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At this point, what else do you want added to TS4?

I'm curious to see, at this point in 4's timeline, what else you want added to the game? I thought about making this a poll, but there are too many options to consider.

I personally would like more destination worlds (per sims franchise we've always ended up with 3, and ideally I'd like more than that) I know I'd like a beach world, but apart from that I'm not sure. Maybe something central-European like Prague, or somewhere like Venice. Also I'd really like a hotel lot type. Rental lots are OK, but some people holiday at actual hotels, not Air BnB's.

I'd also like more hobbies/skills for my sims. Again, I'm not really sure what, but things like knitting would be cool, as would making their own foods (canning etc).

Some more careers would be nice. Everyday stuff like mechanic, hairdresser etc.

And I know it's unlikely given that seasons already exists, but I really want mist and fog as weather types somehow.

What features/details would you like to see added to the sims 4?
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  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    I'd like to see school and Universities. More hands on jobs. Maybe an ocean liner vacation/honeymoon to tropical ports.

    Space travel our sims can actually travel to other planets.

    An Automation world with robotics and such, with a futuristic society.

    Witch School like Hogwarts.

    Some Asian worlds. African Worlds. Take a trip on the Oriental Express and maybe an African photography Safari.

    Sims trips to some big amusement parks like Disney Land and other famous parks.

    Supernatural Sims and worlds.

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  • Goofhead2Goofhead2 Posts: 66 Member
    • slow dancing
    • more romantic options, there were a ton in sims 2
    • more supernatural
    • more things to do with the ages (like generations)
    • more cool clothing and hair options, ours aren't great
    • More hair color options
    • More careers
  • citysimmercitysimmer Posts: 5,950 Member
    - University
    - Witches or other Occults (just no zombies please)
    - Romance GP (slow dancing, turn ons/offs, attraction, etc.)
    - Better selection of curly and coily hair like what we got with Caribbean update
    - More male hair and clothing
    - Island vacation world
    - Ocean swimming
    - Bands
    - More musical instruments
    - More fleshed out traits (I want more strong traits like Jealous that have an effect all the time)

    Proud black simmer 🖤

  • shannonavashannonava Posts: 20 Member
    Mist and fog would be a really nice touch to Seasons as a patch update.

    I'd like to see more romantic interactions and more interactions with pets.

    I'd love to see more storyline plots similar to the new Strangerville but with other topics too. Mysteries similar to Sims 2 & townies with more depth behind them.

    Idk if this is weird, but more shoes.
  • LynnwoodLynnwood Posts: 2,964 Member
    Definitely would love the addition of Universities.
    More Supernatural Life-states (Witches, Faeries, etc).
    More careers, such as Lawyer. Preferably with the option to join (like Doctor and Scientist) or send alone.
    I doubt it'll happen but I also really miss horses from TS3.
  • luxsylvanluxsylvan Posts: 1,918 Member
    I know some of these just flat out won't happen because of game mechanics stuff I don't understand, but here's everything I can think of now in no order:

    1. Aliens that work like vampires
    2. No more teleporting bug, Sims idling and disobeying or ignoring me bug, time slowing down during fast forward bug
    3. Open neighborhoods
    4. Edit neighborhoods, placing and moving lots, etc
    5. More color swatches, preferably of the kind that have several options, like choosing the wood color and the cushion color for a dining chair separately
    6. Free the babies. Give them some toys. Let them crawl. They're so sad and stuck away from the rest of the family
    7. More things for elders to do.
    8. More hobbies in general.
    9. More traits. Negative ones.
    10. Some sort of personality system, or traits redone so that they actually influence my Sims more than once a week.
    11. Dancing. Redo that skill. Make it work like painting so that you learn new genres as you level up. Of course, slow dancing is included.
    12. I miss the leap into arms hug, it was my favorite.
    13. I could do with maybe another occult. Could be witches. Wouldn't really care what it was if it was done as well as vampires
    14. The scientist career keeps breaking, which I hate. Last time I went I had zero coworkers and the plants were all dead.
    15. Fix retail mode. I don't even know. The whole thing is just a sad experience personally, which is SO FRUSTRATING because I just want to run a store but everyone just stands in a gossip circle for six hours no matter what I do. I'm considering mods, and I don't even like to use mods. I'm that desperate.
    16. Allow us to create our own neighborhoods. That'd be some fun times.
    17. Why can't we customize the weather in the neighborhoods?? I know realistically that a place like newcrest experiences all four typical seasons for the part of the world it represents but sometimes I just want it to be fall forever because it's my favorite.
    18. Can we have a jacket option in cas, for separate jackets that go on top of existing shirts?
    19. Can I lock makeup so that I don't have to keep redoing it when it's that sim's "look"?
    20. Can we have either more options for skin/hair/eyes or some sort of slider or color wheel? Also I miss giving my Sims highlights in their hair.
    21. Face piercings and more ear piercings.
    22. Why aren't freckles inheritable? Why aren't there options for body freckles? Why don't we have birth marks if we have freckles and beauty marks?


