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~~**DaijahV Presents: The Chameleon - Season 5: Chapter 05**~~ 09/30/2019

DaijahvDaijahv Posts: 470 Member
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Alexa Hughes is an assassin for hire. A mastermind with an eidetic memory, she has the capability of becoming who she needs to be and do whatever is necessary to suit her clients’ needs. With the help of K, an undercover technological genius whom she’s never met, Alexa makes a living by servicing the demands of her high profile clients. By carefully surveying her victims and learning their habits and routine, she is able to get close enough to take them out to her client’s satisfaction. Alexa’s identity is unknown to everyone she works with but they know she will always get the job done. That is until her latest assignment.

Alexa Hughes
Kasper Grant
Gavin Stark
Travis Stark
Tobias Wells
Joan Stark
Melissa Stark
Dylan Stark

Season One
Season One Recap
Season Two
Season Two Recap
Season Three
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Season Four
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Season Five
Season Five Recap

Latest Updates:
09-02-19 - Season 05 - Chapter 01: Person of Interest
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09-16-19 - Season 05 - Chapter 03: Helpless
09-23-19 - Season 05 - Chapter 04: Toxic Dealings
09-30-19 - Season 05 - Chapter 05: A Cornered Snake
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