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The (Queen) Anne Behind Anneorine Contest (OPENED 3 SPOTS LEFT)

MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 30,910 Member
I'm opening a story writing contest. I never thought of a background for why Anne (my simself) became the Queen of Heaven (or the leader of the Anneorines). So I'm opening to a writing contest to see what people come up with. I'm going to run it until Oct 20th. You can have it as short as you want and the Max is at least 20 chapters.Short stories are also welcome! You can have it longer if you wish. CC is allowed. I'm not sure exactly what I can give people as prizes something like Disney sims (well heroines) and pets.

If interested post your name. Add the link to the blog or whatever. The sim here: (You can also add other sims including the Disney sims I created in the gallery previous).

Anneorines goddesses (minus Queen)
Alice (only child goddess)-goddess of imagination
Anna&Elsa=goddess of Family
Ariel=goddess of the Sea&Arts
Aurora=goddess of the dawn and dreams
Belle=goddess of knowledge
Cinderella=goddess of the hearth (and marriage)
Elsa (besides being one of the goddesses of family she shares winter duties with the 3rd to last Princess)
Esmerlda= goddess of justice and outcasts
Jane=goddess of the Jungle
Jasmine=goddess of theieves and exotic pets
Meg=goddess of broken hearts
Mary Poppins=nannies/fairy godmothers
Merdia=goddess of sports
Mona=goddess of travelling
Mulan=goddess of war
Pochantas=goddess of the haverest/outdoors
Rapunzel=goddess of healing
Snow White=other half of winter duties& is the goddess of the night and magic
Tiana=goddess of professionals
Wendy (only actually teen, teen)=goddess of mothers

"Story helpers"
1. the Disney heroines in list above (except for Alice, Wendy and Mary Poppins) are fighting (arguing) over who should be the leader of this (at that moment) nameless religion.

2. my character is at a co-ed boarding school (NOT magical) and "stuff" is going missing and then kids also go missing-2 months into stuff. Only clue is a B,D&S trademark (B,D&S stand for Belfry, Dome and Steeple). My character goes someplace and realises that the principal (standing right outside wherever I was coming back from) is B. so she is told to go along with him and she does. The other two (women) also have 2 girls with them.

3. She-my character is offered a choice between being tied up or being a prisoner/not working slave (somewhere in a cross between Belle and Jasmine in the climax if Aladdin hadn't come) in exchange for the other kids'/teens' freedoms.

4. I'm not exactly sure but people (staff) didn't seem to realize that kids had gone missing until my character did. But she's no Harry Potter or Nancy Drew or (insert random teenage amateur detective).

5. two boys 1 dark haired (kidnapped at sometime prior to my character's kidnapping) and one blond. The latter is the one who "notices" my character hasn't returned from anywhere.


People Participating:
1. PitlordMaggie
2. Firande
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