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violaineTviolaineT Posts: 48 Member
My problem is I did move in the three female maids and by now I only have male maids working in the whole neighborhood.
Being afraid of game corruption if I suppress these how would you do then to get again both gender maids?

Note: I play complete collection with no mods. I would like to avoid the hassle to end services in every home one by one too (a few hundred Sims managed).


  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,108 Member
    Hi :)

    You want more female maids to move in?

    If your Sim is friends with all the male maids, invite them over before the time a maid shows up and the game will generate a new maid. I'd save before the maids show up, if another male maid shows up you can quit without saving to see if you get a different maid.

    Move in the male maids then move them out so the game will generate a new maid ~ Randomly...
  • violaineTviolaineT Posts: 48 Member
    Thanks for your suggestions.

    The first one would leave the 3 male maids in the neighborhood, creating a 4th female maid which is nice but look a hassle to do, I will need to end service and switch maid each time to befriend another one with the same household.

    Then what is the better easy and quick cheaty way to befriend a maid? Option in the tomb of L/D maybe? I never did that before.

    Second option to put them away seems straight forward but I dunno what I will do with them, if I want to delete them I feel very anxious on game corruption, they were npc, should know many of my Sims...

  • violaineTviolaineT Posts: 48 Member
    edited February 2019
    (solved) I found a mod by Cyjon which restricts the maid generation to females.
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