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Can I change the trait I got from the graduation of university?


The one in Red, I'd like to change it to other one. I tried the midlife crisis reward but couldn't. I tried NRaas MC mod. I clicked the trait in advanced menu but it doesn't change either. I pressed the shift key and clicked the sim but it shows only basic 5 traits. :(


  • Niki110287Niki110287 Posts: 110 Member
    edited March 2013
    I seem to remember that when I tried to change my sims sixth trait I had to remove one of her other traits in order to get her extra one to drop down. Then it wouldn't let me add another sixth trait to replace it so I used MC to just add a trait back to her.
  • tingahn911tingahn911 Posts: 52 New Member
    edited March 2013
    Not sure how to change the red one but the only way to do it is buying a degree in lifetime wish. At least for me that's how it was.
  • kora234simkora234sim Posts: 31 Member
    edited March 2013
    Everytime you get a diffrent degree youll be given a chance to change it.
  • GreenCatsGreenCats Posts: 9,318 Member
    edited March 2013
    tingahn911 wrote:
    Not sure how to change the red one but the only way to do it is buying a degree in lifetime wish. At least for me that's how it was.

    That's what I'd say too. And since you have MC you can cheat to get enough LTH points to buy one. Sorry, I'm not sure if there's a more straightforward way.
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  • michellehilbrandmichellehilbrand Posts: 2,331 Member
    edited March 2013
    You are able to change traits with testingcheatsenabled true shift click, have you tried that? I changed mine when it was handed to me because my sim already had that trait. I haven't tried changing it if my sim didn't have the trait already. Does it not let you?
  • GeniusSimmerGirlGeniusSimmerGirl Posts: 68 Member
    Hello! I know this is from 6 years ago but I wanted to give some input in case anyone in the present comes looking for it. I used it to remove a social influence trait my sim got after being high level in the Jock group in college. I assume it will work for changing the college trait as well. Just follow the steps below:

    1-Get NRaas

    2-Click into the Master Controller page

    3-Click “Advanced”

    4-Click “Traits”

    5-Click “Change Graduation Trait” or “Change Social Trait” (whichever trait you want to change)

    6-Scroll down the menu and choose your trait, or if you don’t want a trait choose the blank row at the top

    7-Enjoy your new trait!
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  • EA_RtasEA_Rtas Posts: 2,875 EA Community Manager
    edited February 2019
    Please don't necropost in old threads, I know you're adding your input but I'm going to go ahead and close off this thread now as it has been inactive since 2013, If you have any questions about necroposting you can read this thread here : Necroposting
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