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    Thank you for the very sweet comments @YJB19299! Hope you had lovely holidays! :blush:
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    I have accepted your request from the DNA Request Team @Court322. Please feel free to let me know any concerns you may have. :smile:
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    @Court322 Did you want to have the entire home completely underwater or is some of the home above ground?
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    @WrathofCath I got your message for accepting my request. Sorry it took me a bit to reply, I cannot wait to see the final results <3
  • Court322Court322 Posts: 106 Member
    @Court322 Did you want to have the entire home completely underwater or is some of the home above ground?

    I would like to have half the house under water and then the other half above water. Thank you.
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    2br, 3ba.
    Lot Size: 30x40
    Cost: $366,066
    Dna Request


    More Pictures

    This home is built for a Dna Request by @Court322. The request was for a modern home with lots of glass and half the home underwater. It includes a basement party room complete with dance floor, dj booth and bar. This level also includes one of the bedrooms, a full bath and a small workout room. All the rooms on the lower floor offer lots of windows with underwater views of the ocean and sea life.

    The main floor is open concept with a chef's kitchen, dining, living room and a half bath. The upper level consists of a covered patio with sitting area, stereo, bar, hot tub and chess table. This floor also consists of another bedroom, a study and a full luxury bath.

    Outdoors includes nicely landscaped grounds, lots of fountains, an outdoor patio with kitchen, dining, sitting area and bar. There is also a separate little raised area for a fire pit.









    A few pics of the grounds and interiors in the Spoiler below.








    The full album is available for viewing here

    Thank you for stopping by for a look and Goodnight!



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    All of Watermark is Stunning but my fav part is how you laid in the bottom of the pond/ocean! Beautiful and so are the views from the inside!
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    Watermark is such a very nice modern home! :) The architectural exterior design of the home is so very nice! Very nice landscaping work! The water areas throughout the outdoors look so very special and great! The water fountains in the water and the flowers and plants on the edges of the water are very pretty ! Very nice upper level hot tub, outdoors living, chess and bar area! Sims will enjoy relaxing in the hot tub, have fun playing chess, and enjoy resting on the sofas chatting and having a drink from the bar. Very nice raised fire pit nook! Sims will enjoy sitting around the fire keeping warm and toasting food. The outdoors kitchen, dining , garden and living patio is very nice! Sims will enjoy cooking on the bbq and eating the food at the umbrella covered table in the outdoors air. Very nice fireplace sitting area for chatting in front of the fire. It is great that harvestable plants are growing there. Very nice furnishing and layout of the interior of the home! The blue, black and white colour scheme looks very stylishly nice! Very nice design of the kitchen! It looks very nice the type of and placement of the kitchen cabinets there. The double sinks are a nice touch and very nice island bar stool counter, for Sims to enjoy eating meals at. Sims will enjoy the sunshine coming in through the windows whilst cooking and eating meals. Very nice design of the sofa seat fireplace sitting area in the living room! The bookshelves look nice placed either sides of the tvs and the U shape of the sofas looks very nice.Sims will enjoying resting in front of the fire watching tv and reading books, whilst enjoy listening to the piano being played. The patterned curtains and floor rugs used add a very special look to the room areas ! The basement level is so very special! The views through the windows of the underwater plants are so magical , lovely and pretty! They are such special views to look at when in the bedroom, or using the fitness equipment to keep fit, or having fun dancing to the dj booth music!
    I won’t write about all the special areas of the home, but they are all very nice! :)
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    This is just perfect!
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    WOWZERS! It turned out perfectly! So glad you claimed this. Gorgeous! <3
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 4,737 Member

    Wow, what a fantastic home Cath! The landscaping is gorgeous above and below. Such a really cool build. I love it <3
  • GwinielGwiniel Posts: 996 Member
    Vicingus wrote: »
    This is just perfect!

