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Rebuild | Renew: A Sims 4 Genetics + Building Challenge


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    Chapter 89.0: Coming to the end

    Even though John is also a dog lover, Aiden pretty much takes care of all 3 of the dogs.

    John has had a very successful secondary career as an archaeologist.

    Which is good because back at the vet clinic, the two hired vets are building a snowman on company time.

    Good thing John and Aiden have things under control!

    Aiden met a nice young lady that I’m super excited about!

    He got in some homework while she was using the restroom.

    Then he went home and made the mistake of asking his mother about woohoo.

    Erich had a birthday and they celebrated with a fancy dinner.

    I saw this little boy and wished they could offer him a piece of their cake!

    Then this adult just came over to the table and took a piece without even asking!

    He also had met a girl he was very fond of. Her name is Noel Caron. Ignoring him just made him more smitten.

    This was actually a special day for them. They became best friends.

    Erich knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his best friend.

    They eloped in the yard of their new home.

    Back at home, John and Sarah spent a rare afternoon with some mostly alone time. The pups are confused by mom and dad on the ground.

    They got their attention from the humans as well!
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    @debjameswhite - I'll have to find those display cases, they look great! Awesome collection going on there. Shame on the playing employees. Who can resist snow fun though? lol Aiden's girl is gorgeous! So pretty. Awww Erich married his best friend. That's awesome. <3 Silly stranger stealing cake. lol Puppies confused at parents on the ground. *giggles* I love your family. Great update!
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    Comments! I'm hoping to get some time to play and post an update later today or tomorrow. :)

    @OJenn - No need to apologize, I just wanted to make sure I was following the rules correctly. I just went ahead and had my Fixer Upper couple buy the biggest house with free realestate and begin renovations according to the challenge rules. One more question though. You said that one of the founding couples children will remain in the first home, while the heir moves out to renovate another home. We'll only be playing with our heir though right? Also I'm so sorry to hear about your computer. I've had a hard drive die on me before and it's the worst. What terrible timing with everyone getting back into playing too. :( I hope Santa can bring you a new hard drive or computer for Christmas.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Awww! I'm so happy to see Ari and Billie's friendship living on in your game :heart: and their children growing up together too. My best friend in elementary school had a hamster named Hammy! RIP Hammy #1 lol you live and learn. I loved your update :heart: The picture of Reed playing chess with his Mom is my favorite. The overcast day just works perfectly for the Brindleton Bay aesthetic in my opinion. Ari and Ben throwing the surprise party was awesome. Too bad little River was up past his bedtime lol it was such a cute pic of him curled up on the couch. The shot of Billie holding him with Reed throwing confetti was pretty adorable too. Their new big boy room looks amazing. Why did Koda have to go and die and ruin the happiness of this update?? :( Oh and I'm tempted to try and persuade you to start the fixer upper challenge because I'd love to see your reno's. Your Boathouse reno is still one of my fav's and in my new save. BUT I love the Riggs family way too much to not see anymore of them so...

    @Rawla - Thank you! I'd love to live in my sim houses too lol! I'm sorry I'm late to answer your question about getting the cheat menu up. You hit ctrl shift c and then type in freerealestate and enter. Zarkion is super duper duper handsome btw :love: I'm sure the twins are beautiful.

    @Francisca464 - Fran! <3 I hope now that you're home and doing better you can get your sims mojo back and start posting again.

    @debjameswhite - Aw! You found a picture of little Kato :heart: What a blast from the past, thank you! Yay for an update! The archaeology relics are so cool. What a great collection. That must've come with one of the packs I missed while I was away. LOL @ the vets building the snowman on company time. I can't say I'd be any different though because yesterday I saw my first snowfall in 15 years and played in the snow like a kid myself :lol: What's the name of the girl Aiden met at the restaurant?? I know I know her! She's one of Lawrence's kids right?? It's killing me that I can't remember. Erich looking anything but discouraged by Noel's disinterest was pretty amusing. I'm happy he was able to capture her attention. Their whirlwind romance is pretty romantic. :smile:
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    @debjameswhite That's an impressive archaeology collection!! I think I'm going to have Billie do the archaeology aspiration next since she only lacks one fossil to complete the curator aspiration. LOL @ the vets making a snowman at work. I can't wait for winter in my game. Congrats to Erich and Noel!

