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The Cult or Commune? Challenge



  • 17lani7117lani71 Posts: 51 Member
    So I started this challenge yesterday and this is my progress report:
    4 sims in the commune
    2 are very romantically interested (full bar, but not yet gf/bf)
    5894 simileons
    A proper house with quite a few rooms
    A rocket ship
    Lvl 8 gardening
    Lvl 10 rocket science
    Lvl 9 handiness
    :) i think its going quite well
    Check out my blog at https://theravenrose.wordpress.com/ !

  • VintageHorizonsVintageHorizons Posts: 92 Member
    This sounds interesting!
    I will give it a shot.
  • Sigma_SaxonSigma_Saxon Posts: 2 New Member
    I am so glad I decided to do this! I have four sims in the commune, a dress code, ideals set. It's really a lot of fun! I had the 'ideal image' to be gingers with green eyes, and I actually got one to join the commune, so she is now getting close to my leader so they can make more children with this ideal image.
  • socialistsimmersocialistsimmer Posts: 1 New Member
    Can we use mods that make it so you can have a larger household?
  • SparklePlaysSparklePlays Posts: 4 New Member
    I'm definitely trying this challenge!!! :)
  • Riley_brookeRiley_brooke Posts: 5 New Member
    I'm doing this!! Mine is kind of a cult mixed with a commune. The leader, Ella Green is trying to coax people to join her society by using her love of nature. Once they arrive, they cannot escape. They must help her grow the ultimate garden. There is a dress code, everyone must wear one item of green and have no makeup, jewelry, socks, or shoes.
  • leti_gvleti_gv Posts: 35 Member
    Yasss i'm doing this! Mine is a commune leadered by Cheryl Mallo, who lures people to enter. Once they enter, must treat her like a queen: she's got the best things, she's the one that eats first... And she's building a harem of men!
    Also, she's crazy about the color red.
  • simfollysimfolly Posts: 8 New Member
    Nice challenge! Alternative, creative, psychological, unique. Looking forward to it.
  • simfollysimfolly Posts: 8 New Member
    I'm loving this challenge! I created a gay psychonaut anarcho-communist commune. I'm about on Week 5 or 6. They share everything - everybody parents everybody's kids, and some of them share romantic partners, too! (Yes, that gets complicated!) The leader of the commune (Leo #Amoraterra) completed his gardener aspirations (and accumulated considerable wealth in the process, enough to buy and build TWO more communes. Now he's become a Serial Romantic - wanting to spread his seed equally among all the people who want to have his babies! It's a social service, really. And each of his baby mommas gets her own commune, until he completes the aspiration, smooths up his game, and doesn't cause jealousy anymore.

    I put a bunch of my sims and lots on the Gallery, #Amoraterra or search for SimFolly!
  • simfollysimfolly Posts: 8 New Member
    Also, they have some matching outfits - everybody goes barefoot part of the time, and they each wear the same geometric necklace and have the same futuristic colorful forearm tattoo.
  • kamra19610kamra19610 Posts: 455 Member
    So happy to find something different and can be light or dark as I want. I play as realistic sims game as I can, spinning both good and bad families of all kids to set stories of real life. You choice of Manson is great though like you I don't like this stuff in life; it happens and I like to play it in game sometimes. This challenge may be hard but I also think it gives lots of options to spin interesting situations. Thanks for all your hard work.
  • Rainfallish_GirlRainfallish_Girl Posts: 4 New Member
    Definitely giving this a shot, it gives me cultist simulator vibes and I love it.
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