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Which new features would you crave the most for the next EP?



  • lynciaa_lollynciaa_lol Posts: 22 Member
    Bank system (Loans, credit cards, ATMs....)
    I was torn between the open world, banking system and Enhanced schooling system. OPEN WORLD because... Sims 3 OPEN WORLD LOL. In the enhanced schooling pack, we could would hard for our children to get into private schools on scholarship or out of pocket. I'm not sure what could happen in the banking one, it just seems interesting!
  • MoonfoxNightcryMoonfoxNightcry Posts: 296 Member
    Enhanced babies (I know it's not related but hey for how long we're asking for this one?)
    More than anything, I would love to have a chemistry/turn on system return, Sims 2 style.

    But I would also love to see my sims cuddle/feed/play with their newborns, and have really cute interactive nurseries for them. It’s so sad that these interactions aren’t included in the game.
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