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The Cowboy and the Mermaid


  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,623 Member
    @KevinL5275 :) I love it when folks share their cc finds with me so I don't mind sharing mine. Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope I'll be able to play a bit this weekend so it won't be long now to have that mystery solved.

    @ZeeGee Thank you so much for reading. I'm happy to share. :)
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,623 Member

    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Dwight wakes up the next morning hearing splashing in his pool. He hurries to the window and spies his beautiful mermaid splashing and swimming in the pool. He smiles, happily watching her swim. He thanks the Good Lord above who sent his knife into Sunlit Tides when he threw it at the map that day in Appaloosa Plains. Even though he didn't know it at the time, it was the best thing that ever happened to him.

    Dwight hurries to the pool to try and catch her before she disappears. He watches her swim towards him as she spots him arriving. She laughs, "Join me."
    He shakes his head, "Nope, join me. I need to talk to you."

    She gets out of the pool dripping wet and he takes her in his arms, dips her down, kisses her thoroughly. "I love you Lorelei."

    Lorelei looks at Dwight a bit puzzled, but loving his way of loving her.

    Next thing she knows he is down on his knees in front of her. "Are you ok?" she asks.

    "I've never been better in my whole life!" He reaches in his back pocket and pulls out a box with a very special ring in it. "Lorelei, I do love you. When I looked out the window and saw you swimming in the pool I realized I don't want to wait any longer to make you mine. You are already in my heart and I want you by my side the rest of my life. Will you be mine?"

    Lorelei is stunned and amazed and deliriously happy as she looks in his loving eyes as he looks up at her. "Yes, yes, Dwight! I love you and want to be yours.

    He slips the ring on her finger and she admires how it looks. "I love it!" she exclaims and embraces him tightly telling him how happy she is. He tells her the same, they kiss and Lorelei leaps into his arms. Dwight catches her and holds her tightly realizing all the exercise has made him strong enough to hold his beautiful fiance. He puffs his chest out proudly and Lorelei snuggles into him loving the feel of his strong arms around her. They stand outside kissing and cuddling and enjoying this moment in their life.

    (In the previous update I had to stop the risky woohoo, but, there was no way I was stopping such a beautiful moment after they kissed, when Dwight put his hands up after kissing her and the ring thought bubble appeared over his head. I was literally bouncing in my chair I was so excited for them, and hitting that c button continuously. I shoulda' hit the video button! Someday I will try to learn that. I must have taken 25 pictures so you guys are lucky to only get 7 of the proposal.)
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,222 Member
    I’m NOT crying. That’s allergies. Riiiiggggghhht. I’m totally crying! That was beautifully written! And oh please yes, as much fun as pictures are, video would have been awesome.
    The Sequel: FINALE

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,623 Member
    @ZeeGee Thanks so much! You just made my day. :)

    @lisasc360 Thank you! I was very excited about this engagement. :)
  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 2,226 Member
    OH MY GOD OOH MY GOD OOOOH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD!! Squeeeeeeee!! hahahahahaha That was totally unexpected and an awesome surprise. ZeeGee is right, there's some dust in the air or something. :'( Congrats to you and them! You tell a good story Bekkasan!
    I'm a 45 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
    My Sims 3 Pictures
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,623 Member
    @KevinL5275 Thank you so much for your exciting comments! I've got a big smile on my face and happy that y'all are enjoying it.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,188 Member
    My reaction when Dwight got on one knee and had the ring thought bubble:
    EEEEEEEKKKKKKK! :smiley:
    He proposed!! Awwww! :heart: Yes, yes, YES!!!! I was not expecting this yet!
    And Lorelei's joyous answer, awww! :blush:
    They are SO made for each other and I can't wait to see pics of their wedding! :mrgreen:
    (And gosh Dwight looks so GOOD! :love: )
    You were right, I LOVED this! :heart:
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,623 Member
    @emorrill :::Bounce::: I told ya you would! :grin:<3
    No....I was not planning it yet, but Dwight has a mind of his own and he sure amazed me and I just had to let him do it cause it was so romantic and spontaneous.
    Oh...❤️❤️❤️❤️ wonder if I can just leave that up to those two as well. :lol: I took most of my wedding dresses out of my package files to help speed up cas after I had the three weddings in the Ballan family story.
    Speaking of's yours coming along? :lol:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,188 Member
    @bekkasan I totally get needing to speed up CAS... #thestruggleisreal :confounded:

    Oh I've pretty much finished the ceremony and reception photos. :blush: Now I just need to take formal wedding pictures of the two. <3 I have some adorable poses! I'm getting excited to share! :mrgreen:
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,623 Member

    @emorrill Awesome! I'm so looking forward to seeing them.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,623 Member

    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Before too long they are both hungry. Lorelei goes home to shower and change and Dwight whips up a nice brunch for them. Dwight has learned some interesting things to do with kelp in his cooking as Lorelei needs that in her diet. He makes blueberry and kelp pancakes.
    "These are really good. I would never have thought about drying the kelp like an herb, and adding it to food that way."

