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How do I make a happy sim angry?

FlamingoKicker1FlamingoKicker1 Posts: 4,359 Member
I have a sim with a great reputation and very balanced personality (no crazy quirks or mood swings) but her acting job often asks her to become angry so she can portray fights but how do you get them to fight with their friends or neighbors cause they don't really get mad easily. It just makes the other sim angry but not her. She's kind of famous so I think other sims are too tongue-tied or awestruck to say anything mean back to her. They just fume and stomp off. That doesn't really accomplish the goal. It might affect her reputation eventually though. Also, isn't there a teapot that is supposed to give your sims all the different emotional states? I've tried that but none of the teas made my sim angry.


  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 16,747 Member
    A couple of things I know that help with getting a sim angry, would be a potion that is created in the Science Career, and the Angry Emotion paintings. The Hot-Headed trait will cause a sim to become angry from time to time.
  • StormkeepStormkeep Posts: 5,088 Member
    edited December 2018
    First thing you want to do is get rid of any and ALL happy (and other positive) moodlets. Don't eat good food, don't do laundry, get somewhere without nice decorations, etc.; you want your sim in a neutral mood to start if you want to get angry easily. Mousing over each moodlet tells you what it is from, so avoid all those things you are doing that is making your sim in a good mood for a few hours.

    Once you have gotten rid of all (or at least most) positive moodlets, get another sim to join yours and do a lot of mean interactions with them, get in a fight with them, declare them an enemy. I'd suggest that you find a sim yours has not yet made friends with and do a rude introduction to start, then start being mean.

    If you have the digital deluxe version of the game, use the animal hat-lion, it makes the sim wearing it angry.

    Teapot is all positive stuff, so no surprise that didn't work for you.

    You might want to check out this thread as well: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/951362/research-angry-emotion
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  • cornflake88cornflake88 Posts: 181 Member
    Talk to Jacques Villareal, you can always count on him for an aggravating conversation. He always leaves my sims angry.
  • xamira99xamira99 Posts: 2,836 Member
    I think the teas are mostly for positive emotion, for example, the Chamomile tea is to reduce the anger emotion. Have you tried the emotion cheat?

    You need to enable the cheats first. CTRL+SHIFT+C --> testingcheats true

    sims.remove_all_buffs --> Removes all moodlets

    sims.add_buff AngryHigh --> Get angry moodlet

    sims.add_buff_e_buff_angry --> Get angry moodlet (12 hours)

    Other than that, there's a few items that can give you angry buff such as the painting as mentioned or magic beans..
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  • katrinasforestkatrinasforest Posts: 905 Member
    Sims who've completed the Public Enemy aspiration have a special interaction that can make another Sim angry.

    Vampires can also manipulate emotions. Sometimes a little too well. (That +8 angry moodlet can get dangerous for a mortal Sim.)

    If you need her to get angry when there's no other playable Sims available, she could carry around either an angry painting to hang up or have someone with the Fresh Chef trait make some servings of angry spaghetti the next time s/he gets mad.
  • StormkeepStormkeep Posts: 5,088 Member
    @katrinasforest, hah, thanks for bringing up the recipe for angry spaghetti. I thought there was a food for it, but couldn't remember for sure (it is super rare for me to have angry sims, and even rarer to cook with them when they are). I love that it's spaghetti...i had forgotten that.
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  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 7,973 Member
    edited December 2018
    I've noticed that my sims often get angry from discussing politics with another sim. I have o idea whether this is a normal thing, or if it's based on contrasting personalities/political views.

    * Might require City Living
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  • SimpkinSimpkin Posts: 7,425 Member
    The only thing that will get you in and instant angry mood is having a club gathering and setting the club vibe to angry while having all angry perks. Everything else will take forever and ever.
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  • StormkeepStormkeep Posts: 5,088 Member
    @simpkin That's pretty brilliant...I didn't even think of that.
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  • SimpkinSimpkin Posts: 7,425 Member
    Stormkeep wrote: »
    @simpkin That's pretty brilliant...I didn't even think of that.

