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What Made You Happy Today?


  • MrSpacemanMrSpaceman Posts: 382 Member
    1. Tired, yet so happy that my coach potato phase is over. I wouldn't say I was depressed or something, but it lasted quite long. I could do nothing but keep telling myself that I WILL do what I want and need, but I would keep sitting around, stressing that my time's running fast. Felt like standing on the road about to be hit by a car and knowing that, but somehow not moving. I was really nervous about my future and I did admit, that I was wasting time and losing chances, I used to swear to change everything with no actual changes to follow. Maybe it really was depression, but I prefer to think that it wasn't. Anyway, that condition is gone. I'm about to get a new job. And I started to rehearse. Feels like I'm alive and something finally happens in my life.

    2. I found a good rehearsal space to sing on the regular basis. Sadly, my band and me still live in separate cities and I'm willing to move to be closer to them, but just can't do that right now. When we get together, we rehearse, and I did realise that I needed to do it on my own too, just to stay in shape. But I was kind of shy. In general and about being on my own, just a singer without a band. And now I did make my old planes real, hid my shyness deep enough and actually went to that place alone. It went well, I had so much joy (it's still better with the band though) and wasn't shy. The funny thing was that when I finished, the guy who came right after me was a big tough-looking biker (my full oposite, I'm a small sick-looking pale guy) and he was a singer without a band too. I went outiside laughing and asking myself WHAT I was afraid of. I was very tired, but that was a special feeling, maybe that's what sportsmen experience when they are tired after training, but it feels good. Slept like dead.

    3. The watchman at our rehearsal space has 2 cats. And they are super affectionate. I'm used to the fact that other people's animals don't trust strangers that easy. But they were super cute and let me stroke them. Their fur is peach.

    4. That'll be a ridiculous reason to be happy, but I suddenly remembered about a very tasty chicken sandwich at the bakery near and when I came there, I found out that it was two times cheaper than I thought.
  • dreamerz13dreamerz13 Posts: 9,284 Member
    Looking at our weekly performance metrics for last week at work. Me and my little team totally smashed it last week, best ratings I've ever seen us get :mrgreen:! We won't discuss that it was also an exceptionally quiet week so meeting efficiency metrics wasn't hard, lol. I just see big shiny green numbers sitting near the top of the list of all of our stores. That is what I'm measured on before anything else so, still totally awesome.

    Also, it wasn't horribly cold today! I actually felt warmth while outside. Still chilly out mostly but if I was standing in the right place with unobstructed sun beating down I could actually feel it's warmth. It's been like a month and a half or something since I've known what warm feels like (okay yeah, I live in Canada, but like come on, it isn't usually really this cold this long without decent breaks of warmth). I couldn't even leave my jacket zipped up for more than like 3 seconds stepping outside, it was too hot. This hasn't happened in a long time, it was very nice!
  • Simalien1Simalien1 Posts: 244 Member
    My boyfriend <3 I know it's silly. But he did :blush:
  • Mickeyjo10Mickeyjo10 Posts: 91 Member
    I got to seam rip some fabric for my costumes crew. Its a relaxing activity, and I love doing it
  • ArchivistArchivist Posts: 4,261 Member
    I discovered that Photoshop runs smoothly on a budget Windows tablet I bought four years ago. So instead of lugging a whole laptop around, I can just use that very lightweight tablet that can be charged with a portable USB battery if necessary.
  • GraveDirtGraveDirt Posts: 40 Member
    This is probably the only place I won't get laughed at for this.

    I have a 10 year old laptop that's still running Vista. It was my only means of playing Sims 1, which I still love love love so much. It is my #1 stress relief.

    Over the weekend, the CD/DVD drive died. I am not very technical, and wasn't sure if simply buying a new, external DVD drive would solve the problem and allow me to play The Sims again.

    So I went to Best Buy and got a new DVD drive. I put in my Sims game. And it worked. This made me deeply happy! :) :)
  • Rojo De GuyRojo De Guy Posts: 784 Member
    I am happy today :)

    I'm happy that even after the years rolled by I still remember and see the faces that welcomed me here and made feel a part of something I'd never thought I could be a part of

    I could not experience this in real life only but a little

    Thank you for everything and the Happy <3
    "Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light"
  • Hippie_SimmerHippie_Simmer Posts: 1,078 Member
    Winter is losing its grip on St. Louis! Finally!
    And though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea. -Led Zeppelin
  • Simalien1Simalien1 Posts: 244 Member
    Reaching 400 subs on YouTube AND 2000 downloads on the gallery :smiley::#
  • dreamerz13dreamerz13 Posts: 9,284 Member
    Finally got the peach pie I've been craving from the neigbourhood bakery for MONTHS. They're always out of peach when I get there. But I managed to find a small peach pie for pie day (wanted a large but it's all good. Still had peach pie).

    And the weather played real nice today so could follow pie day tradition of taking a nice stroll around the neighbourhood up to the bakery and then to the shawarma place and then for a coffee. Just a nice leisurely time enjoying the weather and some mostly local and very delicious treats. Just a nice day. (Well until I had to interrupt it to go to work anyway lol).
  • xeno_genesisxeno_genesis Posts: 56 Member
    A friend of mine sent me a song she thought I'd like; she was right, and the gesture itself felt nice.

