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Best Households Ever! Recommendations for Maxis Tab.


  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 357 Member
    Thank you so much for the Nomination of Miracle @GLovely1 , I am Honored !
    I must say this was a Wonderful Challenge !
    There are so many wonderful responses, They all are awesome !

    Diane Pinkus
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 383 Member
    You are very welcome @Pinkusfamily :) I really loved yours as your simmie does look very much like Cher which I don't think you intended but many simmers noticed that <3

    @JojoMOMSTER I really appreciate you mentioning the other comedy challenge I am co-hosting in the gallery now, thank you! If interested, please check out #GiftReturnsChal :D

    Lastly, thanks a bunch @BADABLONDE and @nightlioness for thinking of me! It's always a thrill to see the households I love to create receiving nominations too <3

    Dag dag for now & happy simming always!
    Discover University ~ Forever Foxbury!

  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member

    Great work, everyone! Love seeing all the activity on this thread and so many amazing recommendations as well! :)

    Not sure how I missed this gem, but love it so much that wanted to recommend while it is still fresh...

    ♥Shear Delight♥ by @nightlioness
  • lsnishilsnishi Posts: 2,520 Member
    I'd like to nominate ElocineCinQuatre's Marie=Antoinette. Here's the link: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/7225229D0F9B11E98754ADD8C8E84D99

    I think the Elo's sim is absolutely perfect in expression, clothing and makeup.

    Thank you for your consideration!
  • lisabee2lisabee2 Posts: 3,326 Member
    Hello! I came to nominate some of the same Sims that @GLovely1 mentioned. Great minds think alike! The #KassnGLovelyPositives have been a blast to read. A lot of great chuckles from those entries. In addition, I would like to nominate the following fabulous sims:

    1. Gamer Guy by @lisabee2- The geeky cool guy that everybody wants to know
    2. SWEET DJ AVA A♪NO CC by @gillr52- Beautiful festive style and a cool DJ to boot

    3. No Mods Knight by @KBetelgeuse- Very cool sim with a unique style

    4. Kinski by @sacred70- This sim just has beautiful features with a classic style

    5. Bella Van Der Ruhm by @mnewi1103- Elegant and beautiful sim that looks ready for a classy date

    6. ♥Alucard♥ by @KittySnowball- What an adorable kitty with a cute pattern. Makes you go awwww!

    7. Lea Sandre by @Gillou38630- Gorgeous features and thoughtful outfit

    8. Vladislaus requested by @RoseBlackVampire- Fantastic vampire family with outfits that show their personalities

    9. Gift Return Challenge by @Momopapagei- Funny story with the ever so classic pajama gift

    10. ♂♥ Workout With Wyatt ♥♂ by @GLovely1- A fun buff and handsome sim to have anybody's household

    Thank you for considering these nominations. Happy simming :)

    OHH TY @nightlioness and Maxis.. I was BLOWN away when Gamer Guy got a fav nod <3 I loved him but honestly did not think anyone would DL him (I was way ok with that) but wow to get a fav for him! <3
    New readers can visit here first: In-a-NUTSHELL
  • nightlionessnightlioness Posts: 32 Member
    Thank you @SWSRogueLeader for the nomination and Maxis for the fav of my ♥Shear Delight♥. I feel very honored and it made my week :)
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member
    edited January 2019
    Much of the world has cold temperatures in January, so it's time to cozy up with a warm pet! Here are some very special ones that might wind up in your sim's lap! <3

    Bub, Labrador "Puppy" by Squids723
    ♥♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DORIS♥♥ by Austernfischer
    Lioness by Ysmira
    Run, Spot! See Spot Run. by Mongolian_girl
    ☆FUJI☆By RINA☆ by @SimsAFire
    Black Panther by @Asharia
    God Anubis - Male by @KildareFaerlynn

    And here are my recommendations for best household...

