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Sims 4 is broken

Sims constantly stand around and do nothing for hours, time slows to a stop etc. It makes doing stuff impossible at times. Had to cancel a birthday event because no one would do anything. Sims 3 runs better on the same machine and yet both games have a load of cc (3 might have its version of master controller, not sure) and 3 has three expansions to deal with and yet it runs better (sims don’t just get stuck and time doesn’t slow to a stop). Come to think of it, Witcher 3 also runs better except the frame rate isn’t great (if I turned settings down it’d improve). How does Sims 4 run worse when all that’s running is a 50 x 50 lot?


  • MakoSimsMakoSims Posts: 284 Member
    I've been having this problem too. Long pauses between doing actions, standing around... it's annoying.
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  • LadyKynLadyKyn Posts: 1,989 Member
    What you're describing is the simulation lag that's been a long standing problem since the game released. When I use to get it I'd just go into build mode and then back out as it would fix the problem.

    Haven't had the in happen in months though. Sims 3 is prone to too much freezing for me as well as saves that corrupts so I'm usually playing another Sims game because I am very weary of that happening again.
  • earthgirlearthgirl Posts: 1,009 Member
    This is a very old issue that's been bugging me for years. Hopefully, they will fix it... at some point. It ruined a lot of stuff for me.
  • Madachan88Madachan88 Posts: 272 Member
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    Some tips about the simulation lag.

    Don't have houses full of clutter on big lots.
    Cluttered sims inventory can cause lag too.

    Clear out your cache (specially the localtumbnailcache),screenshots and tray folders. It lags a lot more if tons off stuff is in them.
    And at last too many cc packages can causes it too.
  • SimpkinSimpkin Posts: 7,004 Member
    maybe you need a better computer?
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  • ZeriZeri Posts: 15,049 Member
    just go to options menu like you are going to save and exit out again, that usually does it for me. if it persists restart the game
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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 13,064 Member
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    I delete the localthumbcache.package all of the time. My game runs fairly decently, too. Once in awhile it will stall completely. Then I simply do Ctrl, Alt, delete to bring up the task manager and once I get back into my game all is well again.
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  • CursedDiceCursedDice Posts: 887 Member
    Simpkin wrote: »
    maybe you need a better computer?

    My computer more than meets the requirements
  • ShadyLady_DQShadyLady_DQ Posts: 390 Member
    Another big cause of simulation lag is the sims inventories. Clean those out and keeping them clean (approx 5 items per sim) keeps the lag down for me. The other suggestions people have made are good too and of course after cleaning up your clutter/inventory remember to clear cache and repair game. Hope that helps!
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  • ShadyLady_DQShadyLady_DQ Posts: 390 Member
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    Double post sorry!
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  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 1,973 Member
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    I tend to get the simulation lag if I have a big program running in the background like a browser or if my sims inventories (Chest and fridge) have way too much in them. Also deleting your cache, localthumb, tray files and spotlight help keep the lag down. If push comes to shove you could always run your game in laptop mode if you don't mind the graphics being a little choppy.
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  • AuzzPandaAuzzPanda Posts: 1,235 Member
    Its ridiculous how we have to manually fix this problem ourselves by going into the game files and whatnot
    EA must be the only company that does this
    Lazy fs
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