities. If the University pack came with more hobbies and different "freelance" careers or more "get to work" style careers, I would like it.
  • godfatheroz2godfatheroz2 Posts: 87 Member
    I don't care either way.
    > @Lihtaruk said:
    > Yes, I love University, apartments and roommate options in my game more than cats. I would also want more options for travel- something Asian would be nice. I loved how withard battles were almost like mini game in sims 1,but didn't enjoy similar arena in sims 3, I think it's depends how idea presented... I also have some expectations for horses or maybe some kind of petting zoo in future, or maybe circus...
    > PS: couldn't play sims on phone app, sims there either sleeping or working, there's nothing to play with.

    I have always thought a Zoo pack would be awesome and different for the sims. It could even be a career you follow sims to. I think this is a good one to explore because it is different.
  • Stephanie024Stephanie024 Posts: 17 Member
    I'm really hoping for this one! I loved playing University in the previous Sims!
  • NazguneNazgune Posts: 64 Member
    It sure sounds fun ! And I see geat potential for nice furnitures and architecture stuff.
  • VageniusVagenius Posts: 487 Member
    edited April 2019
    Yes but I hope it is kind of a mix of TS2 and TS3. I think there should be 2 types of colleges though.

    1. University. Sims have to apply and either have great grades coming out of high school or pay a lot for it. I think there should be a few career majors that you can't get at the other college as well. I think this type of college should be an away from home college, so a different world kind of how the hospital is from GTW but you are able to rent home/apartment or stay at dorm. It should be longer too and have breaks, like a sim week to go back home in between semesters. In TS3 I use to send my sims back home after a semester during winter and summer for 2 sim weeks. I would purposely only take a semester at a time or whatever, haven't played it in a while but I had it set up to be more realistic that way.

    2. Community college. This would be like a GTW type job where your sim would only go during the day or at night depending on what types of classes the sims schedule permitted. That way our older sims could get a degree in the evenings maybe for a raise at their current job. This college would not be as hard to get into and wouldn't have as many career majors and would not give as much of an advancement as University when entering a career. If you go to this college for the shorter degree you would also have the chance to apply for a scholarship to the better University after degree completion.

    What I'd really love to see is a flexible college schedule and more part time jobs that sims can actually schedule around classes. It would be amazing if they added in interactive school for kids/teens as well but maybe a GP following a University EP. I'd love to finally be more invested in my teen sims lives. Hang out in the hallway between classes, create some more drama for their lives with boyfriends/friends etc.

    I hope and pray that we will have a system in a University game that gives us a bit more control of how we take classes and how many classes our sims take a semester which would lead to how long it takes to complete a degree.
  • Aeroprincess87Aeroprincess87 Posts: 6,416 Member
    I would like university as long as EA does some backtracking and connects it to some past careers like the doctor career where having a university degree makes sense. Other than that, I don't really care although I'd buy it.
  • TS1299TS1299 Posts: 1,604 Member
    soko37 wrote: »
    That they felt the need to give us laptops in the free update tells me university is coming. You cant really have university without them, so....I cant think of any other EP where a laptop would be mandatory. We are definitely getting university.

    Even the freelance careers might even be created for it. Perhaps they added them in the patch not just for experiment if the players will like it, but for the purposenof expanding them in the future. I can see University students who have low income/money do some freelance work while at the school, afterall living alone away from your family is a challenge, and sims will experiment to live with their lives on their own. It can be useful as well to motivate the player in skill building. Players wont just be rewarded for grades for having a high skill, but also money if they choose to do some freelance work. This can also give a headstart later in the sims lives.
  • ClassicSimsClassicSims Posts: 49 Member
    Literally I love playing as a teenager, and would really like that student life to expand to young adults. Maybe even add a new age in which you're specifically supposed to go to university? I'd prefer a playable one, with a lot that has traits. Daily tasks, social skills, etc. It'd be so fun.
  • 3fansforever3fansforever Posts: 1,421 Member
    edited April 2019
    Absolutely. I hated TS2 University at the time it came out. I hadn't gone in real life yet but when TS3 University came out I really, really enjoyed it. Mostly because I wasn't into the whole social scene during uni but my sim-self could be. I know there are people who loved strangeville, vampires, but I just want more gameplay that isnt soo themed. At this point, over 4 years into the game I think they failed both sides of the community with lack luster packs. I was super bummed when Get Famous was announced because I'm so sick of these kinds of packs. Many things could have been combined with Get together or City living. Just like elements of Showtime could have been in Late night.

    If they do end up doing University I hope they do it justice. Both Sims 2 and 3 university were good in their own right and I hope they only make it even better. With so many opinions out there nowadays on packs with reviews, posts, tweets I don't understand how they continue screwing up and ignoring ideas of the players.

    What I find most disappointing is that we are this far into the game and its still so lacking. Assuming the best, we get University and a supernatural pack but where does that leave the game after 5 years? They basically rehashed most things at a slower rate than previous games.

    Its sad because I grew to love TS4 in a weird way even though in the beginning I hated it and huffed and puffed that it would never live up to my beloved TS2. But I now love the art style, love CAS, love build and buy mode, but can't enjoy the gameplay. There are still so many possibilities for the game it would be disappointing if this entry in the series ended meeting the bare minimum.
  • NurseKneesNurseKnees Posts: 19 Member
    I LOVE realism packs so I would 100% dig a university where you can go with your sim to class! But it would also be cool if there was an option to go to online college and get a degree while staying in the family home
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    edited April 2019
    I was torn, but I voted for I don't care either way.