    Dwight had enlarged and printed out the pictures earlier that morning. He placed them on the walls to get a good view of them. He also entered them into a computer program along with copies of the glyphs from Rafe's book. He uses the program to help match up the glyphs. Lorelei watches as his nimble fingers fly across the machine and the pictures form and change under his commands.
    "It looks like the site is a memorial and the large stone tells the story. The glyphs represent an island, men, women and children who lived on the island, an explosive type disaster occurs, possibly a meteor from the sky and the island and people are gone. The family and friends who lived on the next island made the memorial and sunk the stones so their loved ones would never be forgotten."
    "How tragic!" Lorelei is saddened. "I'm glad we were able to find out the meanings so they are truly not forgotten once again."

    "There are four symbols on the smaller rocks that are also on the memorial. They represent earth, water, fire and air. The last glyph is the circle of standing stones with the symbols for earth, water, fire and air in the center of the stones. I think they made gifts of those elements to aid them in their next life."

    "As much as I hate to admit it and don't like the technology it was much faster doing it in the computer than trying to match symbols page by page by page in the book."

    "So, we solved the mystery of the stones. I will let Rafe know and get his book packaged and sent back to him. Will you write this up and publish it? I think you should, you deserve the credit for finding it. It is a great discovery and they will always be remembered as their ancestors wanted."
    "Do you think I could do that? I would like to write it up, but, I don't want to use that computer thing."
    "I can get you a typewriter which I think you could learn to use. It would be faster and more efficient than paper and pen."
    "Thank you! You can teach me to use the typewriter." She smiles happily at Dwight. "I would like to go back down and leave a gift in remembrance. We have the gems you found in the cave that would represent all the elements needed."
    "Yes, we can take them whenever you are ready."

    Dwight and Lorelei swam out to the ruins and placed the gems in the center of the stones. In the blink of an eye the gems disappeared and in their place is a water filled well. They look at each other amazed at what just happened.

    "What in the world? Have you ever seen anything like this before?"
    Lorelei shakes her head back and forth. "There are some strange places underwater but a well popping up in the middle of the ocean from the ocean floor. Never seen that before! Where do you think it might lead?"
    Dwight shrugs, "Only one way to find out. I've got plenty of air in the tanks so we might as well go now. Follow me!"

    Dwight and Lorelei descend into the well. The water is murky so Dwight switches his light on which helps to dispel the gloom. They swim side by side as they follow the path through the well. Small fish dart around them. As they descend the smooth walls change into rock formations encrusted with eons worth of coral and limestone making the path very narrow in places. Lorelei signals to Dwight to let her go first in the narrow spots so she can guide him and his cumbersome tanks through safely. The tunnel finally opens up into a large cavern. Dwight's light is the only illumination in the cavern. Visibility is very poor. Luckily, Lorelei has the ability to see in the waters even in the dimmest of light and guides them around the cavern as they explore to find an exit. Lorelei wonders what kind of people had the technology to set up the standing stones and the memorial after the tragic destruction of the island? Who made the well and tunnel and why? Where is this tunnel taking them? So many questions to find answers to. Lorelei is also concerned about how long this will take. Will Dwight's tanks provide enough air?
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,188 Member
    @bekkasan Blueberry Kelp Pancakes? :grimace: Doesn't sound so great to me, but if it's yummy to Lorelei that's all that matters. :blush: If you think about it, those are some very healthy pancakes! :mrgreen:
    I love how you placed the ocean pictures above the computer to create a wall photo collage, or whatever it's called. Love! <3
    Mystery solved! :smiley: Rafe is a genius and Dwight has quite the computer skills. ;) I guess working with a typewriter would be a good way to get Lorelei started on using computers. Do you have that "typewriter" computer cc in your game? :p
    A well shows up! :open_mouth: Ooooh, what could this mean?? I am very intrigued. :) I wonder if it leads to another underwater world? Perhaps to the world of the people who created the memorial?
    Dwight's air tanks better not run out of air before he can get back to the surface! :worried:
    Awesome update! :star: I can't wait for the next update! :smiley:

    20 mins until conference starts again. :p
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,623 Member

    @emorrill I'm glad you were able to read it in between. Thanks so much for the comments! I do have the typewriter and figured that shouldn't be too high tech to freak her out.
    I have that ingredient mod in my game so I really did have him throw some kelp in it and they are not puking so it must have been ok. :lol:
    Now...would I do that to my handsome hunky cowboy! ? :love:
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,623 Member

