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Show Me Your Heroes!

SindocatSindocat Posts: 5,002 Member
Sure, you can sign off on whatever random Sim a building offers you, when placed in your Kingdom, but if I know Simmers, you prefer to create your own Hero Sims to play. Share them here and tell me about them! Do you make new Heroes for each Ambition, or have you gotten attached to a troupe that you use again and again? I'll share one of my regulars to start:

Prior Jevon, Peteran Priest
Traits: Dedicated, Good
Fatal Flaw: Drunkard


Jevon Amos was an itinerant friar, bringing the Good News of Peter's teachings to the provinces, before establishing the Monastery in Kingland. I based him (loosely) on the "Friar Tuck" archetype - earthy, good-natured, jolly and not too serious. In keeping with Peteran ideals, his vesture is a simple cassock of undyed homespun, and his hair is tonsured in token of his dedication to the Watcher.

I have used Jevon as my Peteran Priest time and again, to the degree that when I created an Abbess for Kingland during one ambition, instead, it felt "off" to me. And although the clergy is not required to be celibate, he tends to express love in a more universal and all-embracing mode. The back of the Peteran sanctuary has a refectory where food and drink are set out for all, before every service.


For a long time, his homespun cassock was Jevon's sole outfit (aside from sleepwear), even after I'd tapped into the DisableClothingFilter cheat to enable a wider variety of attire for my other Heroes - principally as court dress. But for a long time, Jevon had no call to dress other than as a simple monk, even when he had led the Abbey for some time. His chance to dress it up a bit came when Her Majesty, Queen Simrietta III, asked him to serve as Regent of Kingland in her absence. Here he is, giving her the Watcher's blessing before she departs on a royal progress of her provinces:


And serving as Kingland's Regent, for which a little more formal apparel is useful. Kingland has a standard to maintain, in regards to respect toward the Crown and its representatives. Jevon's compromise between courtly elegance and Peteran simplicity is an cassock of pale grey jacquard with white and silver embroidery, which manages not to look too out of place on the dais in the throne room:


As well and humbly as he undertook his duties as Regent, courtly life is not at all to Prior Jevon's own taste. His splendid court attire was cleaned and stowed away neatly in a chest until needed again, and he happily returned to his Monastery, serving stews and sermons to the faithful, enjoying an occasional - alright, frequent - mug of good ale, and adding his own learned commentaries to Peter's teachings.



  • Simsister2004Simsister2004 Posts: 3,505 Member
    Well, they are funny. I think mine appear to be somewhat more colorful. Thi is one of my bards, Hansi Hinterseer.

    And the doctor and the magician talking about "The Watcher".
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 5,002 Member
    edited January 2019
    Rolando the Spy
    Traits: Dedicated, Vain
    Fatal Flaw: Cruel


    Another of my "regulars", athough he's gone by different names at different times, and my original conception of his character has shifted over time. Initially conceived as an agent of Yacothia, infiltrating Kingland on behalf of the Jacoban Church, more recent Ambitions (starting, I believe, with "Fame") have established his origin story as a condottiere, or mercenary captain of Ardvorton, hired as young King Simrey's Master of Arms and advisor.


    Far more sophisticated than a mere brigand, Rolando is a capable strategist and master diplomat, and quickly overshadowed the Royal Advisor in the young king's esteem. It may have begun with a cold-blooded play on King Simrey's interests and sympathies, but things warmed up more than expected. More to the point, he is genuinely fond of Simrey, who is more than happy with his attentions.



    As foreigner turned court favorite, Rolando may attract some resentment, but would-be rivals had best be cautious, as he is in fact a more than capable swordsman. But some worry he encourages the young and fun-loving king along an increasingly irresponsible and self-indulgent path, playing on his love of adventure with tales of foreign lands and customs. Some even whisper he has designs upon the throne, himself...



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