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Worlds You Can't Live Without


  • X_Pixel_Pixie_XX_Pixel_Pixie_X Posts: 3 New Member
    in terms of EA worlds I really love sunset valley and Islo Paradiso but for custom content worlds, literally anything by mysimrealty is amazing in my opinion and can house lots from all EPs and SPs
  • buffyballoonbuffyballoon Posts: 65 Member
    A world I could not live without would be Hidden Springs, an EA world! I play in it so much its not funny :) I also a adore most from My Sim Realty. They always create worlds that use most packs, giving you lots of things to explore! Some use EA store content and some mods and cc depending on the world, but not my much, if any!

  • tallcoolonetallcoolone Posts: 6,841 Member
    edited March 2019
    I have always liked Starlight Shores. I'm enjoying Isla despite the very few intermittent lags which I guess Overwatch is handling. I wish I had gotten Nraas Overwatch and ErrorTrap LONG AGO.

    Sunlit Tides is great, but I'm always SOOOOOOOOOOOO lost there cuz it's a circle.
  • YazzledazleYazzledazle Posts: 13 New Member
    PLEASE CHECK OUT MY SIMS 3 MOVIE IN ROARING HEIGHTS AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! My youtube channel is Nimsay_simmer and the movie is titled 'BEST SIMS 3 ROMANCE MOVIE: Illiyaas & Me'
  • Satanu_ReevesSatanu_Reeves Posts: 274 Member
    I've really been enjoying Starlight Shores, my sim is finally living the nightlife I always wanted with Bridgeport but now without the constant lag and routing issues. I did have to edit some problem lots and download Ellacharmed's fixed version but nothing too major.
  • WollybuttWollybutt Posts: 12 New Member
    My heart will always belong to Bridgeport, but I also adore IP. I've never had any problems with either of them, luckily.
  • dfxblockdfxblock Posts: 39 Member
    The best World is my world, Mainbrook, in Australia
  • fxchrfxchrfxchrfxchr Posts: 328 Member
    dfxblock wrote: »
    The best World is my world, Mainbrook, in Australia

    Do you have a link for downloading this world? Thanks!
    Firby nurbs!
  • dfxblockdfxblock Posts: 39 Member
    [quote="fxchrfxchr;c-17019222"][quote="dfxblock;c-17018303"]The best World is my world, Mainbrook, in Australia [/quote]

    Do you have a link for downloading this world? Thanks![/quote]

    I finished it today !
  • dfxblockdfxblock Posts: 39 Member
    Search on Youtube :
    Les Sims 3 : Mainbrook (Nouveau Monde) And you have the link !
  • IndiaHawker1IndiaHawker1 Posts: 12 New Member
    Somewhat embarrassed to admit that even though I've bought a few worlds over the years, my all time fav is still the default, Sunset valley
  • BabyBlueHairbowBabyBlueHairbow Posts: 9 New Member
    Sunset Valley and any of the World Adventures worlds if they count. I just love that expansion very much
  • SinnerSimmingSinnerSimming Posts: 2 New Member
    I always loved Riverview :) probably my favorite togheter with classic Sunset Valley and Appaloosa Plains
  • dfxblockdfxblock Posts: 39 Member
    edited April 2019
    EA worlds lags but I live em. But In term of EA worlds I choose Sunset Valley.
    Post edited by dfxblock on
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,242 Member
    @dfxblock could you please explain what kind of problem you have? Why do you try to troll the Sims 3 section? Nothing you've posted here was positive, everything you said is just bad concerning The Sims 3! I really don't understand what you want to achieve?!?
  • dfxblockdfxblock Posts: 39 Member
    AlexaKry wrote: »
    @dfxblock could you please explain what kind of problem you have? Why do you try to troll the Sims 3 section? Nothing you've posted here was positive, everything you said is just bad concerning The Sims 3! I really don't understand what you want to achieve?!?
    World of EA lags seriously. When I tried Bridgeport or Starlight Shore I had lags. Bui with my Custom World I don't have any lag. And I like Ts3 is a very good game.
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 204 Member
    I love Sunset Valley, my second choice would be Riverview.
  • AftrNoonOvrRideAftrNoonOvrRide Posts: 79 Member
    I love Riverview. The layout is just right to fit everything in that world.
  • heauxfinityheauxfinity Posts: 88 Member
    Isla Paradiso and Sunlit Tides, because I like tropical worlds. Though Roaring Heights and Starlight Shores are also my favorites.
  • Zero2HeroZero2Hero Posts: 253 Member
    I thought Monte Vista and the Hidden Springs was the most laggy. Using StoryProgression on those neighborhoods is just useless. Hehe.
  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member
    For me it’s a triple-way tie between Aurora Skies, Lucky Palms, and Dragon Valley. They’re all beautiful and unique. Plus, the learning center, casino, and renaissance faire are great additions. :)
  • mrcnlbyrkmrcnlbyrk Posts: 60 Member
    Isla Paradiso, Sunlit Tides, and a custom world: New Sunset Valley
  • NyxxNoxxNyxxNoxx Posts: 2 New Member
    Sunset Valley, Midnight Hollow, and if Bridgeport didn't destroy my game it'd be my 3rd.

    Sunset Valley is by far my favorite. It's the OG, the first town I made so many great memories in. It's still the town I play most after all these years.

    Midnight Hollow is my second because I love creepy vibes in the Sims. The Goth family has been my main family played since the beginning, so of course I need that creep factor! Also... The clearly homicidal Olive Specter, but in the past? Yes please!

    Bridgeport is inherently evil in every single way. I take a taxi to stop at a subway. I take the subway. I take another taxi to my job. I work exactly 1 hour, out of an 8 hour day. I get into the leaving car after work. I'm dropped off at another subway. I take another taxi after that. I finally get home. I go to a standard dive bar on the weekend to meet the locals. I meet exactly 1 Sim the entire night because the game will not populate clubs.
    BUT - I really, really love cities in the Sims, and Sims 3 was the first to have a proper city. Sims 1's Superstar added in a Hollywood like city, except you couldn't live there. Sims 2 had Belladonna Cove, which wasn't a proper city. Yes, it had apartments, but it was still too green to get the real city feel to it. Bridgeport is a true concrete jungle, and I was in love with it when I first saw it. Then I actually played it, and felt so defeated. But, I still got to experience it, which was enough.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,240 Member
    Favorite EA Worlds: Monte Vista, Island Paradiso, Sunlit Tides

    Favorite custom:
    Beach City
    Country Love
    New York City
    Child's Paradise
  • ElainaFrostElainaFrost Posts: 8 New Member
    I love Midnight Hollow. It maybe a little gloomy looking but it has so many possibilities with the people that live there. Plus I can add things from the Sims store that can make the lives moe lively and the town seem more mysterious than before.

    In terms of looks, though, I love Hidden Springs. It's just looks so magical and mysterious!
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