    @Rawla Sorry I didn't see your question earlier! Hit Ctrl Shift C at the same time to open the cheat box, then enter "freerealestate on"

    @Heckstress17 Apparently I did not learn, because they are on Hammy #3 now, lol. I do love overcast Brindleton Bay, but endless storms made it impossible for Billie and Hunter to make much progress on their outdoorsy aspirations. Koda's been hanging around as a ghost, so at least I still get to see her! I'm trying to figure out a way to transition into the Reno version with the Riggs... I'd like to play on Long lifespan again too, so if I did switch, that'd give me more time to focus on each generation (but fewer generations, so it balances out). The only thing stopping me is the new house I just built, because I'm really enjoying it, but I remember loving the EA house that was on that lot too. I'll keep thinking about it lol
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    @Heckstress17 - Thanks! I created him based off of a roleplay character I write for. And I can't believe I put his roleplay cousin's name down. One of his cousins' names is Zarkion. This Sim's name is Kiozar. Oops. Thanks for the cheat.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Thanks for the cheat!

    Here are some random pics from my Agentborn family.

    This is the floorplan. This pic was taken in the very beginning before they left the sidewalk. Childs' room is in lower left corner.

    Kiozar is athletic so he is doing some night jogging.

    Kiozar is in the acting career and he is not thrilled with the botched make up job.

    He needs to work-out for his acting career. He chose to work on his fitness with a punching bag.

    Kiozar's wife, Lady Holly and his two kids. Briana is the firstborn. Jonathon is the youngest. I don't plan on them having any others but risky woohoo is turned on with a very small 10% chance of pregnancy and set on autonomous. So 'accidents' can happen, making it more realistic.
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  • This seems like a really cool challenge that I will try out.
  • I also have your story bookmarked for me too read later and the little snippets I have read are really good and have a nice amount of humor!
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    This seems like a really cool challenge that I will try out.

    Yay! You're going to love it.
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    Fixer Upper Generation 1

    A slow start

    Violet and Kato moved into their new home on a rainy fall morning. A little rain didn't discourage Vi from getting down in the dirt and starting her garden.

    Kato decided to stay inside and train his pup Pongo. He's a dog person so these two have quite the bond already.

    Dalmatian's are very smart (contrary to my experience with them :lol: ) so Pongo learned to sit lightening fast.

    Kato's been working on his cooking skill but he's still not confident enough to use the stove so the two of them have been having a lot of salad. Vi has not complaints. :)

    There's a perfectly good bed about 2 steps away but these two prefer the closet.

    Ah to be young and in love :heart:

    Violet is employed as a gardener and has grown and collected quite a few flowers already. She's trying to make an extra buck by selling her flower arraignments.

    Unfortunately despite being creative and having a love for nature she's not the best at arraigning lol

    The face she made when she realized she snipped off the actual flower was too funny. :lol: Oh well, practice makes perfect and she still made about $100 bucks off 2 arraignments.

    Wherever Violet or Kato is Pongo is never far. I really love how he prefers to be around the family. He's such a good Doggo :blush:

    I noticed while Vi was hugging him that his bandanna goes away after he's been on a walk :angry: how annoying...

    Okay last Pongo pic... maybe...

    And just a cute pic of Violet eating Fruit Salad. Salad is literally the only thing they've eaten for a week. Maybe it's time to upgrade to grilled cheese.

    I was beginning to worry that all of Violet's plant were dying. I'm just not use to playing with seasons. I guess this is just how they look in Fall. I love the fall colors. :smile:

    She's also experimenting with the bee hive. She's braver than I am that's for sure.

    And I leave you with this picture of Pongo and Kato roughhousing. They're both active so these two are a match made in doggie/owner heaven :smiley:

    Oh oh oh! Before I forget. Kato rolled this whim on day 2 :unamused: Um no my dude, we're definitely not doing that.

    @Riverspirit123456789 - Welcome, I think you're gonna love playing the challenge. :smile:

    @Rawla - I thought his name was Kiozar! It's an easy mistake to make though since you said you write roleplay stuff for his cousin. That sounds very cool btw. I was really happy to see some pics of the house and the kids!
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    @Heckstress17 - Pongo is <3 I LOVE that dog of yours. I should get my family one too. Its smart that Vi and Kato stayed with salad for a while to gain cooking skill first. And oooh that whim makes me giggle-cringe. lol Awesome update!
    Thanks for your comment on my Sims' house and kids.
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    @Heckstress17 The relics come with the jungle pack. I wish a little bit it had been 15 years since I'd seen snow! I saw it 3 times just in the month of November. Ugh! Aiden's new girl is Hope Wolfe! Yes that is one of Lawrence's daughters. Her name was Hope because I was hoping she was the last...but then he met your beautiful Mira know...

    I love seeing Violet working in her garden. This is actually the first family in the challenge that has not had a garden, but since seasons I have brought the gardens inside. I think the yield is less, but the plants are good all year long. The dalmatian looks awesome! That's funny that they've been eating salads. I love all the pictures. I'm glad your having fun with everything. Come on know you want them to try for baby!!!

    @Rawla ooo thanks for the floorplan :) I love seeing everyone's houses! I love the look on Kiozar's face. He's so disgusted by his bad makeup. The little ones are adorable!