    Also, I took the day off because I wasn't well, and it was nice to just lay in bed and rest for once!
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 6,937 Member
    I went back to work for the first time since my bike accident I had on the 7th February. One little boy was like a shadow around me so I asked him if he missed me. He is 6 years old. He said no I did not miss you, I remembered you every day you were not here, I never forgot you and I am so happy you are back. Awwww that just melted my heart, I also got so many little hugs, so happy to be back at work <3
  • jamie_pauly9682jamie_pauly9682 Posts: 131 Member
    After work, my best friend and I drove around with no destination except to get Hardees. We talked and caught up with each other-we haven't seen each other for a couple of weeks.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,395 Member
    CaptainSauce - The Life of Kevin! I read about this YTer in another thread here and was curious why everyone thought this TS4 series was so good, so I checked it out. I've only watched 4 episodes so far, but I understand now. The guy is hilarious and so laid back about everything! It made me happy to see someone who seems like he hasn't played the game much get so into it. Everything was new and surprising to him and he seems to genuinely enjoy himself.

    I hope he still enjoys it now too since I see the series has over 100 episodes. I'll find out though in time since I plan on watching all of them! Still smiling over the 'Let's Taco 'Bout It" episode. LOL I think James Turner aka TheSimSupply aka Semaj will always be my all-time favorite, but this guy sure is fun to watch too. :)
  • dreamerz13dreamerz13 Posts: 9,284 Member
    Because I'm lame... my new fitness tracker came today and just in time for me to accept the package before work so I didn't have to go all day without it. And it's awesome.

    I lost my old one while out walking on Saturday and it never did turn up. So I ordered a new one Monday and the wait was brutal lol. I've been so used to having one and I've gone to check the time on my wrist so many times and then realize I can't. I also won't win my step count challenge this week now because I had no tracker for too long. But at least my steps count again. And I did get a fantastic deal on my tracker so it was worth waiting for.

    This one is so much better too. Does so much more than my old one. :)
  • IILadyGrayIIIILadyGrayII Posts: 35 Member
    My sister gave me some of her food when she didn't have an obligation to share it, plus I was really hungry. The simple things in life make me feel more content :)
    I'm also really happy that I found this side of the forum. It really makes me focus on the positive things when I read everyone's comments.
  • Hippie_SimmerHippie_Simmer Posts: 1,078 Member
    It was sunny and 65 today. :love:
    And though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea. -Led Zeppelin
  • dreamerz13dreamerz13 Posts: 9,284 Member
    That The OA Part 2 dropped!!! Watched the first half before even going to bed last night/this morning, watching the 2nd half now. Just as fantastic, weird, and impossible to look away from as Part 1. It's been a long wait but worth it.

    I also have peanut butter stack brownies to nom on while watching tonight. Very hit and miss whether the store will have them or not, so pretty happy they did today because they're so good and make a great friday night treat.
  • ArchivistArchivist Posts: 4,261 Member
    The fact that the official music video for this song is literally just this guy lip syncing the entire time:

  • dreamerz13dreamerz13 Posts: 9,284 Member
    Two of my coworkers put my name in for a promotion at work. I don't even know if I want it honestly and it still wouldn't guarantee that I would get it (tbh I'm not sure my direct manager likes me enough to okay it) but it's just really nice to know a couple people think highly of me. Made me feel good when I've been having a really rough week feeling useless.

    I also had two coworkers (one the same from above and one different) get upset and threaten to call in sick because I wasn't going to be working with them on Wednesday. So that also felt good.

    I still don't know why my coworkers like me so much lol but it made me feel a lot better (I've really not been doing well this week, it was just really nice to have people lifting me up instead of letting me knock myself down).

    Also that I FINALLY caught up my work because I've been horrifically behind since Tuesday and all my hard work of the last couple weeks was lost. Not totally back to where I was but well on the way. Enough that I could finally stop and take a nice long breath of relief.
  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,277 Member
    Reading this thread. Didn't have a great start to my morning but after reading some of the posts in this thread I feel a little better.
    Have a super fantastic awesome splendid amazing day! -TheQxxn
  • LibertyTheFreeLibertyTheFree Posts: 234 Member
    First thing first, got some sunshine after a few days of rain - I mean, I love rain, but it’s good to see the sun comin’ out again. So are the shades.

    Second I got a firggin large Americano, left me overcaffeinated, somewhat impaired and infocused. But I had a happy time playing The Sims 4 for a long while afterwards.
  • BabySquareBabySquare Posts: 7,831 Member
    Just discovered I had a few quid left over on an Amazon gift card, so bought myself John Wick chapters 1 & 2 on DVD.
    Gallery ID: babysquare
  • Hecate13Hecate13 Posts: 25 Member
    Yesterday was my payday and today is my day off. Oh, sweet bliss!
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,395 Member
    Hubby called me a genius for helping him find a solution to a problem he was having whilst rebuilding a carburetor for the classic car he's restoring. He said it twice and thanked me with a kiss when he was finished. Made me smile! <3
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