    😅 I think that's everything right now...
  • zagbooruleszagboorules Posts: 472 Member
    University, more destination worlds (winter/ski world, beach world) and maybe a world expansion for the vampire pack - to add other supernaturals onto.
  • Goofhead2Goofhead2 Posts: 66 Member
    I really hope that the creators of sims look at this post and add some of this stuff into the game. It would make the game 10 times better and would honestly keep me playing for me than a few hours every six months. By the time 3 ended I had spent entire days on that game, there was an endless amount of stuff to do in it. Yet this game the only way to add fun and interesting stuff into this game is buy the new packs that have some interesting stuff that will make the fun last for a few more days or I can add a bunch of mods. I wish they would just add the stuff we want back into the games. This game is starting to grow dull and boring, even with all the challenges and mods the community creates.
  • izecsonizecson Posts: 2,774 Member
    - Better Personality/Traits
    - More Teen Interactions
    - Active school and University
    - More occult life state
  • ladybreidladybreid Posts: 3,435 Member
    edited February 2019
    Bigger worlds
    TS2 style memories
    spiral stairs
    Bunk beds
    ladders (for tiny homes)
    Couples slow dancing
    Fire department.. (still is so weird we have cops with no robbers and fires with no fire department)
    More traits
    Farming pack
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  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,814 Member
    Time travel,
    ways to toggle off things like vampires and celebrities if we don't want them but still want the cas and built by.
    Something like the Olympics. Preschoolers and preteens, Hobbies, favorites, bunk beds, optional story progression, again so it would be something you could toggle on and off like you can aging, maybe theme parks, other worlds
  • iliekponieziliekponiez Posts: 365 Member
    edited February 2019
    I'd love a robot game pack! I miss servos. I'd also love a swimmable ocean. Maybe in an island vacation pack! :)
  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 4,863 Member
    edited February 2019
    Lynnwood wrote: »
    Definitely would love the addition of Universities.
    More Supernatural Life-states (Witches, Faeries, etc).
    More careers, such as Lawyer. Preferably with the option to join (like Doctor and Scientist) or send alone.
    I doubt it'll happen but I also really miss horses from TS3.
    I really miss the careers like Doctor, Scientist, and Detective. I liked that they have a real workplace, meaningful objectives and so many things to learn and do. I was hoping the politician career would be more like the get to work careers. The get to work pack kept me so busy moving these sims up in their jobs. I hope they bring the real active careers back.
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 2,317 Member
    - Memoires like we had in sims 2
    - preferences we can set in Cas (favorite food, weather, movie) and visible in the simbology panel
    - witches and werewolves
    - robots
    - real plantsims (no temporary state)
    - vacation destination with hotels
    - private school for children
    - unnatural hair colors for toddlers and children (so they can inherite their parent's blue hair along with the blue skin.
  • poltergeistpoltergeist Posts: 1,411 Member
    edited February 2019
    • witches
    • farming
    • romance
    • better traits
    • lots of worlds
    eta; or worlds of lots? 🤔
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  • mustenimusteni Posts: 4,644 Member
    I haven't really thought about it in detail lately but I would like:
    • horses
    • making magic type of pack
    • winter vacation with northern lights
    • summer vacation
    • more supernaturals
    • private schools
    • improved romance system(!)
    • memory system/story telling improvements
    • ability to save & share outfits
    • creepy/fantasy worlds
    • build options such as spiral stairs
    • age stage improvements
    • bands
    on top of my head...
  • BusufuBusufu Posts: 1,857 Member
    - HORSES on top!
    - more vacation worlds (summer, winter)
    - more romantic interactions
    - more traits, careers, aspirations
    - buggys for babys / toddlers
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  • AlbaWaterhouseAlbaWaterhouse Posts: 3,953 Member
    Accepting that the core engine and game will not change and that things like better personalities and likes and dislikes, memory, etc won't happen, here is my list.

