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Would you buy the Sims 5 if it came out in 2020?


  • jooxisjooxis Posts: 504 Member
    If the base game is great.
    If they don't plan on overhauling traits/personalities/relationships/emotions/memories in Sims 4 then I am interested in what Sims 5 has to offer in that regard. If they don't expand on those things at all, I'm afraid I'll be playing something else in the near future.
  • rosecoloredsimrosecoloredsim Posts: 42 Member
    If the base game is great.
    I would consider it if the launch is better than Sims 4 was. But I might wait for a sale because I like a good deal and I just recently acquired all the packs for Sims 4. Plus, with launch there's bound to be bugs which I'd like to be patched.
  • mikaelahollymikaelaholly Posts: 46 Member
    Heck yeah!
    I think I would buy at least the base game right away. Knowing me, I would probably love it and want to try it out immediately and then see how much it would be worth it.
  • LadyKynLadyKyn Posts: 3,128 Member
    Seeing as the game isn't going to be complete by then. No.

    Not to mention it honestly depends on what new features the game will bring and how it'll look. At this time, not sure how long I'm gonna still be on the Sims franchising it'll even have much appeal after four installments, spinoffs and mobile games. Dunno about anyone else but after investing so much money into the franchise from beginning to end...?

    Miiight be getting a little spent out. From 1 to 4 probably spent about 2,000 if not more in this franchise.
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,814 Member
    When it goes on sale or the price is reduced.
    I would play Sims 4 until Sims 5 had more features than Sims 4 that I wanted through updates unless it was on a major sale.
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,814 Member
    When it goes on sale or the price is reduced.
    And I agree I would much prefer more packs for the game I already.
  • agustdagustd Posts: 946 Member
    If the base game is great.
    This time I'd definitely give myself more time before spending money on a base.

    I bought TS4 without any prior research, on an impulse, having just returned from abroad and seeing it on display of an airport tech store. I wasn't checking up on the news and info, literally had no idea what the game was going to look like - and boy, was I regretful.
  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 24,971 Member
    Stormkeep wrote: »
    @luthienrising, Totally agree. Also, personally I'm a fan of that model. I'd much rather pay for new "stuff" for an existing game that I like, then pay for a new version that makes the old one obsolete.
    I know not everyone agrees with that concept, but I actually prefer it, means I keep getting more enjoyment out of a game I already own rather than having to 'start over' every few years. My only concern is that developers need to make sure the base game itself is already a complete game and not hold back stuff JUST to charge us money for them in future packs.

    I want the devs to get all the time they need to get it right -- start off with a clear blueprint of what should be in the base game -- and I don't want to hear things like "Pets must be in the base game" or "we have to have weather in the game" (though I could see light rain and wind being added, then more severe weaher and even natural disasters in an EP). The purpose of the base game is to give the foundation to build upon via EPs, GPs and SPs. So you need Sims -- all age groups so no object babies or waiting 2+ years for toddlers. You need building tools. You need ways for Sims to make money (Sims do not live by motherlode alone) and skills to make money more efficiently as they progress. You need CAS to make unique Sims and to keep them from walking around nekkid.

    The biggest issue with Sims 4 is that it switched horses in mid-stream, from a mobile game to a single-player sandbox game. A new game would likely not suffer from that handicap. But to reiterate, I want them to have the time to get the basegame right out of the box (or off the download in modern terms).
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  • Mandy_LynMandy_Lyn Posts: 33 Member
    If the base game is great.
    Depends on the base game.
  • marcel21marcel21 Posts: 12,263 Member
    Heck yeah!
    I have been buying and playing the sims since 2005. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ yeah ;)

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  • simmietimesimmietime Posts: 101 Member
    edited January 2019
    When it goes on sale or the price is reduced.
    Frankly, no. No matter how good the base game is. I always like to wait a couple years when its 2/3 EPs in, then its more interesting to play with. But I may buy if its extremely cheap, I just wont play it until its a few EPs in.
  • alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 4,423 Member
    Heck yeah!
    As much as I like GF, I slowly get the impression that TS4 is stone-old and that nothing really new can be expected in this game. When we get University, it will be the same level-up-for-perks like retail-vampires-clubs-vets-fame. Also a tropical ocean pack can offer very little in a closed world. Witches would be nice and then I'm ready for TS5 with open worlds.
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,103 Member
    If the base game is great.
    Obviously it won't happen since they've already told us that TS4 will be going on for at least 2 more years, but if it had an AMAZING, base game (meaning better than the current TS4 with all base game updates) I'd probably go for it.
  • NotSoLuckyNotSoLucky Posts: 4,677 Member
    I buy all Basegames and EP's so yes.
  • katrinasforestkatrinasforest Posts: 995 Member
    Heck yeah!
    Sure, why not? Though it would probably be a while before it became my main Sims game.
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 11,598 Member
    edited January 2019
    Heck No!
    There are many reasons to buy it or not but at the end only my heart will decide.

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  • AkilAkil Posts: 229 Member
    Nope. If they leave Sims 4 wanting for content [and I understand of course not everything eneryone wants will be added] I'm not going to trust Sims 5 to do better. Plus I always wait for an expansion or so to be released and initial bugs patched before I decide if I want to jump in.
  • SimmerBoiSimmerBoi Posts: 134 Member
    Heck No!
    Absolutely not. I'm still trying to finish buying the Sims 4 packs.
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    No it would not even have 2 years into the base game - and would be worse than Sims 4's base game. A sims game needs a minimum of at least 3 and a half years or more developing a sims base game or a lot will be missing like it was in Sims 4 for way too long. Ad to that all new devs - no way would i want that game.

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  • LoanetLoanet Posts: 3,661 Member
    I still don't believe there will be a Sims 5 and I wouldn't buy it in 2020 if there was.
    Just because I bought most of the Packs at full price doesn't mean I don't know when I'm being ripped off, especially now that I can't buy Bundles.
  • ApparentlyAwesomeApparentlyAwesome Posts: 1,501 Member
    If the base game is great.
    I would have to see drastic improvement but if the base game is good then I'd probably buy it. But it has to be an overall step forward. Take advantage of technology of today, let players control more of what goes on in their sandbox, and have more for all types of players.

    Now a deal breaker for me might be Origin and online. Part of the base game being good to me is the game being available on disc and not needing Origin or online access of any kind if bought that way. But this is EA we're talking about so that probably won't happen.

    Only if the base game meets almost every single thing I dream about would I even begin to consider having to login to Origin to play. But again, it's EA so that's not likely to happen either lol.
  • MVWdeZTMVWdeZT Posts: 3,054 Member
    Too soon for me, and I'm not even sure I'll buy Sims 5 immediately when it first comes out. I think it very unlikely that TS5 would have all the features I've come to love in TS4. I'd definitely wait until it had toddlers. I'm really happy with the way 4 is going and growing, and I have plenty of plans for my Sims.
  • CheezirationCheeziration Posts: 100 Member
    Heck yeah!
    Yes because I have no life :')

    But seriously, I've thoroughly enjoyed the last three games pretty well, and unless the hypothetical TS5 is incredibly bad, I know I'm going to buy it. I'm still having fun with TS4, so it's not that I'm especially eager for the next installment to usher it out, but let's be real: if the game comes out, it's ending up on my computer one way or another.
  • Nite0wlzNite0wlz Posts: 26 Member
    Yes. It's funny. This same discussion happened on when the sims 3 was being speculated. as well as the sims 4 before it came out.
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