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Things I miss and wish were in Sims 4

University - I love being able to send my sims to college. All the extra time to gain more skills, the parties, the Llama mascot. I hope we get to see this for Sims 4

World Adventures. I really miss the ability to go to beautiful locations like China, Egypt, and France. Exploring tombs was challenging that I love, and the aesthetics are very beautiful to look at and take pictures of.

Cars. Even if they don't do more than disappear from the lot or at the end of the street. Can we please have cars back?

Being able to separate items per treasure box/bookshelf. Okay, so this one is small and maybe silly. But I'm an organized freak and I like being able to separate my sims stuff into different boxes and bookshelves. Perhaps this is just my OCD speaking, but having everything show up every single location no matter whatever bookshelf or box is disappointing. It was separated in Sims 3. I could keep all the kid's books in the kid's bookshelf. Put skills books into another. Etc. I miss this.

Speaking of books! Why can't we purchase books our sims wrote? I want sims from other lots to be able to purchase books my mother sims wrote! Another thing in Sims 3 that didn't get transferred over. I would love to have this again! I miss it.

The ability to add more lots to a neighborhood. I know this isn't as feasible, but I feel like almost every neighborhood we have has so much potential to have more lots.

Editing Gallery Posts!! I don't know how many times I've uploaded something, had a few favs and downloads only to discover I forgot some tag or message or that I didn't change the room type and I had to remove the post, losing all my favs/downloads, just to fix it. PLEASE, can we edit without removing our uploads to the gallery?!?!

I'm sure I missed things, I'm sure people won't agree, but this is my wishlist for Sims 4.


  • MasonGamerMasonGamer Posts: 8,580 Member
    I'd like to adventure to France, Italy, Greece, the UK. But I would also want them to be full worlds, not Vacation worlds.

    I miss Favorites, I think it could have played an intricate part in this one.
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  • PatricePatrice Posts: 285 Member
    Full Worlds would be nice! I love new places, and neighborhoods! lets put in other venues also.
  • luxsylvanluxsylvan Posts: 1,850 Member
    I'd like to add on that I would really love to see a blend of open/closed worlds (which I know isn't feasible at this point probably).

    Like in ts4 you can see so much of the surrounding neighborhood but can't do anything with it, which is like adding salt to the wound. We can't edit the worlds in any way and always having loading screens, but I don't want to give up multiple neighborhoods for one big world that also lags and doesn't render.

    This isn't an original idea, I saw someone else mention it on the forum somewhere, but something like open neighborhoods would be really awesome. For example, Willow Creek would be it's own open world. You'd never have a loading screen while in the neighborhood, just one while traveling to somewhere else like Oasis Springs (which makes sense), which would then be open while you're there. Combined with world editing it'd be the best of both worlds, personally.

    Love all your other suggestions, and can only hope that we see them in the future. 😊
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 505 Member
    I would love to see nectar making and martial arts from World Adventures come into the Sims 4. Also yes, more neighborhoods from around the world like WA too, and the ability to buy a vacation home.

    Would also love to see more gameplay from Island Paradise come to the game. Tanning, swimming in the ocean, scuba diving, etc. Hotels we could build and stay at would also spice up my game.
  • LukeNathalieLukeNathalie Posts: 32 Member
    I mostly miss hobbies that came with The Sims 2, more careers and more interactions with the babies
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,642 Member
    Personalities, yeah personalities. ☻
  • Kitty NapKitty Nap Posts: 11 New Member
    Yes Universities! and World Adventures it would be cool if they had an airport lot, and you visited the terminal for what location you wanted to travel to from there...

    What else I want..

    Future expansion the Jetsons! or even Futurarama..

    A tropical beach holiday gamepack/expansion pack. imagine if it was like the sims 2 island on ps2 where you could survive off the island and had to build your own home and there was a little story.. ect

    All of the supernaturals like fairies, witches, werewolfs, mermaids..all of them! it would be good to have a world under the sea. non mermaids would have to wear suits to get to it..

    Another story pack like StrangerVille..i really enjoyed it.

    A model pack, where your sim can be a model or director or whatever..catwalks, big crowds, special lots, and having your sims photograph show up on billboards around the sims world. this could be an update for get famous, along with more special lots for preforming as a singer, or doing it wherever a stage is available.

    there is probably more but heres some super important ones to me personally.
    (sorry since i'm new i couldn't post links for pictures.)
  • ScribbitScribbit Posts: 8 New Member
    I share all the wishes expressed here and one that I didn't see here unless I missed it and is on the very top of my list.... I wish for options to pick and choose seasons like we had in Sims 3. Please, please, please. I would also like to have the option to purchase and own multiple houses like we had in Sims 3.
  • nude_spanude_spa Posts: 13 New Member
    dinner proposals
  • rambahadoerrambahadoer Posts: 400 Member
    nude_spa wrote: »
    dinner proposals
    Yes please this would be adorable
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