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Supernatural Mafia 2.0 (Day 2)

MousellineMouselline Posts: 4,782 Member
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Player list:
1. Charlie
2. Bubbz
3. Sub
4. Gameplay
5. Alexa😵
6. Rose😵

Shout out to my helpers:
1. Dekay
2. Icimish

And a big apology:
Sorry Tuti
Sorry Ea Rita

A big thx too:
Everybody who cooperated with this game u guys are great I’m sorry for the inconvenience

Characters: good guys:
Enchantress- basically the jail keeper
Fairy- basically the doctor
Human(2)- vanilla townies

Characters: bad guys:
Vampire- kills someone every night
Werewolf- kills someone every full moon

Full moon happens every 2 nights

It is Day 2 right now
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