    Rivers by SammyDoo1972
    Angelino by @Babewire
    Bautista by MelissaGamesSims
    FAmille Garcias X 3 by MyLadySol
    ◎Daycare Crew◎ by @13Vader

    Hope you all are having a great weekend! :)

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  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 383 Member
    edited January 2019
    Happy Wednesday simmers & Maxis reviewers :) Thought I'd pop by to nominate a few households that recently caught my eye ~

    Thanks so much for selecting this household for a Maxis Fave <3Gone Fishing by Carolcolors ~ This elder simmie is such a happy looking guy and his trusted companion Rosie is a match made in sim heaven probably from Manuel's late wife. Beautifully touching sim story <3

    Thanks so much for selecting this household for a Maxis Fave <3Bollywood Superstar! by @CXonor13 ~ This awesome sim story was so believable I didn't realize she was created for a fun gallery challenge. I love the colors used on this lovely culturally diverse simmie <3

    Dance Chall: Gatto by ElocineCinQuatre ~ Talk about an original looking sim! I always smile when I see this gold busker attire used on sims and paired with this funny little vampy sim story .. well it's certainly something the gallery can sink their teeth into :joy:

    McElroy by timotheus1969 ~ It's so fun for me to see big groups of sims in one household as I typically don't create that way. This family is so adorable & the sim story so wonderful to read I didn't even realize I was reading a true story about the creator himself! No wonder it was so good <3

    Thanks as always for the opportunity to nominate & your consideration on each one ~ Happy simming!
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    Discover University ~ Forever Foxbury!

  • CXonor13CXonor13 Posts: 666 Member
    I just logged into the game only to see a curtain of notifications haha, oh my god thank you so much for the nomination @Glovely1 and thank you so much Maxis for the fav on Lakshmi!! I am so grateful for it! <3
  • NatyaknowNatyaknow Posts: 3 New Member
    I would love it if anyone could notice my work! I just made Tyra banks for example and would love some feedback. My creatorname is NathalieBofeldt / check me out 😍
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member
    edited January 2019
    In honor of the late Martin Luther King Jr. and his birthday (which is celebrated this weekend), here are some special households to enjoy:

    West by IColorMyLife
    Natasha & Sparky by MasterElle90
    Parker by Exposedma
    Clark-Perales by Libresca
    Cute Lovebirds ♡ by bookish-nerd1997

    Below are recommendations for consideration as best household...

    SNOW BUNNIES♥NO CC by @gillr52
    To be, or not to be by @lisabee2
    The♡Santiago's by GuyC_UK
    Chef Gnome Jakob Grubbs by @chips46
    CREAMPUFF by @Sandy2k
    Garcia by sacred70
    Max Skills Dudes by Jayocean

    Have a great weekend, everybody! :) And I just can't leave without at least mentioning this fun new upload from Sylverline. In this world full of struggle and mystery, you may not realize you need the heroes which are the Scooby-Doo gang! ;)<3
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 763 Member
    You know those SIMs that immediately make you smile? They have some magical mix of cute, quirky, relate-able, and endearing. I would like to nominate the SIM who charmed me in this way today
    Silvie Cook Gnome by momopapagei

  • FruUtterFruUtter Posts: 127 Member


    Motivation: This couple is made without entering the default mode. The results are most impressive!

    Cyrogenic "Success" Story
    Motivation: Impressive use of colours and shapes!

    Steampunk Crew and a Cat
    Motivation: A great bunch of cool charatcter sims!

    ✌That's all for now folks!✌
    @FruUtter - Otter Loooves ❤YOU!

    <3>:) In Otter we trust! o:)<3

  • juupo45juupo45 Posts: 15 Member
    here are my nomination for households :)
    ★ Black & Blue Besties ★ by @GLovely1
    couple Mercier by @Gillou38630
  • gillr52gillr52 Posts: 35 Member

    Wow--it just took me an hour online with the EA helpline to get back on the forums! I had some strange glitch they had never heard of that was preventing me from signing in...
    My nominations are @Wooldrop for Jem and the Holograms

    @chluke75 for Women's Pride Entry

    @Woodenslurpy for House of Yoga

    @FruUtter for Rags To Riches Home 21

    I'm just so glad I'm able to sign in!! :)<3
  • chluke75chluke75 Posts: 109 Member
    Thank you for the nomination @gillr52 And good to see you are able to get back in the forums! I don't get in here as much as I'd like either. Most of the time I stopped in was when I had breaks at work, but I have strong reason to believe it was my work PC that caused my troubles, so I don't use it for anything personal anymore.
  • WooldropWooldrop Posts: 89 Member
    Thanks for the nom @gillr52 It's feels like so long since I've popped in here this was such a nice surprise
    Gallery ID: WoolDrop