    I would like to see a University EP, but I'd like to see the team bring something new to the table. I don't want to see what has been done over and over...I dunno - sometimes I feel the community wants new 'old' content, i.e. stuff that been released previously.

    If a University EP was released with stuff we haven't seen before, great! If it's the same ol' stuff..maybe not.

    I have no clue to what you are talking about seeing Sims 2 Uni was very different than Sims 3 Uni - so they are very different already and very much not the same things. I actually preferred Sims 2 Uni - but did like the fact Sims 3 Uni had lifelong learning . I would have loved Uni offering both - lifelong done in Uni Sims 3 as well as regular live on campus semesters long that Sims 2 offered and I would be happy. I was not a fan of just leaving Uni and coming back every week or two instead of spending full semesters there like we did in Sims 2 for at least all the YA's. I would love that to be an option for the unmarried - single sims to spend whole semester there on campus but let the older Sims or married sims come and go and not live on campus like most lifelong learning is. Even offer them part of their classes online from home even for those Sims.

    But for my YAs and teens ready to turn YA - let them stay on campus and live the college life.

    I just know for me Uni is a must or my sims born in game will never get to grow up as I remove those saves from my game when they get too close to being YA's waiting for University to come to the game.

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  • SimsQueerSimsQueer Posts: 103 Member
    YES. I loved university life in the Sims 3! And I think a lot of people like to play with young adult sims :smile:
    Meh for me. Like, I’ve loved university in previous packs, but I am a bit concerned over how it would be handled in sims 4 where there is no escaping the ticking of the clock unless aging is turned off. (Before sims 3 university, there was world adventures which automatically paused aging in those worlds- meanwhile the vacation packs in this game do not).

    There are several packs I would want before University (the farming stuff, moar supernaturals dear lord PLEASE, maybe a whole expansion of sci-fi weirdness riffing off Strangerville, etc), but admittedly University could make me very excited depending on how they do it.

    Like, what new jobs they add with it. Education is a given but I would die of happiness if they had a media career (tv/radio), a actual rockstar career (form your own college band!!!), or just something new and different.

    But basically I’m just waiting impatiently for a supernatural pack with supernatural career options and just a HEAVY dose of quirkiness in a EP rather than a smaller game pack. I need it desperately.

    I feel you. I miss werewolves and witches anD IT WOULD BE COOL TO HAVE ROBOTS TOO.
  • Ravager619Ravager619 Posts: 3,738 Member
    I tend to play Adult sims nowadays, but if I can get one of them to do a keg stand like in The Sims 3 I'll want it. I hope they bring back the comics store, too.
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  • VoraginousVoraginous Posts: 69 Member
    The university EPs from sims 2 and 3 were imo hugely successful and strong candidates for the most fun EP of that sims game. I really hope we can get a university EP for sims 4 too.
  • SimsersionSimsersion Posts: 51 Member
    Oh for sure!! I want to have the added depth to my Legacy families
  • lynciaa_lollynciaa_lol Posts: 22 Member
    University would be so much more relateable! Also, add the option for people to go to trade schools and private grade and high schools!
  • KayNoelKayNoel Posts: 10 New Member
    it would enjoyable to be able to completely enjoy the college experience with my sims. :smiley:
  • madmadam59madmadam59 Posts: 83 Member
    Yes! University is one of my all time favourite expansion packs! I would however like to see it expanded on for sims 4 and be an education pack or something that also includes boarding school again like sims 3.
  • MarvinKoshMarvinKosh Posts: 20 Member
    The last time we had University it was (in my experience) a buggy mess. My Sims went to university and... didn't get a degree because they had no classes.

    If there wasn't this ridiculous time frame of six months in which three new packs are going to arrive, I might be excited for a TS4 University expansion, but unless EA just hired a metric ton of testers and programmers to iron out all the bugs, who knows what condition a new expansion will arrive in? There's a big list of reported bugs with the existing packs - "READ FIRST: Compiled list of reported Gameplay Issues" - which range from from minor annoyances to 'well, not going to be able to play this save any more without tearing my hair out.'

    I'm tired of patches which fix a handful of issues being played up as being 'the biggest bug hunt ever.' It seems that there is a frightening lack of effort to clear out issues with products that we have paid for months or even years ago. I'm so sorry for players who are going to have to put up with this lack of support for the foreseeable future.

    So, no, I don't want a University EP. Not until I'm confident that it's going to be the spotless success it should be.
  • PuffinMuffPuffinMuff Posts: 2 New Member
    I don't know how I feel about it at this point. Like I want my sims to have the option of going to college or technical school, or trade school, but at this point in the game, it isn't the top priority and it wouldn't need to be a rehash of TS2 or I guess TS3 (never owned 3).

    To be perfectly honest, I want the option of home based education and higher learning more than going on site to an actual campus. But if there is an EP for schooling, I'd want it to include all levels of schooling; grade school, middle school, high school and college, and I'd want it to be similar to how Get to Work is set up, where you can go on-site with the sim, or choose to let them go on their own.
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