    Second this! <3<3<3<3 Love that seabed <3<3<3<3
  • GildedDiscourseGildedDiscourse Posts: 60 Member
    Wow Watermark is just stunning! I loved it on the Gallery, but that doesn't in any way do it justice! Your work is just amazing! I absolutely love it. <3<3<3 Amazing interior and the exterior is just fantastic. Love the deck space and the colors. All around just perfect!
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    Watermark is such a stunning creation with fantastic landscaping, really love the underwater design, very beautiful :)
  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 5,285 Member

    Wonderful design on Watermark! Fantastic modern home <3
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    Thank you so much @romagi1! <3

    Thank you for your very lovely review @rosemow! <3

    Thank you for your very kind comments @Vicingus! <3

    Aww, thank you so much @itguyinsc! <3

    Thank you very much @soocoolsim! <3

    Thank you sweet @BreeMiles! <3

    @Gwiniel, Thank you for your awesome comments! <3

    @GildedDiscourse, Thank you so very much for your wonderfully kind comments! They really warmed my heart! <3

    Thank you so much @masajo! <3

    @AIRIS6962, Thank you for the sweet comment! <3
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    Lovely builds - I sure wish I had more room to add a few to my game. Stellar job everyone.

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    @WrathofCath, oops, I commented on Watermark on the DNA thread, but forgot to come here, so pasting what I wrote:
    @WrathofCath , Wow Watermark looks fantastic! Love the design of the home and the grounds are beautiful. Love how you made the 'faux' ocean surrounding the home; very creative! Great job! <3
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,419 Member
    Thank you so much @Writin_Reg and @Sandraelle :)<3
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,419 Member
    Valentine Cottage
    3br, 3ba.
    Lot Size: 30x20
    Cost: $205,941
    No CC


    I really wanted to try to get something done for Valentine's Day but I am NOT a fast builder at all... I think this is the first home I built start-to-finish, in just one day. :hushed: I managed to upload it Valentine's night. :#
    It's a 3br, 3ba cottage that is family friendly. The main floor is fairly open concept with the exception of the kitchen prep area. The master ensuite is also on this floor, as well as a half bath. The lower level has a family room, girls bedroom, boys room and a full bath. The outdoors isn't very large but there is a little play area for the kids with swing set and toddler slide, out back. There is also a romantic little patio with table and grill, surrounded by candles for those special nights. There's a garden on the left side of the home with perfect quality fruits and veggies. The front yard also has a little raised patio with a romantic fountain and lots of pretty flowers. Playtested :)








    And there you have it! It really was a lot of fun to make, even though I did feel like I was cramming for exams. :p

    Thank you for stopping in for a look and Goodnight!

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    Its good to have you back Cath! Valentine Cottage is splendid indeed, love the color you have chosen for the living room, it really sets it off!
  • GwinielGwiniel Posts: 996 Member
    That cottage is so beautiful - like a home that I dream of <3<3<3
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,520 Member
    Valentine Cottage is so very pretty! :) It is very lovely and homely! Very nice exterior design of the cottage! The red flower box windows are a very nice touch and the plants and flowers look very nice along the edges of the home. Very pretty outdoors areas! The rose bushes, the very lovely designed raised water fountain and sitting area, the flowers along the fencing, and the vases of flowers either sides of the pathway are all very pretty! Very nice layout and furnishing of the interior! The open plan living and dining area is very nice! Very nice red and white colour scheme used, and the very pretty red curtains add a very nice look to the room areas. Very nice windows dining area! Sims will enjoy eating meals at the table with sunshine coming in through the windows. The type of ceiling light used is very nice, and the flowers on the dining and coffee tables are pretty touches.The crockery cabinet and teaset are homely there. Very nice u shaped sofa seats sitting area for relaxing near the fire and watching tv and listening to music from the stereo. The studying and reading nook is very nice! Sims will enjoy resting in the armchair reading a book whilst having a drink from the globe bar. Very nice windows study desk table for using the computer and have sunlight coming in onto them.They have nice outdoors views whilst studying. The gold edged wall pictures are a nice touch on the wall.
    It is a lovely family cottage home! :)
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