    My Creations Thread is HERE

    Follow me on Twitter: @DropWool
  • WooldropWooldrop Posts: 89 Member
    Some nominations of Sims I love this week

    Styx & Stones by @GLovely1

    Scooby Gang by LaneyLynn56

    To be, or not to be by @lisabee2
    Gallery ID: WoolDrop

    My Creations Thread is HERE

    Follow me on Twitter: @DropWool
  • agata_proagata_pro Posts: 8 New Member
    Hello ☺ I have some nomination and that is :

    * " ♥ Sophie ♥ " by PusheenSims

    * " Pirate" by LilianDantas

    * " Betty " by Cayrees

    * " ♥ Betty et Veronica ♥ " by KSsDesign

    * " Willy Wonka " by LaneyLynn56
  • issynoonaissynoona Posts: 10 New Member
    Hello, I want to do a nomination for :smile:

    A Mad Tea Party by xbulbulx

    Adv. of the Gummi Bears by cbunte01

    Fashionista by jenny9915

    first 2 receive BA degree by FuUtter
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 383 Member
    I'm happy dancing on cloud nine again! Thanks so much for the honor of receiving a Maxis Fave on my Styx & Stones creation <3 Also, a giant smiling thank you to both @Wooldrop & @juupo45 for nominating my creations this week :) It's an honor to even see our names/creations here so I appreciate you & everyone taking the time to nominate ~ Happy simming always <3
    Discover University ~ Forever Foxbury!

  • gillr52gillr52 Posts: 35 Member

    Hi all! I'd like to nominate two cute simmies by @Nonkie14002

    The Wizard of Oz

    5 Star Celebrity

    I love to discover new simmers and I learned about @Nonkie14002 through @Elocine54 (@ElocineCinQuatre)

    Have a great weekend! <3
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member
    edited January 2019
    Great stuff in these posts above! Here are recommendations for this week...

    Individual Sims & Pets
    Lott by amandaueda
    Perkins by @leena3
    Ordonez by giraffle24
    Frances by @haswh
    Chelsea by @franafrica
    *Latitia* Lounge Singer by @luckyheather
    first 2 receive BA degree by @FruUtter

    Cool Pairs
    Space Brothers Outlaws by Jayocean
    *Bibi~♥~Tina* by Sylverline

    Amazing Families
    Yummy Mummies by AwkwardMomYT @SimsByFairy
    John by nolson96

    Thank you and everybody please try to stay warm! :)
  • FruUtterFruUtter Posts: 127 Member
    edited January 2019

    Can YOU tell a bad cop from a good cop?

    The nominated players are exploring the grand conflict between good and evil in their CAS-proof creations.
    There is no need for motivation, their stories say it all.

    *plays suspense music* the atmosphere has to be just right for this weeks nominations


    Occult Cops Roomies
    There's an underbelly to the Sims World that most Sims don't know. Aliens, Vampires and more thrive. Somebody needs to keep them in check.

    ♡GoodCOP BadCOP♡
    Marielle and Erina are both opposite twins. One day Marielle was applying for a job, and saw her sister applying too. It was a challenge for both of them to get the job but suddenly they both got the job. They both are working toghether but it is pretty hard as they hate eachother.

    McGready is a policeman with experience in interrogations, but his methodology is sometimes ... very persuasive. Sergeant Aokigi is an internal affairs policeman, but not a clean wheat(...) This duo saves many people, but ... is everything allowed????


    He's the kind of guy that volunteers for charity and spends time with his mama on the weekends. But Alonzo has a secret. (...) his alters is Rico. Rico is rough, tough, and all about that money. The question is...would Alonzo still be such a great detective without Rico?

    Good Cop/Bad Cop Chall
    (...) She's been a cop for about 3 years and is the kind of person to give the prisoners a glass of water and a donut. (!)

    Can you Truly spot a Good Cop from a Bad Cop??


    ✌That's all for now folks!✌
    @FruUtter - Otter Loooves ❤YOU!

    <3>:) In Otter we trust! o:)<3

  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member

    @FruUtter Loved your presentation in the above the post! The "suspense" music clip from that classic Clint Eastwood movie to start things off was a wonderful touch! B)<3
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