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The Permescuitel 100 Baby Challenge

Following a terrible tragedy involving a cat and a mouse, the Permescuitel clan has been decimated to only one sole woman, Raechel Permescuitel. Deciding to not fade into the obscurity of nothingness, she's decided to have as many children as possible so that her families name can be famous once more! Of course, if she got married it'd be pointless as Simsnation Law declares that she must take her husband's name if she is married, which would ruin everything! So, young Raechel instead's to make as many children as possible with as many different men as possible to ensure the bloodline gets as much diversity as possible, it will be sure to survive any cat and mouse antics then!


Deciding 100 children would surely be enough to ensure her clans future, Raechel takes what should have been her university funds, but as there's no university to attend, she finds better use with it buying a new home. It's a little empty, but surely if she works hard, it will be filled with the pitter patter of little nooboos.


Now, onto boring information
Raechel Permescuitel
Young Adult
Family-Oriented, Creative, Art Lover, who wants to be a Painter Extraordinaire
House frame downloaded from Gallery, but I can't find it now to credit, I forgot to save it to my gallery. Oops.
House traits to be kept forever are Lay-Line, Good Schools, and Child's Play

Chapter 1 - Flexing
Chapter 2 - Two!
Family Tree goes here!
Pretty handy for keeping up with whose kid is whose and what not.
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  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 9,731 Member
    Raechel is very pretty! I usually don't read 100 Baby Challenges but I bookmark this one :)
  • JadeleineJadeleine Posts: 2,068 Member
    Interesting start, very well written bookmarked!
  • SimbulHatakeSimbulHatake Posts: 24 Member
    edited February 2019
    Chapter 1 - Flexing

    Raechel had only just moved into her lovely little home in Windenburg when the fertile hills and rolling countryside reminded her that she needed to go into town and meet a man! And where better to meet a man, than the gym? She was going to have lots of children, so she might as well get to know the place to keep herself healthy and fit in between raising little ones.

    It was here she encountered Marcus Flex, who offered to train her, though she looked rather drab in her cold weather outfit...

    Marcus found himself quite impressed when she switched into her workout gear and offered to train her! This was time well spent, as they talked so much they felt like they were Good Friends who'd known each other forever by the time the session was done!

    They got to know each other so well in fact, that by the end of the day, Raechel was confessing to Marcus that he was the most attractive man she'd met in town, and he decided to give her a lovely house warming party!

    (Not pictured, funny enough, he left after this and returned with the welcoming party, and he carried in the icky, icky fruit cake!)

    A day or so later, neighbors could hear humming and observed an expecting young mother working to prepare for her little one... or little ones. Time would tell!

  • SimbulHatakeSimbulHatake Posts: 24 Member
    Chapter 2 - Two!

    In between paintings and waiting impatiently to go into labor, (all women are ready to be done with it when it's almost time right?) Raechel headed out to a cafe to meet some more people. And she met so many people! Though this handsome man caught her eye, and she caught his too...


    Mr.Paolo Rocca was definitely going to be next on the list and if he wasn't, this town certainly had plenty of options... maybe they'd heard what was going on? Some of them were even single...


    Regardless, meeting people and hanging out was nice, though when she got home preparing for bed, she felt it! It was time!


    Oh boy...


    This was going to become a very familiar walk...
    Thankfully, Simlish technology makes labor rather quick and upon arriving home, Raechel was happy to care for her little one...


    And the other little one...


    Welcome to Aribella and Aaron Permescuitel!

    Though, the fun doesn't stop there, because it's not enough to just have two babies.
    There's 98 more to go!


    That didn't take long...

  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 9,731 Member
    Oh, twins :love:
  • SimbulHatakeSimbulHatake Posts: 24 Member
    MissSassy wrote: »
    Oh, twins :love:

    Twins fill the house so fast. It'll be a nightmare! I've gotten the screenshots together and stuff to post next piece but am at work.
    The family tree is already updated with their toddlerness though. Spoillerrss.
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,973 Member
    Seems like an interesting start. Let me know if you need some males to be baby daddies.
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