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Do you play with Occults?


  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,585 Member
    I didn't think I ever would.. I used to hate them in sims 2 and 3... Now I practically only play vampires.
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,416 Member
    SiliClone wrote: »
    I didn't think I ever would.. I used to hate them in sims 2 and 3... Now I practically only play vampires.

    Welcome to the dark side! >:) But seriously, I do think TS4 vampires are the best we've had yet and so versatile, so they are definitely a lot more fun to play. I have always loved vampires, but I must admit TS3 sparkly vampires were just too 'Twilight' for my taste. I hope when we get werewolves, witches and (hopefully) fairies or other occults, that they are just as well developed.
  • hevkerhevker Posts: 84 Member
    Yes they are my absolute favourite. I just wish we had more of them and if the next game pack is supernatural based then i'll be very happy. That being said I love vampires/witches/werewolves but i'm not so keen on the fairies ect that we had in TS3.
  • Lizard_the_WizardLizard_the_Wizard Posts: 2 New Member
    The vampire pack is practically my spouse at this point with how much I play them
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 868 Member
    Always have been a fan of science-fiction and fantasy, ever since I was about eight years old. Would never have even tried the sims in the first place if it weren't for the fantasy and sci-fi style character options.
  • SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 4,014 Member
    I play with ghosts, aliens and vampires. I <3 having occult sims in my game

    What I mostly do however is play my occult sims on NPC-day when I zoom around the world playing all the households. I prefer to have my normal little sim as a main and having a fantastical world to explore with her. So she has vampires, aliens and ghosts out in the world but I seldom play them more than for a few hours.
  • TheMagnoliaTheMagnolia Posts: 174 Member
    Other (Explain in the comments).
    Not really. When the vampire pack came out I played them all the time, but that’s now a rarity. I’ve made an alien or two but I don’t ever remember playing them, but that may change since I got an idea to create an alien themed bakery.
  • TheMagnoliaTheMagnolia Posts: 174 Member
    Other (Explain in the comments).
    > @TheMagnolia said:
    > Not really. When the vampire pack came out I played them all the time, but that’s now a rarity. I’ve made an alien or two but I don’t ever remember playing them, but that may change since I got an idea to create an alien themed bakery.

    The two occult’s I played with mainly in the past were the witch’s, mermaids, and fairies. So if those life states come back, then I’d be more inclined to play those.
  • VieraRedMageVieraRedMage Posts: 42 Member

    My favorites aren't currently in TS4. :'(aka, I miss witches (specifically, my TS1-era witches lol).

    I just wanna be able to turn neighbors who annoy me into toads that may or may not get fed my pet baby dragon that I got from either a faerie, a transfigured flamingo, or a vampire-cosplayer's wagon at the fairgrounds of a weird spoopy carnival I literally got to by jumping through a Hole In The Ground, like I could in TS1. ...Is that too much to ask? :heartbreak:

