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The Martian(Seasons Version): A Game Play Challenge



    edited March 2019
    One quick question - now that I'm about ready to start creating my Astronaut - what lifespan do we play on, or is it aging off? I looked several times but coming down off a severe migraine I probably missed it.
    Aging off :) for your astronaut.
    The original version verified aging off while playing.

    Yes! It should say aging off for the lifespan. Of course, you can play it at any life span you wish.
    Game Options:

    *Autonomy: Full

    *Auto-age played sims:No

    *Auto-age unplayed sims: Your choice
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  • FaoiltearnaFaoiltearna Posts: 767 Member
    Thanks @EuphorialQueen and @BUTTONSGINGER - like I said, I was pretty sure I missed it. We had a storm slam us yesterday in Colorado, and the barometric pressure drop was the equivalent of a category 2 hurricane. I'm still recovering from the mushy brain it left me with.
  • FaoiltearnaFaoiltearna Posts: 767 Member
    Ack! Never announced that I'd started my play. :smiley: I'm putting most of the pictures behind the spoiler tag so it doesn't make this post impossibly long.

    Here's my Astronaut: Rigel Chilmead
    Aspiration: Nerd Brain; Traits: Loves Outdoors, Gloomy, Genius, and Quick Learner (bonus trait).

    Rigel's days have been busy, but quiet. I've tried to keep him in Oasis Springs for everything he's needed to do for work or for skilling up, since that keeps the immersion of being stranded in this dusty, fairly barren place. He chats with Liberty Lee on the phone when he's needing social boosts, or talks with his lovely potato plants:

    His first day was spent getting his garden started, building his rocket, and playing some chess. Then of course, the observatory at night.

    Of interest - even when you turn off all weather (no rain/thunderstorms, no snow/blizzards, no weather effects on sims), the Mystery Weather days still break through. Rigel in the observatory, deciding where he's fixing to go explore in the rocket - note the downpour going on:
    He gets in the rocket, takes off, and then...
    The scorch mark left by the lightning bolt:

    He's advancing nicely in his skills. His woodworking has given him something to do, both practical and decorative, in his downtime. I love the dragon sculpture!
    And the planters, in both sizes, allow for splitting up some of the plants for better fulfillment of whims. They also allow him to corral some of his more interesting plants.

    Behind him, you'll see evidence of his explorations. A space rock, and some alien critters to keep him company.

    His unique catches displayed on the wall behind him. Side note: this is the first time I've ever done the Angler aspiration with mounted fish, and the closest I've gotten to finishing it. I might have to do it again with the aquariums, and see if I can finish it with living fishes. :)

    And then, after being there for a year, he had an evening visitation - and no, not the fanged variety (also note that he's starting to experiment with plant placement and growth/evolution) :

    He finally fished up the needed Cowplant berry!
    Care and feeding of the Cowplant. Also more adjustments of the plants in the experiment he's running: 'Difference in growth and evolution while sheltered and unsheltered, for both the native species and the non-native species'.

    He's maxed Logic and Rocket Science, almost maxed Handiness (more than halfway through level 9), and more than halfway through level 8 of Gardening. Just received a job promotion to Level 6 Astronaut, so he's now a Space Cadet. Almost to the branch point where a choice must be made. Tough decision.

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