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The Plumbobber

I'm one of those Simmers who struggles with diversity when it comes to creating Sims. No matter how hard I try I tend to end up with small variations to the same basic mold. Pretty boring! I clearly needed help to overcome this problem - at the same time, I really wanted a way to make the genetics of grandparents play a role in how my born-in-game Sims look.
I asked my BF for help since he's recently started programming and I thought maybe he'd like a project to train his skills on!

The Plumbobber is an app that can help you create more diverse Sims by random rolls - but it also has a feature that lets you save data from grandparents and parents and then add them to a roll so that maybe you end up with a new Sim with the grandmother's eye color and grandfather hair color - of course, you have to adjust in CAS since it's not a mod - just an app to help you achieve more diverse and colorful Sims. You can read more about The Plumbobber and download the BETA version here: https://onyeka001.wordpress.com/the-plumbobber/

Of course, the genetics part of the app is not based on how real genetics work - we're just Simmers, not scientists :)


  • Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 314 Member

    Updated to version 1.1 - meaning it is now Windows 7 (and 8.1) compatible.
    Minor bugs have been fixed and an option to add unnatural hair and eye color to random rolls has been added.

  • SignySigny Posts: 20 Member
    My antivirus, Malwarebytes, flags Plumbobber as containing malware upon installation and quarantines the 'MachineLearning/Anomalous.97%' file. I'm sure there's nothing malicious packaged into the program, but it's something you may want your boyfriend to look into.
  • CorenrenCorenren Posts: 592 Member
    This seems like a great app.. Although it also seems like a lot of work. I'll just keep pressing the random button in CAS to help diversify
  • Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 314 Member
    @signy Thank You for the heads up!
    BF says he's aware but can't do anything about the annoying message - because you're right, that's all it is, There's nothing malicious in the files.

    There's a guide that tells why this happens and how to fix it - short and easy to follow, BF promises!
  • Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 314 Member
    @Corenren Thank You :)
    Pressing the randomize button is surely the easier way to do the randomization but that doesn't help me with the genetics part of it :)
  • Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 314 Member
    edited March 2019

    The Plumbobber has been upgraded to version 1.2 - The old link to the site no longer works. Please use this one: THE PLUMBOBBER


  • Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 314 Member

    The Plumbobber 1.3 [BETA] is ready for download and comes with a special service for 1.2-users.

    The update to 1.3 has mostly been about adding some features like toddler traits and child aspirations.

    You can read more about it here: The Plumbobber 1.3 [BETA]

  • Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 314 Member

    If you've downloaded The Plumbobber 1.3 [BETA] within the last few hours you need to re-download as there was a bug caused by a little extra , (comma) in the code. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused! ☀️
  • Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 314 Member

    Bugs fixed and download link enabled again - We recommend a re-install - Sorry for the inconvenience! :)
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