    -more hobbies and freetime elements
    -more stuff for children (after school activities and hobbies) to do and basic interactions like play tag
    -after school activities for teens too
    -some sort of ecoliving farming pack
    -more holiday destinations
    -the ability to combine 2 or more different lot types into one
    -inheritance, funerals, and cemeteries
    -bikes (for children and teens+)
    -strollers for toddlers
    -private schools
    -more types of stairs and a ladder
    -part time jobs and simpler jobs for adults
    -more residential worlds inspired by other countries and not the US
    -NPC police, firefighters, burglars
    -swimming in bodies of water
    -a proper beach destination and a proper beach residential world

    I'll stop now, but the list could go on.
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  • takenbysheeptakenbysheep Posts: 343 Member
    edited February 2019
    • bands
    • bands
    • bands
    • bands
    • BANDS
    • b a n d s

    (mostly drums though)
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,792 Member
    Lot's of things but off the top of my head:

    Beaches/Ocean Swimming
    Farm Pack
    More Hobbies .. can think of lots
    Romantic Dancing and Bed Cuddles
    Bands with many music styles
    An Underworld Pack (since we got Strangerville...) Flesh out Grimmy :D Give us working cemeteries, more ghostly interactions and funerals. Also the ability to romance/woohoo Death.. my Olive Specter is waiting..

    Doubt I'll ever get it but the Fear emotion...

  • SilentSaphire21SilentSaphire21 Posts: 45 Member
    plz free the babies they need to be with family
  • IrdiwenIrdiwen Posts: 570 Member
    It’s a concise but dearly desired list:

    - University
    - A school pack
    - Farming with livestock
    - Witches
    - A tropical holiday destination
    - Hobbies
    - Romance/Wedding Stuff
    - Disaster Pack

    Not much, and I love other stuff as well, but with these things for me the game would feel pretty complete.
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  • Remy_GenevaRemy_Geneva Posts: 142 Member
    @AlbaWaterhouse did the developers confirm that they will never change or improve sims personalities?
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,427 Member
    edited February 2019
    There are so many fun possibilities, but I especially want:

    - Werewolves and other occults like witches and fairies/changelings.
    - Different worlds, including a tropical vacation and something UK inspired
    - More 'every day' careers, e.g. mechanic (cars?), librarian, teacher etc.
    - Romance/wedding stuff, e.g. slow dancing, cuddling in bed, etc.
    - Free babies, but also more stuff / development for teens and elders too
    - More NPCs e.g. firefighters, burglars etc.
    - More traits and a fear emotion for better personalities
    - University
    - Horses (farming?)

    I also like the idea of more hobbies, knitting and embroidery, origami, jam making etc... More instruments too, esp. a smaller piano that doesn't take up so much space.
  • storyystoryy Posts: 417 Member
    edited February 2019
    Idk if this is weird, but more shoes.
    Not weird! I totally hear you, and I agree! More boots to, but not as chunky and protruding as some of them are now.

    I totally agree with you OP! I would love more destination worlds - a beachy theme would be nice, but it's been done in all the other games, so if they introduced something different, I will most likely love it.

    I LOVE the knitting idea - maybe we could unlock special scarves and beanies and sweaters or something, or make wall hangings and quilts (which I know is not knitting lol) that we can hang up... As for those types of hobbies, I'd love to see pottery/ceramics! Love the idea of making jams. Like we can collect honey, so let's mash up some berries! Nectar too. I am surprised that we can't do that already tbh.

    I like the idea of a University pack if graduating from a specific major would unlock a career exclusive to those graduates. I realized that the reason I enjoyed University so much in the past was A) I had not yet been to college lol, and B ) It added a new lifestate, increasing your Sim's lifespan (YA!). I LOVED the YA stage... but we already have that! So how could they improve University for TS4? The only idea so far that I had was the degree/career thing. If this was a school pack in general I'd love to see private/military schools come back. Or perhaps honor roll Sims that have to work a little bit harder than usual... Something to change up our game a bit and get us out of the habits we've built.

    Also some more traits in CAS would be cool! I usually pick from the same small pool.

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