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S4 BuildnShare Winners Circle


  • gmcroziergmcrozier Posts: 1,078 Member
    Congratulation to all of the winners! Well done all participants, all of the builds were great.
  • AllearsAllears Posts: 519 Member
    Congratulations to all the winners in this round! <3<3
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  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,909 Member
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 4,061 Member
    Master Results for #BnS113 - Love Shack


    220 Lovers Lane is such a gorgeous cottage perfectly sited on the beautiful Windenburg island. It's seclusion offers much privacy and intimacy, a place to really escape and unwind from everyday life. I can just imagine lounging in the sun and romantic moonlight walks along the beach. The stone textures give an authentic feel to the cottage and the curved roofing provides character. The window boxes and climbing plants at the front entrance all add to the attractiveness of the exterior. I also really like how you've built this on a small hill, this makes it look all the more realistic. Wonderful landscaping with plants that are much in line with the environment and the seated area at the front is perfect for watching the world go by. Going inside the open plan living areas ooze with character and I sense a lovely country cottage atmosphere with your choice of kitchen cupboards and lounge furnishings. The fireplace gives a warm and cosy feel to the room and I like how you've retained the stone exterior walls inside. The bathroom is lovely and spacious with wonderful antique fittings and the drapes, flowers and ice bucket really give the bedroom such a romantic feel.

    Suggestions: I do like your choice of terrain paint for the front pathway but it doesn't seem to blend with the surroundings, ie it stops sharp. I would have either provided a gated entrance or used one of the stones embedded in grass paint and faded it off at the start. I also think your presentation of the living area would have benefited from having the fire lit, this would have added to the cosiness of the room.


    Seaside Love Shack is such a beautiful coastal build located in a lovely secluded spot by the ocean. The pastel shades of the siding blend together well and the light decorative trims finish the exteriors off wonderfully. Perfect landscaping for this beach theme with a great choice of coastal plants and palm trees and rocks which are typically found in these areas. Fantastic work with terrain paint to create natural pathways to the various areas and I love the seated area of the side porch. Excellent idea to use high fencing to the rear garden, this will provide privacy whilst in the hot tub or enjoying an al fresco dining experience. The loft style bedroom is wonderfully open and spacious and the cool natural shades of this room are enhanced with the décor, the flowers, wall hangings and ice bucket certainly add colour and bring in romance. I really like how the room opens out to a small balcony, a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the surroundings. The 'en-suite' bathroom is clean and crisp with it's light décor brought to life with the green plants giving a modern coastal vibe and the wall dividing the shower and WC separates these areas wonderfully.

    Suggestions: I am not sure what is going on with your slideshow but there were no pictures provided of the ground floor either inside or out, I would have loved to see the living areas and rear garden in detail! There are also no overhead shots and the pictures that were provided were not titled. What you did show is first class and I wouldn't change anything at all.


    The Winner of this Challenge is .... @gmcrozier


    Room Challenge


    Romantic Dining is such a beautiful room designed and decorated for the perfect intimate eating experience. The darker combination of wall textures combined with the cosy fireplace provide much warmth to the room which has an almost oriental feel with the bamboo in the corner and the wonderful rug design. Candles are always a must have to set this kind of atmosphere and it's good to see you have placed many around the room. The flowers on the table make the room all the more attractive. My favourite feature is the heart design on the wall, this will look beautiful lit up at night.

    And the winner is .... @FaithofKaela


  • KittKat7147KittKat7147 Posts: 1,942 Member
    Congrats to @gmcrozier and @FaithofKaela! Very well deserved honors <3

    @BuildnShare Thanks for the feedback! I started my picture upload late on the deadline day then got distracted with other things and forgot to make sure that all the pics loaded and then to create captions for them. OOPS! I'll try to be more vigilant in the future :)
  • AllearsAllears Posts: 519 Member
    Congratulations to @gmcrozier and @FaithofKaela for your Master wins! Well done! :smiley:
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  • CerryddCerrydd Posts: 471 Member
    Congrats to all the winners! @Kementari, your build was outstanding, and literally stood out :smiley: Thanks @BuildnShare for the feedback, it was spot on.
    What have I been up to lately? Cerrydd / #cerrydd in the gallery
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
    Yay for @gmcrozier !!! Great job! <3
  • KementariKementari Posts: 925 Member
    @Cerrydd Thank you so much :)

    Congrats to all the entrants, what a talented bunch of simmers you all are :)
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 4,061 Member
    edited March 2019

    Established Results for #BnS113 Love Shack

    What a cute little cottage! I love the creeping vines on the front exterior walls and the sweet little seating area on the front porch. Cute trellis connecting the two buildings! Nice use of terrain paint - so clever how you’ve used the eraser tool (I’m guessing) to create a natural looking edge on your stone paint. Love the brick choice and your combination of it with the shake siding. The bedroom is lovely and romantic with trellis behind the bed and hanging string lights. Very nice open living area. The clawfoot tub in the bathroom with flowers and candle behind it is very romantic and inviting. Great job using the “alt” key for realistic placement of objects.

