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Best Households Ever! Recommendations for Maxis Tab.


  • lisabee2lisabee2 Posts: 2,878 Member
    Well, @fuzgirl65 beat me to it <3 Even tho Oskar is looking for an Oscar Nom .. I intended to nom him for fav and since I took this pic already I will go ahead and post it:) WruiFF2.png
  • lisabee2lisabee2 Posts: 2,878 Member
    OH and TY @GLovely1 and the Maxis fav team .. I was totally blown away by the fav for my Vintage Hollywood Star <3
  • sirhannisirhanni Posts: 10 New Member
    I would like to nominate the household from Fuzgirl65. Tanya and Poppet. i cant post anything else. even though i have been here for very long time.
  • FruUtterFruUtter Posts: 89 Member
    sirhanni wrote: »
    I would like to nominate the household from Fuzgirl65. Tanya and Poppet. i cant post anything else. even though i have been here for very long time.

    Here you go:


    Tanya and Poppet.



    <3 >:) In Otter we trust! o:) <3

    Always Urs
    FruUtter - In Otter we trust

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  • gillr52gillr52 Posts: 33 Member

    I would like to nominate @cypriano3 's The Cotton Family


    They are a lovely vibrant family. Each member has character and charisma:

    I also second (or 3rd?) the nomination for @fuzgirl65 'sTanya and Poppet!!

    Many thanks for your consideration~ <3
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 134 Member
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    A lot of fantastic households out there this week! Here are my recommendations below:

    The Lakota Family by @MenaBuchner
    #BnS108 ★The Grecos★ by @13Vader
    O'Neil by ACelticRose
    *Marlon~♥~Dakota* by Sylverline
    Holiday Family Photo by @nightlioness

    Thank you so much to @fuzgirl65 for recommending Celebrity Photographer. Very honored! :)
  • 13Vader13Vader Posts: 145 Member
    Thank you for the nomination @SWSRogueLeader :) <3
  • MenaBuchnerMenaBuchner Posts: 5 New Member
    > @SWSRogueLeader said:
    > A lot of fantastic households out there this week! Here are my recommendations below:
    > The Lakota Family by @MenaBuchner

    Thank you so much for your recommendation! I really appreciate it and am so happy you like them! I would love to share their complete story but sadly the gallery only allows so much space :) Thank you again! @SWSRogueLeader
  • MenaBuchnerMenaBuchner Posts: 5 New Member
    The Lakota (Alliance of Friends) Family by @MenaBuchner

    Dad (YA) Kangee (Crow)
    Mom (YA) Christa
    Son (Teen) Kohana (Swift)
    Daughter (Teen) Winona (First Born Daughter)
    Daughter (Toddler) Mika (Raccoon)
    Son (Toddler) Chatan (Hawk)
    Dalmatian (puppy) Ziggy

    Kangee is of Sioux Indian heritage and is a well-respected Archaeologist. He loves travelling to far off worlds and exploring the jungles for forgotten or undiscovered civilisations and artefacts. He’s family oriented, active and loves the outdoors. When he’s not spending time with his family, you will find him authenticating artefacts for the local museum and private collectors. To relax, he does a little gardening. Nature is everything to Kangee.

    Kangee met Christa in his 2nd year of study at varsity and where she studied design and fashion. Christa is a creative, family oriented and neat and wants to be the perfect, super parent.

    As cliched as it sounds, from that moment on, Kangee and Christa had eyes for no one else. Their courtship lasted all through their varsity days and as soon as Christa graduated, they were married in a fairy-tale ceremony at the Windenburg Bluffs.

    The next few years sped by as Kangee progressed in his career and Christa went on to become a sought-after Style Influencer & Designer. Sometimes they’d travel together to the jungles of Salvadorada where she would trade with the locals for beautiful cloths to incorporate in her collections, to pass the time. Her amazing designs and unusual fabrics had gained her a level of fame with the up and coming starlets of Del Sol Valley and her business had begun to thrive. Christa also loves to create flower arrangements that she then gifts to her clients, and places around her home. She loves beautiful spaces and bringing the outdoors in, with water features and plants.
    A few years into their marriage, they had their son Kohana and he was swiftly followed by a daughter, Winona. They doted on their children and life couldn’t be better for the Lakota family.

    Kohana, who is active and loves music (he plays the guitar and piano), soon displayed a passion for mixology when he landed his first job at the local pub and this led to a few opportunities to sing at Wednesday open mic nights and play in band jams on Friday nights. He hopes to get scouted and make a career in either of these areas. His dark good looks gain him a lot attention form the young ladies at school and the pub, and he’s just fine with that and plays up to it by keeping fit and staying in shape.

    Winona is a sweet girl who loves animals and is a little goofy and she really brings joy to everyone around her with her playful humour. She’s also a romantic and dreams of meeting her prince charming. She wants to open her own Vet Clinic as soon as she’s qualified as a Veterinarian. She befriends every animal she comes across and sometimes prefers the company of their Dalmatian, Ziggy, to anyone else, and spends a lot of time training him on the agility course in their back yard. Ziggy is active, smart and loyal.

    As time goes on the family travels and experiences the world and camping trips fill their vacations.

    One day Christa surprises Kangee with the news that she’s pregnant… and carrying twins! They were a little taken aback because Kohana and Winona were almost finishing school and they were looking forward to enjoying each other again as a couple, when the children left for college.
    From the day the twins arrived, Mika was born a minute before Chatan, they realised they were the missing puzzle piece to their family dynamic and everyone doted on them. Their life and love were now complete.