    I needed to get angry for an apsiration and I asked about it on the forums too and I found this to be the only sure fire way.
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  • IyasenuIyasenu Posts: 325 Member
    Once you actually get into an Angry emotion, try to do things that make it easier to do that again in the future.
    Like take a screenshot when Angry and turn it into an Angry Memory in the screenshot manager.
    Or paint an Angry Painting. If it's Normal quality or better, you can look at it to get a +1 Angry Moodlet, and enable emotional aura on it to get +1~3 Angry depending on how many Angry paintings you have nearby.
    The same can be done for Angry Sculptures on the Woodworking Table.

    As was mentioned above, making Angry Spaghetti can help for the future. (Though food doesn't last forever without the corresponding Aspiration Trait)

    If you have another Sim, who is decent in the Mischief Skill, they can use a Voodoo doll to Poke your Sim, which gives an Angry Moodlet.

    But after all is said and done, always make sure to minimize your other Emotions, especially Happy.
  • QueenofMyshunoQueenofMyshuno Posts: 1,327 Member
    I had a family that was poor and lived in a cheap apartment with all the cheapest furniture and with a rodent problem. They were tense all the time. That might help get him prepared to go into angry.
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  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 16,080 Member
    Just came upon this. My sim is required to make a serum. Red Hot Serum will make your sim angry. You probably don't have any just laying around though. :D

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  • SimsFinest1SimsFinest1 Posts: 326 Member
    My sims always get angry for long periods of time when their significant other flirts with someone else. I never purposefully do it, just tends to happen! But may work for what you need if you dont want to use cheats or potions.
  • FlamingoKicker1FlamingoKicker1 Posts: 4,359 Member
    Yes, I know that if you have your significant other cheat on you that would 🌺🌺🌺🌺 them off but I would prefer not to wreck their relationship just for a stupid whim the game says they need to do for their job.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 16,080 Member
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    You can get the red hot serum from build/buy debug mode if you have Get To Work.

    CTRL + SHIFT + C
    testingcheats true
    Filter for Get To Work.



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  • CreepsaCreepsa Posts: 30 Member
    I discovered just today (after reading this post and trying all kinds of different methods) that when you need to research any emotion for the acting career, simply clicking on the sim will have the option to research the necessary emotion. This causes them to, for example, get angry without any hassle :/
  • ZikitheturtlZikitheturtl Posts: 35 Member
    Use cheats and deplete his or her overall stats. Let another sim make him angry. works lik a charm
  • CaityTrinaCaityTrina Posts: 555 Member
    The easiest way is emotion paintings. I had my sims husband who was a painter make them but they're in the gallery in room builds too
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,074 Member
    Just get another sim to yell at her.
  • JC1979JC1979 Posts: 443 Member
    You can make her use the bathroom several times; sims tend to get angry doing that. At least that is how I get my sim to “research angry emotion.”
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 6,409 Member
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    I have angry paintings in my gallery if you would like them :)

    Also these:
    mcrudd wrote: »
    So while playing the actor/actress career I realised that all the emotional paintings in one room is just too much to afford if you are just starting out. So I made seperate rooms of each emotion which is cheaper LOL. Hope it helps you out as much as it did me.







    Happy simming everyone <3

  • KathykinsKathykins Posts: 1,064 Member
    I cheat by adding an angry buff with MCCC, and it lasts 20 hours too, so you have plenty of time for her research :p
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  • bobhopeluvr123bobhopeluvr123 Posts: 1 New Member
    I just right clicked my Sim and the option to research Anger emotion. Annoying since I 🌺🌺🌺🌺 off a few strangers trying to get there
  • Simklover98Simklover98 Posts: 1 New Member
    Easiest way to do it with ruining your reputation is to get them around a group of sims and click on your sim and “research anger” will be a choice, it instantly makes you angry for 4 hours then you just preform the mean interactions, apologize when it’s over, ace the audition and everyone won’t think you’re a bad person!!!!!!
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