    Suggestions: Please include a “birds eye” shot of your overall build layout with roof up and roof down. I don’t have a whole lot of suggestions to give you. The only thing I would say is that in comparison to the bedroom, parts of the rest of the build looked a bit bare decor-wise.

    I love the red and white siding you’ve chosen, and the wood hearts to the left of the entry. Good use of spandrels and columns on the side deck. Cute recessed entry, and I like the scale of the windows and doors.The interiors are lovely and stylish. I like the use of red and white carried over here. Good mix of objects for sims to use for entertainment. Good use of ctrl+f to create interesting flooring layouts. Good job on the upstairs bath, and I love the decorative touches throughout. Awesome hot tub deck with hanging lantern tree!

    Suggestions: The build is a tad angular and straight - experiment with adding bump-outs and roofing bits atop them for more architectural interest. Be careful mixing shades of a color in Sims 4. Sometimes they don’t blend pleasingly, and a neutral or contrasting color can look better (thinking of the bedroom rug in particular).

    Great choice of windows and door, and I love the white and pink trees. Nice use of basement for more living area. Nice job of manipulating the terrain - it blends seamlessly. Good job witih the half-wall to conceal the basement staircase. Love the idea of the loveseat to keep the newlyweds close together! Cute coffee nook and romantic, secluded dining room. Great decor on the walls of the bedroom, and love the neutral bedding. The bright neutral bathroom is a nice contrast to the color saturated rooms in the rest of the basement.

    Suggestions: The architecture is a bit boxy - experiment with adding bump-outs and roofing bits atop them for more architectural interest. I’d like to see a bit more in the way of landscaping out front to add curb appeal. A contrasting or neutral solid on the wall or floor in the bedroom would give the eye rest and allow selected aspects to take center stage.

    What a cute little cottage nestled in the woods! I love the contrasting siding colors and the front door choice. Good roof work, i like the roof trip and the overhangs. The interiors are beautifully done. I love the color scheme and the decorative touches throughout. Have you created a case for the refrigerator using a bookcase? How clever! The back porch is lovely and inviting with the wicker seating, barrell planters and flower boxes.

    Suggestions: **Please remember to use the challenge hashtag in your Gallery upload (#BnS113 for this one, for example). It’s required to aid the judges in verifying lot cost. Be sure to give equal attention to landscaping. Terrain paint is a low cost way to add interest. bb.showhiddenobjects/Debug can help in this area, too.

    Your love shack has an interesting shape with its angled roofline. I like the side view with the heart shaped poll and flower garden under the tree. Lovely bench secluded by the trellis and enjoying a view of the ocean - very romantic! Love the vaulted ceiling inside. Fantastic red bathroom with cute tile and white accents. The petals on the floor of the bedroom are very romantic & love the soft lighting created by the candles.

    Suggestions: The rose bushes are a fairly expensive way to add a border. Could you have used something less expensive and more “bush” like (lower to the ground)? What about a more modern porch fence to go with the modern style of the build? The inside felt a little bare of decorative touches. Use “alt” when placing items on the walls to get them centered and spaced well.

    I love how your rustic cottage blends into the surrounding hills. Love the vines across the front and the seating as well. Great trellis. Love the inclusion of the pond. Great night shot with the beautiful lighted tree! I love the old ivy covered stone wall surrounding the back patio. The interiors are lovely. I love the bedroom wall paper, wooden hearts and bed with pillows. Nice ½ wall between tv & kitchen to define the spaces. Love the blue cabinets in the kitchen.

    Suggestions: The shape of the house could be made more interesting with bump outs and bits of roofing to cover them. Not sure the yellow and orange diamond pathway goes with the style and setting of the build. Consider positioning the fireplace so that the chimney isn’t in the front center of the roof.

    Good job providing activities for your sims surrounding your build. I like the loft bedroom. Great choice of rug with the loveseats. Cute clutter objects downstairs. I like the pops of red in the dining and kitchen areas. Great laundry/bath combo.

    Suggestions: I think a different roofing option on top of the front windows would have made the build look more balanced. The small windows across the back look out of proportion to the size of the wall.Building a bit smaller would make your chosen furnishings better fill up the space available.

