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The plumbing automated interactions!

tommynocker001tommynocker001 Posts: 162 Member
edited April 2019 in The Sims 4 Game Feedback
What the plumb?
I catch one of my sims trying to use the 'insult' interaction with her best friend. I cross it off the list, the automaton robot interaction puts it back on the 'talk' list! I cross it back off! Again, the plumbing robot plumbing adds it to the interaction list!!! Back and forth a fight between me and the plumbing automated system for the next five minutes!

I have another sim to manage and the automated system finally gets it's chance to sneak in four or five of these interactions!
Friendship lost, mischief skill learned. Robot 1, human 0. This isn't fun! I'm fighting with an automated system to STOP my sims doing things I don't want them to do! Cooking, jogging, singing, woodworking, interactions...

I wish you could be here so I could vent my spleen in your general direction! >:)
Congratulations. You've created a system that leaves me (the player) out of the loop. I cannot control my own sims! Stupid, stupid, stupid...


  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 24,414 Member
    What are your Sim's traits? If she has Mean or Evil or Hot-Headed she'll be more likely to autonomously go for those negative interactions. Or if your Sim has Parenthood gained traits like Argumentative and maybe Insensitive. You'd either have to use cheats to change the negative traits, or earn enough Satisfaction points to get the potion to change your Sim's personality traits.
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  • tommynocker001tommynocker001 Posts: 162 Member
    Why? Are people in real life not hot-headed? Do they not have any friends? Do their friends not actually understand and ask for an apology? Once again, this is feeding back into the idea that everyone in the sims is this stodgy, bland paste of meh, all the same! Another potion to drain all the 'life' out of the sims...

    It would be more fun if the rewards store had a way to control that hot-headed sim. A reward just for that trait, that only appears for that trait, to 'shout it out'...and a 'calmed' moodlet that lasts for a certain amount of hours. You have to earn that reward, by trying to control your sim for a number of hours.
    This would mean that after you buy the reward your sims would not just fly off the handle for no actual reason during a party and just start insulting all the guests, ruining hours of hard graft in about five minutes. Learn to breathe before autonomously shouting at your partner or insulting the children... it would keep you playing the game!
    Wouldn't it be more fun if the rewards were different for every sim? Reflecting every personality type to either embrace the negative, or control the positive, enhance a skill, control a moodlet to create a truly different sim? If after playing a sim for a number of hours and deciding you really want to change that sim, it should be a life changing experience with real pros and cons!

    The VI should recognize what has been installed in a sim and work with what you have chosen (for skills and traits), rather than just randomly pulling its interactions out of a hat, which is what it looks like it's doing at the moment.
    Instead my play consists of me trying to undo the damage that the VI has done to my game and wondering why my sims are just doing things that make no sense to the type of sim I'm trying to create! Put an easel in your house and everyone tries to paint! Put a treadmill in and everyone wants to exercise! Everyone wants to computer game... nobody excels at anything as everyone can reach lvl 10 on every skill in the game!

    Using a cheat is just... cheating! Where's the fun in that?

    So many potions! You can buy them cheap in the rewards store, get them free in the post! They're coming out of our sims ears!
  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,177 Member
    @tommynocker001 Ooh I love the idea of having different rewards based on a sims personality traits. That would be amazing. Just another way to give these clone sims more, and most importantly, different personality. It frustrates me so much that any sim can just learn any skill with no problem. A bookworm sim shouldn't want to spend all their time on the computer, neither should an active sim. A lazy sim shouldn't want to work out all the time just because you put a treadmill in the house and a sim that hates children shouldn't happily have a conversation with a child with no problem except for a tense moodlet. At least in the sims 3 they shooed children out of the room if they were present.
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