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Issues to purchase/download StrangerVille

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,800 EA Staff (retired)
I've merged here comments from different topics related to issues to purchase and/or install The Sims 4 StrangerVille.

We are troubleshooting these issues here. If Origin is still misbehaving for you, please, join the conversation there!

[This discussion was created from comments split from: When can we buy Strangerville? and some other threads.]


  • JennCsimmerJennCsimmer Posts: 81 Member
    Went into orgin and Strangerville pack showed up to buy but keeps disapearing before i can cloick on it and now just want give the option to buy it will just change to the base pack DD
  • kirbmonsterkirbmonster Posts: 3 New Member
    Same thing is happening to me! >_<
  • vickyloovickyloo Posts: 131 Member
    It keeps doing the same thing to me too, i click on it, it pops up then changes to the deluxe pack!
  • MarktnMarktn Posts: 554 Member
    Me too
  • JennCsimmerJennCsimmer Posts: 81 Member
    I managed to click it super fast after singing out and back in and its let me buy it. Downloading now
  • SxcDannii202SxcDannii202 Posts: 22 Member
    Hey! Im in the Uk I had the same issue- add it to your wishlist then go there and then you can actually click buy! I was so stressed! Hope it works for you too! xx
  • ChelleJoChelleJo Posts: 7,081 Member
    I can't get the page to load up. I'll click Strangerville and it'll flash the screen for a second and then go to Sim base game.

    I cleared the cache files and it's still not letting me get to that page. I've tried the app and the web page. Neither one will stay on the strangerville page.
  • Bellesim67Bellesim67 Posts: 25 Member
    I restarted my computer and opened Orgin and it is purchased and downloading now.
  • MarktnMarktn Posts: 554 Member
    Got it finally
  • mrln1975mrln1975 Posts: 176 Member
    Yep me too. Said available at 12:30 PST time. "ok", maybe they don't need money?
  • vickyloovickyloo Posts: 131 Member
    I did the sign in sign out and quickly ticking it lol
  • SignySigny Posts: 13 New Member
    > @JennCsimmer said:
    > I managed to click it super fast after singing out and back in and its let me buy it. Downloading now

    I did this too. It's tough and it took me a few tries, but it can be done.
  • CookiepuffleCookiepuffle Posts: 7 New Member
    It's released now, but origin doesn't seem to want me to buy it! It keeps on redirecting me to other games... can someone report this issue to someone who can fix this??? :'(
  • FurAndYarnFurAndYarn Posts: 72 Member
    The game is strange enough... I didn't think we'd have to play a game to get it!
  • JennCsimmerJennCsimmer Posts: 81 Member
    Ok coffee ready time to play!!!!
  • ShaeShae Posts: 162 Member
    Same keeps happening to me.
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  • DeetoxicityDeetoxicity Posts: 20 Member
    same issue, being redirected to the digital deluxe page. happening on both the client and web page
  • kirbmonsterkirbmonster Posts: 3 New Member
    Wow how dumb! haha The signing out and clicking buy before it redirects worked for me as well!
  • freakyteen721freakyteen721 Posts: 173 Member
    I'm still having this issue.
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 5,608 Member
    I had no problems in the uk. I had put in my credit card details in my profile (I never leave them in between packs) and was able to download it before 5.45 uk. It's now playable in my game so now off to try it out.
  • paradiseplanetparadiseplanet Posts: 4,368 Member
    Try waiting a few more mins, it's probably loaded with internet traffic rn and the fact that there's always bound to be a few hiccups when adding something new on Origin or wherever you purchase it. :) It will be tweaked and smoothed out with time.
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  • mmoblitzmmoblitz Posts: 479 Member
    Same here.
  • DeetoxicityDeetoxicity Posts: 20 Member
    i manged to circumvent by adding it to my wishlist first.
  • duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 3,054 Member
    Yep. Me too.
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  • ChelleJoChelleJo Posts: 7,081 Member
    Go to Edge and get it. That's what I had to do. It was redirecting me to the digital deluxe page, too, not base game. I went to edge, pulled up origin, and got it. Then restarted Origin and it is now downloading.
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