    @TheSimStream **
    Love Nest in the Trees is perfectly named! I love the tropical feel and how it blends into the surrounding jungle landscape. Fantastic roof work for visual interest. This is a perfect example of how a basic rectangle (main floor) can be made more interesting with bump-outs and roofing. Love the interesting tower room on the top floor. Is that a glass roof? Great work using diagonal walls and roofing. I love how you’ve carried the outside in with the wood walls and green accents. The interiors are lovely and soothing. Interesting choice to use a mirrored backsplash in the kitchen - it really makes the space look larger! Great bathroom with spa tub.

    Suggestions: Work on your picture taking angles to best show off all your lovely decorating. Please give us an overhead pic with the roof up, too.

    Away from it All is such a perfect setting for this honeymoon retreat! I love the front porch and the window boxes on the front windows. Lovely back porch with hot tub, and the hanging robes are a perfect touch. The interiors are spacious and well-appointed. I like the rustic design scheme. Putting the champagne bucket on the barstool “stand” is a clever idea. The loft bedroom is nicely done, and I love the headboard wall. Nice job on a cohesive color scheme.

    Suggestions: Some larger scale windows on the side walls (upper and lower) would look nice. I’d like to see some more extensive landscaping. There was a fair bit of unused space downstairs. Building smaller by even one square would make the existing furniture fill up the space more.

    Romantic Getaway cottage is adorable with an interesting shape and great choices for trim and siding. Great job using diagonal rooms and roofing - those can be tricky to work with. I love the front porch and the wood timbers. Very cute gazebo out back. The tall hollyhocks around the back porch are gorgeous. How romantic to include a hot tub off the bedroom! Cute matching soaker tubs in the master bath. Love the rose petals in the bedroom.

    Suggestions: I wonder how practical the glass roof that extends from the back porch over the living area would be. Some neutrals insterspersed with the red and pink inside would balance out the interiors and elevate the look to match the exterior.

    Love nest is an adorable cottage in a lovely wooded setting. I like the timbered exterior walls and the hollyhocks out front. Good use of terrain editing for an interesting lot shape. Love the hot tub! Great use of terrain paint all around for a low-cost but finished look. The pink master suite is quite romantic. Love the use of MOO to include the teddy bear on the bed. Cute living room and kitchen.

    Suggestions: **Please remember to use the challenge hashtag in your Gallery upload (#BnS113 for this one). It’s required to aid the judges in verifying gallery cost. Experiment with a roof piece overhanging the front door for a realistic look. Perhaps some natural wood tones here and there to break up all the white in the living space?

    This is a really nicely done little a-frame! Love the overhang of the roof pieces and the roof trim. The chimneys provide visual interest on the long roof slopes. Great choice of windows on the front. Nice use of terrain paints and good landscaping choices all around. Looking in the home from the front porch, I see great use of natural wood, stone and brick textures. How clever to make this something of a split-level with the kitchen at a slightly lower elevation. The interiors are nicely laid out with appropriate amounts of clutter and decor items. Color is more pronounced in the bedroom which is nice.

    Suggestions: I wish we could have seen some interior pics taken on a sunny day to add the advantage of natural light streaming in. The living and kitchen areas might have benefited from use of a strong color as accent.

    @JojoMOMSTER **
    Your roof work on Happily Ever After is so impressive! From the whimsical main roofline to the arch over the front door and the asymmetrical chimney (WOW), it’s very impressive. I also love the hollyhocks and climbing vines in the front landscaping. Good window choices that fit with the whimsy of the build. And the heart shaped pool out back is just perfect! Love that you were able to include a hot tub and good use of MOO to place towels on the chairs in the back. Nice bathroom and kitchen. Love the long shelf with accents under the windows in the living area.

    Suggestions: I would have like to have seen some landscaping attention on the sides of the build. For me, the bright yellow accents weren’t quite what I expected inside. Work on being cohesive with design inside and out.

    @sawdust123 **
    Rustic Lake Cottage has such a cute shape and tons of curb appeal! The little cupula on top is nicely done. I love the flowers in tones of purple that edge the property. Great back deck with hot tub. The lantern tree is just perfect on the edge of the property. Attention is given to every inch of the outside property, and the effect is lovely. Moving inside, I like the open feel to the space. Cute floor cushions and nice use of the flower petals. The kitchen area is small but functional.

    Suggestions: I would like to see a strong color story inside. Some seating for the couple to cuddle up on inside other than the bed would make the build more functional.


    And the winner is… @TheSimStream
    2nd Place goes to: @MACDesign AND @Schweppes
    3rd Place goes to… @Sawdust123
    4th Place goes to… @SheriGR AND JoJoMOMSTER
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  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,965 Member
    Congrats to the all the builders! @BuildnShare that was a huge bunch of cottages to review! Thank you for the thoughtful feedback!
  • mannannamannanna Posts: 466 Member
    edited March 2019
    Big Congrats to @TheSimStream and all you others who placed. So many cute love nests!