    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    They have explored most of the cavern when Lorelei's sharp eyes spot a greenish glow in the only area left. She signals Dwight to shine his light towards it. It looks like another underwater well. They really have no choice now but to try it as there is not enough oxygen left in Dwight's tanks to go back. They swim into the well and they follow the glow that seems to be leading them further away from the cavern and hopefully not to a trap. Dwight swims efficiently with sure strokes, trying to keep his breathing calm and slow. He does not want to use up the little bit left in his tanks faster with rapid breathing. They round a bend in the walls and the waters seem lighter, less murky. The glow seems to be pulling him forward. His breathing has become ragged as the oxygen in the tanks is depleted. He takes one last breath and holds it and hopes he can hold it long enough. He quickly swims forward towards the glow that is now circling as if beckoning them onward. His strong strokes pull him forward and he explodes out of the water just as his lungs are about to collapse with the need to breath. He grabs the edge of the well and hauls himself out as he gasps and fills his lungs with air instead of water. He pulls the mask and snorkel and tanks off and throws them in the corner. He stands up, still breathing heavily, but breathing. He waits for Lorelei to appear.

    Lorelei surges out of the water, calling his name and asking if he is all right. She pulls herself out of the well and hurries over to him.

    "I was getting so scared for you." She takes his face in her hands and searches to be sure he is ok.
    "I'm fine, it was close, but, I'm fine."

    He kisses her with a passion that she returns. "I guess if you can kiss me like that and make my heart sing you are all right!"

    "Do you have any idea where we are at?" Dwight asks?
    "Not a clue. Is your phone working? I know you have one of the fancy smart ones. Mine's just a dumb phone and it is not working."
    "Apparently my smart phone doesn't work in caves."

    "I could go back in the waters and send a signal to the other merfolk for help."
    "Don't you want to explore this place first before doing that? There is a ladder leading down and we ought to check it out. There may be an way out. I really don't want us to become separated unless it is a last resort. That ok with you?
    "Together sounds awesome to me! Will explore and see what we can find here. You've got some food in your dive bag right? I've got some kelp I harvested. We just need to find some fresh water for you. We will be ok....together."

    They climbed down the ladder and find a rock fall has blocked the way into the next chamber. Dwight finds an old pickaxe and prays it doesn't break and starts chipping away at the rocks so they can get through. It takes a little while to make a dent in the pile. Lorelei helps by moving loose rocks out of the way and admiring Dwight as he flexes his muscles using the pickaxe. (This is @CravenLestat's tomb that he put on the exchange a few months ago. I made a few changes in it to go with the story, but all the traps are his! :open_mouth: It is very dangerous!)

    Dwight finally breaks through the rocks and they enter the next room. It is quite large and someone obviously lived in it at one time.
    "We should be careful exploring. Ancient peoples like to protect their property with traps."

    Dwight deciphers the message on the plaque and calls Lorelei over to see it. Sharp eyes do not burn "So, this sounds like a warning to me."
    "I agree, so we keep our eyes sharp and look around carefully."

    Both are exhausted and hungry. It has been a long day and even though they cannot see outside they know it must be quite late. Dwight eats an apple and Lorelei some kelp. That will tide them over. They decide to rest before exploring further and walk toward the bed at the far end of the room.

    Dwight stops to inspect a section of the floor that seemed suspicious to him and discovers a fire trap. He is not able to disarm it, but at least it is visible so they can be careful not to trigger it.

    After carefully inspecting the floor around the sleeping area they chat and cuddle together for a few minutes before they both fall into an exhausted sleep. (Don't you just love seeing the exhausted explorers chat about their upcoming wedding rather than how the heck are they getting out of this place! They actually chat quite a bit about the wedding when I'm not sending them here and there for pics, and I expect if I put up a wedding venue, I might find them married before I could stop them. :smiley: )
  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 2,226 Member
    This one?

    But he said its harmless. :D:D I went searching for his tomb, and I have not installed it yet.
    I'm a 45 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
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  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,188 Member
    @bekkasan My goodness I am SO glad Dwight finally found some air! :flushed: I mean, what if the glow lead to more water and not air? He would've drowned. :cry: But I knew you wouldn't cause that to happen to him. ;)
    When you wrote out him pulling off the mask and tanks and throwing them to the side gasping for breath I could totally picture that! Well written! :star:
    Aww, Lorelei's loving concern. <3 Rightly so! Such a tender, intense kiss!
    Dwight has such a yummy chest! :love: Rawr!
    Yes, they should not separate at all!
    Craven created tomb huh? Awesome! :mrgreen: I have no doubt there's many tricks in there and puzzles to crack. ;) He's a sly one.
    Don't you just love seeing the exhausted explorers chat about their upcoming wedding rather than how the heck are they getting out of this place!
    ^YES! :smiley: So incredibly romantic! It proves that the game approves of their joining just as much as you do. ;)
    ...and I expect if I put up a wedding venue, I might find them married before I could stop them. :smiley:
    ^No doubt! :lol:
    Speaking as one who never had se'x until her wedding day night, let's just say my man and I were married and out before anyone could stop us too. :p:p:p


