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Would You Like Wall-Mounted Microwaves in TS4?


  • marcel21marcel21 Posts: 12,341 Member
    i would love Wall mounted microwaves, and integrated appliances B)
    Origin ID MichaelUKingdon

  • NovuNovu Posts: 21 Member
    I vote for all integrated appliances: Microwave, toaster oven, coffee machine, mini fridge, ect

    An under the cabinet trash bin would also be nice. It would come with a unique animation: of a opening the cabinet, a trash bin would slide out, sim puts trash in the bin, then pushes the trash bin back in the cabinet and closes the door.
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,103 Member
    Sure, why not.
  • aprilroseaprilrose Posts: 1,832 Member
    Along with mini-fridges that can be either free standing or clip into counters like dishwashers do. These:

    And wall ovens!


    ETA: This would also be awesome! 👇
    I'd like if a microwave can be placed inside of a cabinet, like how the dishwasher can be placed inside of a counter.

    Yes to all the above
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  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,845 Member
    Yes, if it was part of a free patch
    Definitely have a countertop microwave and so do the majority of people I know (at least that I have been to their home lol) I guess the wall mounted just aren't as much of a thing here haha! That being said, it'd be great!
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,890 Member
    We call them built in microwaves in the uk. I've never seen one just mounted on a wall by itself here. I use them in game before I get the oven. It stops my Sims from burning up too soon.
    There have been explosions and accidents in real life though when inexperienced people try to cook eggs in them without piercing the shells first!. That could be quite a good experience in Sims 4. >:)

  • VirtualFairytalesVirtualFairytales Posts: 9 New Member
    I couldn't care less about microwaves :D ... but yeah.. when it's free, why not.
  • Pamtastic72Pamtastic72 Posts: 4,545 Member
    Pegasys wrote: »
    @Pegasys if you don't mind cc, there's these.


    Unfortunately those are for Sims 3. There is another set for Sims 4, but apparently the Get Famous update made them unusable? Haven't tried them myself yet.

    They are unuseable, I downloaded them the other day. :/
  • lexus20lexus20 Posts: 1,302 Member
    This definitely a big want of mine bc the microwaves we have take up counter space, and honestly, who actually has a counter top microwave irl in the year of our lord TWENTY NINETEEN?? Catch up with the times TS4 dev team!

    I do. Actually there are no upper cabinets in my kitchen at all, only counters and one tall cabinet to store the food. But I agree that there should be wall mounted microwaves and ovens in the game.
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 93,353 Member
    This definitely a big want of mine bc the microwaves we have take up counter space, and honestly, who actually has a counter top microwave irl in the year of our lord TWENTY NINETEEN?? Catch up with the times TS4 dev team!

  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,206 Member
    I have a counter top microwave but I LOATHE it. It has the habit of not cooking properly. It's also one of those types that doesn't have a digital input, instead using a manual timer. As long as we get wall mounted microwaves that don't misbehave, I'll be happy.
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  • The_RatticatorThe_Ratticator Posts: 28 Member
    Oh yes, I would definitely make use of wall microwaves for the additional counter space.
  • citysimmercitysimmer Posts: 5,950 Member
    Yes, if it was part of a free patch
    Yes but they would need to do new animations for it and that time could be spent on more useful things.
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  • SuceressSuceress Posts: 1,679 Member
    edited March 2019
    In real life I've only ever had counter-top microwaves. I had a Montgomery Ward 3.0 cu ft convection microwave for 22 years before a power surge finally took it out. I still have it down at my workshop & hope to one day find a way to fix it. It was one of those ugly ones with the fake-wood pattern on the outside, but it was still awesome at cooking. The over-the-range microwaves tend to be smaller in terms of internal space & they are more expensive than the ones that sit on counters- but, I like the idea for in-game.

    Even if my Sims don't use a microwave, I always add one because I want my kitchens to be complete.

    A lot of the modern microwaves are mounted just under an upper cabinet or above the range/cooktop & they have to be at least 30" above the cooktop to be to code so they are too high. I've also seen the microwaves mounted down low- obviously designed for either short people or those lucky people who don't have back problems and can bend easily. Ideally, I like the kind that are mounted low enough to reach into and clean easily but over a prep surface.

    I was looking at real estate pictures and liked this & liked the layout with the microwave on the right side. It's a little bar area off of a kitchen in a fancy house.

    Just to clarify, modthesims.info/d/584830/wall-microwaves.html is not working anymore?
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,618 Member
    No, not really, because when they autonomously heat food in them they get in a bad mood. I didn't allow them to use microwaves after that.
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  • marcel21marcel21 Posts: 12,341 Member
    citysimmer wrote: »
    Yes but they would need to do new animations for it and that time could be spent on more useful things.

    such as?

    Origin ID MichaelUKingdon

  • AlbaWaterhouseAlbaWaterhouse Posts: 3,953 Member
    I very rarely have microwaves in my sims' homes anyways so I would rather the devs use that time implementing something else.
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  • SuceressSuceress Posts: 1,679 Member
    It probably wouldn't take too much time for them to do it. They would only have to change a few things about where they can sit. I'm not sure how intuitive their AI is, but IIRC, in Sims3 they could set the location of where a Sim would reach to interact with an object. They could likely recycle some animations for similar actions and set the target slot to be whatever height the microwave is set at.
  • DrakosDrakos Posts: 451 Member
    If they made microwaves better in game then sure. I tend to put microwaves in homes, but they only get used autonomously and I only ever notice them due to the negative moodlet my sims get occasionaly.
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,864 Member
    Yep. And wall ovens and cooktops, please.
  • LaAstariaLaAstaria Posts: 17 Member
    THIS IS A NEED. I would love to have a wall-mounted/over-the-range microwave. Ever time I go in build mode I struggle on deciding if I should add a microwave in the kitchen. If it is a large kitchen made just for looks, then normally I add it in. However, if it's for a home my sims actually live in, I normally leave it out. The microwaves we have in game now take too much space, and personally, I think they're unattractive in most kitchens. We just need some microwaves that look decent with an average home.

    I understand the devs could be using the time creating wall-mounted microwaves or over-the-range microwaves on a different item, but isn't that true of anything they create? I'm sure majority of people would love to have better microwaves, even if it isn't a huge part of the game! It just adds more detail. Now, depending on if these microwaves were base or in a pack is different. The microwaves should come with base, but if it did come with a pack, I would still purchase the pack (depending on what else was included).

    (As a side note, I have a counter-top microwave! I've only seen wall-mounted microwaves, I believe twice in my life. I also work at one of the leading retail home improvement companies and most of the calls I receive for purchasing microwaves are for counter! Just cheaper and there's no need to pay for installation, etc. So they're still VERY common in households!)
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  • CorkysPetalsCorkysPetals Posts: 1,399 Member
    and honestly, who actually has a counter top microwave irl in the year of our lord TWENTY NINETEEN??

    We must have a different circle of friends. I don't know anyone who has a wall-mounted microwave.

  • Tlazote0tlTlazote0tl Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love to see TS5 with retextured hair, more realistic facial features, etc so that I no longer have to download all of this CC! Lol XD But seriously, various wall mounted appliances would be fantastic - microwaves, trash compacters, ovens! All of the modern accoutrements.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,947 Member
    Yes, if it was part of a free patch
    If it comes in some $20.00 game pack or something, don't even bother. It must be free!

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