  • TheSimStreamTheSimStream Posts: 39 Member
    Thank you so much! @mannanna I absolutely loved this challenge! Thanks @BuildnShare for the feedback <3
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
    Congrats to @TheSimStream and everyone! You did outstanding work!

    Thank you @BuildnShare for your lovely comments. I’m just so happy to be back and participating again! <3<3<3
  • SheriGRSheriGR Posts: 795 Member
    edited March 2019
    Congratulations @gmcrozier @KittKat7147 @TheSimStream @MACDesign @Schweppes @sawdust @JojoMOMSTER @FaithofKaela !!! Well done and lovely romantic homes! <3@BuildnShare thank-you for the great and fun challenge and for all of your wonderful feedback! <3 Everyone's homes were so creative and beautiful... so many talented builders and fun new homes for the community to enjoy! <3
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  • AllearsAllears Posts: 519 Member
    Congratulations to @TheSimStream, @MACDesign, @Schweppes, @Sawdust, @SheriGR, and @jojoMOMSTER <3 Great job everyone! :)
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  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,652 Member
    Congratulations everyone! I loved seeing all of your beautiful "Shacks" :) Great job!
    @BuildnShare I'm not sure which category I belong in on this challenge, but I think I may have been overlooked. I tend to crave the suggestions you give, so if you have any for me I would love to hear them. Thanks!
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,965 Member
    @AlJay my dear you got bumped to expert (deservedly IMO) and expert is not yet posted and the Carlos and Betty’s are not yet posted. I think at last count we slammed @BuildnShare with about 18 shacks to adjudicate.
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,652 Member
    Oh, I think you are right @JojoMOMSTER ! Oops, my bad. I always get expert and master confused :blush: I agree, there were a lot of entries to go through :)
  • swcheppesswcheppes Posts: 3,027 Member
    Congrats to everyone! These were some great entries!

    Thank you @BuildnShare always appreciate the feedback :)
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 4,061 Member

    Starting Out Results for #BnS113 Love Shack


    Such a cute and soft build. I like the beach look you created by putting it on stilts.
    The colours you’ve used on the outside are unique, but with the soft pastels, it creates a cute exterior. The sun room looks very romantic with that view!

    A suggestion: Don’t forget to hang up some curtains in certain rooms, it can really finish a room. Also missed a top view of the floorplan. This helps to get a better feeling of the layout.

    Adorable cozy build. Great job on the landscaping, it really finished the build. And the barn like colours help with that cozy feeling. The interior really enhances that romantic feeling as well, with the fireplace and the dining table for two.

    I’m not 100% sure if the weather (rain and dark) was intentional for your screenshots, but I would suggest to pick a more brighter day to really highlight the stunning environment your build is in. You can do this with cheats or with the weather changer station :)


    And the winner is... @Faoiltearna


    Starting Out ROOM Results for #BnS113 Love Shack

    A very romantic room, the dark vibe works well to bring out that cozy and romantic feel. It’s all well thought out. Really liked the screenshots with the Sims as well.

    Suggestion: Only suggestion what I can think of is perhaps a rug, to give some extra warmth, and create a sort of frame around the dining table.

    And the winner is… @honeygirl25



    Starting Out SIM Results for #BnS112 Seeing Double


    Carlos and Betty look very adventurous, out on their honeymoon in El Selvaradora.
    It seems like they had a great time together, enjoying the surroundings.


    Your Betty and Carlos really know how to steam it up. You’ve captured them in their honeymoon weeks really well. They look adorable and like they are really enjoying each others company. That hot tub looked very steamy.

    And the winner is… @Pinkusfamily


  • FaoiltearnaFaoiltearna Posts: 767 Member
    edited March 2019
    Wow! Thank you very much @BuildnShare ! I totally messed up the weather shots (used the cheats) and couldn't seem to get the weather to cooperate for my exterior shots - wanted to get some different shots to show how it looked in different weather. I finally had to play the game with my tester sim, before the weather cleared, but then didn't have the time to get the right shots. I'll be sure to get the exterior shots next time before playing with the weather. :smiley:

    Congrats to everyone - in all the categories! There were some really amazing builds!
  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 587 Member
    Congratulations to all the Winners !

    As always, I have enjoyed seeing ALL the Entries and I feel Everyone is a winner- such wonderful creativity !!

    I feel Honored to be among such wonderful creative people !!

    Thank you again @BuildnShare - I am honored !

    Looking forward to the next Build N Share Challenge !

    Diane Pinkus
  • FoundMarblesFoundMarbles Posts: 448 Member
    edited March 2019
    @BuildnShare Thank you! All thoughtful comments and I do agree that walkway is pretty bad! (But cheap!) I'm weird, I always place my chimneys over the area of the fire place. Silly but it goes against my instincts to place it otherwise.
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