    Thoughts on Other Occults (both current + still absent):
    • I have mixed feelings about TS4 aliens (like the concept, not the implementation), but mods make up for that. Kinda.
    • TS2-STYLE ZOMBIES. I want my Resurrect-O-Nomitron back & the Reaper on speedial again, darg blarg it!
    • Bought Vampire GP for the architecture and aesthetic alone; not so keen on vampires after HS ended and Twilight happened lol.
    • TS1 BONEHILDA IN HER BROOM CLOSET <3(aka unlimited TS4 Bonehildae thanks to JA gamepack :evillaugh:)
    • Never played TS3 but it sounds like Mermaids and Faeries would be a hoot
    • Streaming Drone is cute but robots would be neato
    • Consider: cryptids (other than just Bigfoot + Yeti fursonas I mean)
  • dfstonedfstone Posts: 215 Member
    They don't really have occults in Sims 4, not like how they did in Sims 3. Your choice is Alien or Vampire (if you have the packs). I don't count ghosts because you can't create one in CAS. Vampires are bugged to ❤️❤️❤️❤️ right now and Aliens are kinda boring. I wish they came out with a Supernatural pack like they did in Sims 3. That was fun.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 18,480 Member
    Other (Explain in the comments).
    If you consider Spock Talek Sen Dene, who is half-Vulcan, an occult, then yes I do.
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  • Missmagoo2Missmagoo2 Posts: 1,083 Member
    I have them installed, but I do not play them.
    Every once in a while I'll feel the need to play as an occult, but I tend to like human sims better. It's hard being an occult sim.
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  • shatinnshatinn Posts: 33 Member
    I am a human, the normal sims are human I prefer something other then what I live in every day. Vampires, aliens they are fun and my story with them can fly high as my imagination allows it. By saying this I do have human families and like them but not so close to the way I love my vampires.
  • TomasGrizzlyTomasGrizzly Posts: 709 Member
    Other (Explain in the comments).
    The current occult species are not something I'm interested in but I might consider it if they made a werewolf pack.
    I like fantasy and a bit of Sci-Fi. Want to know what I'm reading?
    I also like wandering the hills.
  • starcrunchstarcrunch Posts: 672 Member
    I have them installed, but I do not play them.
    Well, I've played with vampires in the past, and they still fill the background and mythos of my core save, but it's been ages since I've taken one out for a spin. I do have taking Caleb (and his truly awesome sphynx cat, Senator) out and getting him some fame on my list, but I haven't done it yet. I've also got some infected running around right now as I'm slowly playing through Strangerville.

    I obliterate aliens on sight and have pretty successfully modded them out of existence - just not into the little green person concept of Sims aliens (or a lot of classic SciFi).
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  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 4,905 Member
    Other (Explain in the comments).
    Do you play with Occults, why or why not?

    Vampires only.

    Aliens... are too annoying AND kind of stupid. "We gotta hide! Except when it's a bar night and we just waltz around in the open because reasons"
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  • ClassicSimsClassicSims Posts: 49 Member
    Nah, I really am not into the whole supernatural-ish thing. I like vampires but like that's it.
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 4,978 Member
    Ive tried. I like vampires in books, movies and so on. But not in the sims. I'm a realistic player. So I disabled the Pack and so regret having bought it.
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    YES! Love them but must have regular sims too, aliens, too.... I love robots and bots too.

    It's a game not a life and we need to fuel our imaginations beyond just humanoids. I can sit and watch the world go by if I just want to watch humans. Humans are limited. I want choices....

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  • TechbiltTechbilt Posts: 255 Member
    Other (Explain in the comments).
    I have them installed, but I usually start out playing a regular sim and as I play through legacies if my sim happens to have a baby with one of said occults I will play them but I mostly leave it up to chance.
  • Lemon405Lemon405 Posts: 163 Member
    Other (Explain in the comments).
    I would, if there were more than just vampires. 😛
  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 4,834 Member
    I have them installed, but I do not play them.
    ldmarko wrote: »
    They don't have any of the ones I want yet. (witches, fairies, mermaids, genies) I do play the aliens from time to time, but mostly only when there's an abduction pregnancy. I did create an alien family recently, but they were no more interesting than my ordinary sim families. And vampires don't interest me at all, I only bought the pack for the neighborhood, which I love. Vlad & the Vatores almost always get deleted first thing whenever I start a new save.
    I like the neighborhood too, I moved the Goths and their house there first thing, a little larger yard too. I also enlarged the smaller house with several stories to open up a shop with most of the collections there.... kind of like a magic shop.
  • VoraginousVoraginous Posts: 69 Member
    I have many vampire sims that I actively play, but I have to admit that I almost never play alien sims. Actually I only realised this about my gameplay after seeing this thread. If I can be honest, I find alien voices a bit irritating when they don't have their disguises on.
  • sillehbeesillehbee Posts: 699 Member
    I'm anxious for more, though. I was addicted to TS3's Supernatural EP, so I'm really hoping they stay within those lines with witches.
  • RavenSpitRavenSpit Posts: 1,148 Member
    I play alot of vampires, I just love them.
    Aliens are kinda boring though, I only played a ghost ones but I have a couple venues that got the haunted trait so they show up there, it fits the theme nicely (like my crypt turned lounge is haunted).
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