  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,623 Member

    @KevinL5275 hehe, that's the one. It ain't harmless! :)

    @emorrill Thanks for the comments! No...I don't want to get rid of Dwight when he just found happiness. :grin: I don't mind him having a close call or two though. :lol: At least I'm not putting him in a forever and a day coma like a certain someone did Sam! uh huh! :lol:
    I figured you'd enjoy these chapters with Dwight running around in his swim trunks and no shirt. :love:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,188 Member
    bekkasan wrote: »
    At least I'm not putting him in a forever and a day coma like a certain someone did Sam! uh huh! :lol:



    Daaaaaang lady!
    But nice one. ;):p:kissing_heart:
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,222 Member
    emorrill wrote: »
    bekkasan wrote: »
    At least I'm not putting him in a forever and a day coma like a certain someone did Sam! uh huh! :lol:



    Daaaaaang lady!
    But nice one. ;):p:kissing_heart:

    Very nice one! :lol:

    Great update @bekkasan though you had me holding my breath for awhile! literally. BREATHE Dwight BREATHE
    The Sequel: FINALE

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,623 Member

    @emorrill ::::snicker:::: :kissing_heart:

    @ZeeGee Oh my, can't have that! Thank you!
  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 2,226 Member
    You could give him the "lungs" lifetime wish but that would be "cheating." LOL Not to mention he's supposed to be injured so having less lung capacity fits in with the story. Good thing he made it!
    I'm a 45 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
    My Sims 3 Pictures
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,623 Member
    @KevinL5275 I've considered it, but, I think I like having them different. Yeah, it is hard to have someone be injured in a game that doesn't give any disabilities. It requires a lot of pretend moments. :)
  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 2,226 Member
    I've also heard that a mermaid can help a human breathe under water, but obviously that depends on the story teller. :D

    Now, lets not put Dwight into too much trouble again, ok? He's got a wedding to attend! o:)
    I'm a 45 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
    My Sims 3 Pictures
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,623 Member

    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Dwight and Lorelei wake feeling somewhat refreshed after sleeping on a bed that must be many millenniums old. Lorelei wouldn't get under the covers afraid of what might be lurking in them. She beat the bed thoroughly before she would even get on top of the covers. They share a sweet good morning kiss and Lorelei not quite done with the kissing gives Dwight an awesome dip kiss.

    They enjoy a quick breakfast of fruit for Dwight and kelp for Lorelei and look through some of the books and scrolls they found lying on the floor in the corner of the room. Most of the books are written in the ancient language that was on the memorial stone. Dwight has an excellent memory, but can only discern certain phrases. It would take a true scholar to learn to read the language and translate the books and scrolls.

    They excavate an area in the floor that looks as if something had been buried. They find a few old relics and some gems. Dwight opens a bag that he found sitting on a shelf. It is full of ancient coins. He wonders if he could sell them to a museum. They opened the chests in the room and collected a few more interesting relics.

    Dwight points at the skeleton lying on the floor. "Poor guy, in the wrong place at the wrong time"

    Dwight wonders why certain places start itching when you are busy trying to bust up a rock slide.

    Lorelei checks out some of their treasure. She knows that tiberium can make even mermaids sick so she sets that on the table to put in her bag at the last minute before they leave the area. She knows it is worth a bit of money but, she doesn't want to get sick with it on her person until the last minute.

    Dwight examines the floor and walls in the now open room in the tomb. More books are on the shelves in this room and the both grab a few of the books to see if they are similar to the ones in the other room.
    They sit at the table looking through the books and Lorelei tells Dwight that she thinks Rafe would enjoy evaluating the historical aspects of this tomb. The people seem to be a mixture of cultures. Definitely some Egyptian as well as some islander culture blend with possibly even some alien genetics thrown in. A specialist may be able to get some genetic samples from the skeleton on the floor. They take pictures of the things they find so Dwight can email Rafe once they get out of here and back home.

    Before descending to the next level they examine a group of maps and take some close up pictures of the maps. "If we can figure out where these places are we might find more tombs."

    Dwight tries to decipher the plaque on the wall which seems to be a warning of what they may find on the next level. He is not sure of the exact meaning but he knows one symbol stands for death, one might mean sleeping or awakening, he does not recall which, the last seems to be a figure that has terrified expression so perhaps it stands for fear or terror. He was really hoping it would say, 'EXIT THIS WAY' They really have no choice but to press onward so down the ladder they go. They find a fountain with fresh clear water and marvel at the technology that has kept it clean throughout the eons.
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