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What should i name my new kitten

im getting a new kitten and i need help
naming it. its a boy
comment your ideas


  • MousellineMouselline Posts: 2,480 Member
    What’s it look like
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,013 Member
    Oh sweet, I am so jealous! Can you describe him (breed, colour, long or short haired etc) or better yet show us a cute photo? I find nameberry.com is a useful site to find names. I'm sure they have name lists for pets too.
  • dreamerz13dreamerz13 Posts: 9,184 Member
    Definitely knowing breed/colour/pattern would help. It's common, and fun, to play off of appearance for pet names. For example you might name a ginger cat Rusty but you probably wouldn't name a black cat that, you could name a black cat Midnight but you probably wouldn't name a ginger cat that.

    I also had a friend who had a cat with white front legs, she called her Snowboots. So patterns can be fun too, but at least a breed/colour would help a lot.
  • SilentSaphire21SilentSaphire21 Posts: 45 Member
    @dreamerz13 @annaliese39 @mouselline, he will be a blue point balinese baby❤look it up!
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 17,597 Member
    I saw the title of your thread and "Taco" first came to mind for some reason :D
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  • SilentSaphire21SilentSaphire21 Posts: 45 Member
    icmnfrsh wrote: »
    I saw the title of your thread and "Taco" first came to mind for some reason :D

  • MousellineMouselline Posts: 2,480 Member
    I looked up a picture. How about Cloud or Jake
  • nikki_maevenikki_maeve Posts: 117 Member
    For some reason the name "mouse" comes to mind when I look at pics of the cat. Sorta ironic lol

  • luxsylvanluxsylvan Posts: 1,772 Member
    I looked it up and those cats are beautiful 😍 my own cat was named after unusual weather that was happening the day we got him, so we continued the weather theme for the others we got later.

    Names like snowball or fluffy are good because of their fur, or you could pick something that's blue like their eyes. Sapphire (maybe better for a girl but up to you), lightning, sky...some of these might not be good, but I hope I helped you a bit 🙂
  • NetzspannungNetzspannung Posts: 1,765 Member
    Finally there is more information about this kitten! I am sure everyone agrees that we need to see pictures immediately after the little guy's arrival (pictures, or it didn't happen!). Anyway, after I looked at pictures of Blue Point Balinese cats the following names came to mind: Baby Blu, Cotton Ball and Paul (because I am a fan of Family Guy). Also, I want ALL THE KITTENS.
    I have a cat myself who I still consider to be a baby, even though he will be 16 years old this year. And he is still healthy and not at all what I expected a cat this old to be like. Anyway, I wish you many wonderful years with your kitten and that you find a better name than the ones I suggested. :D
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    we all try ...
  • dreamerz13dreamerz13 Posts: 9,184 Member
    Beautiful kittens.

    I think I'd play off the striking eyes. Already suggested but sapphire or sky would be good. Maybe Topaz.

    Playing off fur maybe something like smokey, shadow, or dusty. Depending just how light vs dark they are.

    I also 2nd the request for pictures when you get the new cutie :smiley:
  • SilentSaphire21SilentSaphire21 Posts: 45 Member
    Ill try and get pics on when he comes
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,147 Member
    I have a cat that looks similar to the one you're getting, except she's a Lynx Point Tabby. She's not quite as fluffy and has a few tabby markings but does have the gorgeous blue eyes. When she was born we thought she was going to be all white. We named her Dusty. :)

    A few name suggestions based on the blue eyes:

    Robin (think of the bird's eggs)
    Levi (as in Strauss) or Bluejean or just Jean
    Peri or Winkle for the blue flower Periwinkle
    Coby for the Cobalt blue color
    Tardis (Doctor Who fans will get this)
  • LaAstariaLaAstaria Posts: 17 Member
    I looked at the Blue Point Balinese cats and my first thought is so great to me that I can't even think of any other names for this bebe:

    Mr. FluffyPants

    That's the one...
    •| Nature always wears the colors of the spirit |•
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,147 Member
    Oh wait, I just realized your kitten is a male. Opps! Well, some of my suggestions above will work for a male too I suppose. Probably not Tiffany though. Oh well, sorry. Good luck figuring out a name for your new furbaby and I'm raising my hand like others to see pics once you get him!
  • mintycupcakemintycupcake Posts: 11,795 Member
    Origin ID: mintycupcake
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,013 Member
    Oh, I love Balinese cats! They're such a classy, elegant looking breed, so a name with the same air of sophistication would perhaps be fitting, with a cute or cool nickname of course. Or you could just choose something cute. Some more suggestions for you:

    Sebastian "Seb / Sebby / Bash"
    Maxwell "Max"
    Stanley "Stan"
    William "Billy" or Fitzwilliam "Fitz"
    Alonzo "Lonny / Al"
    Bertram "Bertie"
    Gilbert "Gib / Bertie" - an old Medieval name for cats
    Bartholomew "Barty" - the 'mew' is just too hard to resist!
    Montague "Monty"
    Archibald "Archie"
    Horatio "Ray / Ratio"
    Ambrose "Brody"
    Tobias "Toby"
    Anthony "Tony"
    Louis / Louie
    Oscar / Oswald "Ozzy"
    Tybalt "Mr Tibbs"
    Leopold "Leo"
    Alistair "Ali"

    I also wonder if you might find something inspired by your own interests - perhaps books, historical figures / myths, music, characters or people you like or admire? Anyway, I'm sure you'll find the perfect name and enjoy your new lives together! :)
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