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Custom artwork without CC

So i recently discovered how people are getting awesome paintings in their sims houses without using CC. And I just want to say, simmers are genius! Simmers come up with some of the most creative work arounds ever! For some of you that don't know, people download CC art, then have their sims paint it in the game using paint from reference. From there, they upload the paintings in a room for people to download from the gallery. GENIUS!

With that being said, I need more awesome art work in my game. Do you guys have any recommendations? Please provide a link to any artwork you have found and really like. I am not looking for CC, just rooms with artwork on the gallery.

Thanks! Happy Simming!



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    MaryJosMaryJos Posts: 4,935 Member
    Wow nice ! Thanks for sharing ! I'll go look for that today !
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