    Mika is an inquisitive little scamp and Chatan has a little wild streak, probably attributed to his Sioux warrior heritage, and they keep Christa and Kangee on their toes constantly! Even poor Ziggy is not safe from their loving, all too tight, hugs and comical imitations of his barks. He too dotes on them and guards over them and since he is just as active, he gives Chatan and Mika a little run for their money in the back yard! He’s even taught them to use his doggy door and they share his doggy biscuits when Mom and Dad aren’t looking. Ah, these little scamps are so cute and a real handful! I wonder what else they’ll get into as they grow older.

    So, let’s take this story on as Kangee and Christa continue to grow in their careers & raise their family, Kohana and Winona graduate from school and embark on their varsity adventures and young adulthood, and then of course, as we watch Mika and Chatan grow up and charm everyone.

  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 134 Member

    @MenaBuchner Wow! I had no idea how much detailed backstory you had created for each of these Lakota Family characters! Maybe I should have realized it, because it was clear in your upload description that each sim had been thought out quite a bit. Great job! :)
  • fuzgirl65fuzgirl65 Posts: 55 Member
    Oh, thank you all so much for the nomination, @sirhanni, @FruUtter and @Gillie!! I am truly honored that you all would nominate my Tanya and Poppet. Much love to you all <3 <3 <3
  • MenaBuchnerMenaBuchner Posts: 5 New Member
    > @SWSRogueLeader said:
    > @MenaBuchner Wow! I had no idea how much detailed backstory you had created for each of these Lakota Family characters! Maybe I should have realized it, because it was clear in your upload description that each sim had been thought out quite a bit. Great job! :)

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your support. Followed you on the gallery :)
  • nightlionessnightlioness Posts: 28 Member
    @SWSRogueLeader Thank you for the nomination of Holiday Family Photo and a Maxis fav! It was a nice surprise. I am grateful for your kindness and for spreading cheer. :smiley:
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 134 Member
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    Hello there! Below are some wonderful households for consideration:

    love by mkh9mkh
    Stewart and Sprinkles by IslesB
    Cooper by Rebecca_PlaySims
    ♥ Gina & Romeo ♥ by @josielita
    Valencia by ShellyBear87

    BTW, I've had great fun creating my first challenge in over 3 years called the #TownieNoPoseChallenge and there are really some excellent Townies already from some amazing creators! Thank you for participating! I made this challenge go on for two months, so people will have time to enter and also to have my own personal enjoyment last so much longer than necessary! :D<3
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  • lisabee2lisabee2 Posts: 2,878 Member
    Lovin' JaeBee <3
    edited December 2018
    *Prince Valiant by @Carolcolors
    *Cute Great Dane by @RhapsoQueen ♥thanks♥
    *Green by @Floreliia♥thanks♥
    *♥ChristmasPartyChallenge♥ by @Sandy2k

    Thanks for the attention, Silvia ♥
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  • fuzgirl65fuzgirl65 Posts: 55 Member
    edited December 2018
    hi Maxis Team <3 <3 <3 I have an awesome sim I would like you to consider for a Maxis fav.
    Created by @GLovely1 , who always has an incredible story for her sims, Jade Preston is no exception.
    ♀♥ Simoleon Savvy ♥♀ is a sim with so much flavor, determined to make it to the top, bar none!!
    She is an awesome sim worthy to be played, or a townie one can love to hate.
    Please consider her, and, as always, thank you all. Much love :) <3
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 307 Member
    edited December 2018
    Sweet @fuzgirl65 Your words in this nomination really bring Jade to life! I totally appreciate them, thank you <3 Thanks so much Maxis team for selecting her for a fav too! It always feels so amazing to receive this honor <3
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  • juupo45juupo45 Posts: 13 New Member
    would like to nominate these lovely households
    ☆jakes way☆ by @Nalanii95
    ★*sonya*★ by @12mich06
    Happy simming everyone!♥
  • mnewi1103mnewi1103 Posts: 3 New Member
    I would like to nominate a great builder who makes such fantastic buildings that he just deserves a Maxis Fav:
    *Crystal Palace* by #SKYSOUL8
    Thank you very much
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 134 Member

    Great recommendations, everyone! Is it possible in real-life to adopt an animated Cute Great Dane like the one mentioned above? <3

    The Special Holiday edition (kinda, sorta) is below:

    ~Home For The Holidays by Lanette75
    The Three Wishes by @CJSimmie
    Hines by @minx0325
    Holiday family by Elliss27
    Dangelo by @follyfoot

    Carribean♥Dreams by LightSands1 just missed my Top 5, but perhaps someone else will love it and recommend the upload! It really nicely shows off some of the free clothes we all received in that patch!

    Want to wish you a very happy holiday season! Let's hope it's a good one! :)
  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,268 Member
    Quality Control Contest Challenge 71 Just For Fun Sim Entrants:
    Challenge was to create a famous sim

    Austen by @coolsim9999999
    J. Beatz by @CJSimmie
    ✦✦ Origin ID: cbear1313 ✦✦ Gallery: cbear1313 Gallery ✦✦ Cbear's Creations ✦✦
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    ✦✦ Quality Control Practice Challenges ✦✦
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    I'd like to nominate Elf on A Shelf by lisabee2 It's so cute!
    & Santa and his elfs by Ferrari_Niels
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