    @Riverspirit123456789 Welcome to the challenge! Hope to see your updates soon :)

  • I can't wait to start it, debjameswhite!
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    @Francisca464 LOL! Playing the game challenge-free didn't feel the same to me! So i had to come back to thi! This challenge always made my game interesting :)

    @Rawla Interesting couple!! Can't wait to see what they get up to and how your family progresses :love:

    @OJenn Ohh no!!! Hope you manage to get a new PC sorted or your current one repaired somehow :(

    @JordanNicoleJJ I had a family in Brindleton Bay once, how hard does that neighbourhood get hit with rain?! I love it though, I love seasons! :) Rive is soo cute! Loving the room makeover :love: Ohhh no poor Koda, that's so sad! I can't bare it when animals die :disappointed: RIP little buddy!!

    @Heckstress17 I don't remember Violet as I'm pretty sure I disappeared way before BUT she is a very beautiful sim! Kato is very attractive too, can't wait to see what these two will bring to us! The house looks lovely! You made the 20k go a very long way. The kitchen is my favorite room :love:

    @debjameswhite OMG @ John's collection he has there! That's so cool!! I want my sims to focus a bit more on collecting after seeing that pic, that's impressive! Wow that was a very quick commitment to Noel!! :lol: how cute! Loving all the pictures of the doggo's!

    Chapter 4: A (new) Place to call home!

    So last time I updated, Summer and Tane welcomed triplets Kai, Winter and Autumn!


    Both Summer and Tane are stand-out parents. Because there's more than one baby, Tane helps with all the feeding and demands that come along with a newborn baby.


    There was only one day left in the kindness challenge at this point, and seeings as Summer is a Cheerful sim, I thought she would be the best choice to complete this with!


    Within a sim day (or two) she had completed the aspiration and collected her rewards!


    Tane and Summer both agreed that their current started house was not going to be big enough as soon as the triplets were able to move around. They both decided that they could financially afford to upgrade, and moved to another lot in Oasis!


    Their new house wasn't anything too special, but it had three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a lot of yard for Tane to plant seeds!


    Meanwhile Tane got asked out on a random date..? He of course said no.. but I love how sims with partner's get these calls, makes for some interesting stories late on (given you click yes) :lol:


    Both Tane and Summer have been working hard and gained promotions! Summer still uploads a lot of video's in her spare time. Mostly Beauty Tips and Beauty Reviews.


    and despite both working very hard to support their (not so little) family, the two of them are still up during those long hours of the night (ahhh I don't miss feeding a newborn through the night :lol:)


    Before I knew it.. it was time for the triplets to age up! I thought i'd let them all age up in their own time, and this funny glitch happened LOL!!


    I'm pretty happy with how all 3 turned out! Kai is a Energetic toddler. He grew up with his dads hair colour and hair style, which I thought was kinda cute! He looks like a mini Tane but has his mums colour eyes which is amazing against his colouring! He is also a bit darker than his sisters.


    Winter (I always dress her in blue lol) is just like her mummy, but has her dads eye colour! So opposite to her brother (when it comes to colouring). Winter is the most independent of the three, doesn't want no help with potty - "I got this mama" :lol:


    Autumn is completely identical to her sister (don't let the hairstyle fool you). Autumn is a inquisitive toddler, and is always wanting to learn new things!


    Tane spends his nights reading to his three precious babies, while Summer records and uploads video's in hopes of one day becoming that global superstar she wants to be.


    Motherhood definitely comes first though!


    Harvestfest came around fast and the 5 of them decided to stay in and celebrate as a family for the first time. Summer has been working on her cooking skills and made a vegetarian Turkey for dinner.. lool! No one was complaining though, although Summer still thought Tane was a much better cook than she was.


    One day whilst Summer was at work, a chance-card appeared! I love the addition of these since Get Famous.


    I always hesitate.. however seeing's as Summers long-term goal is to be a Global Superstar.. I decided to go with the first option.. which then resulted in Summer getting fired and being super sad...


    Her reputation also took a small hit..


    On the plus side... she had finally earnt her first star! She was now on the road to fame.


    Summer gave herself a new look and begun flaunting it in public, posing for pictures and signing a few autographs. She knew she had a long way to go but this was the start of her dreams.


    Tane on the other hand, got a new pet with his promotion and grew a cow plant!


    Summer enjoyed a few days as a stay at home mum while she thought about what career she would want to do next.


    She and Tane had recently celebrated their birthdays, and being an Adult now.. Summer knew that her days were numbered and she had to make her mind up very fast as to what she wanted to do.


    After much discussion, Tane suggested that she get into acting.. she had always mentioned wanting to be an actress as a young teenager, he thought now was the perfect opportunity. She thanked him for his support.


    Summer joined acting and her new agent was G.R.A.N. Before she joined, I insured she had bought herself the 'Connections' trait with her rewards points just so she would get a few steps ahead of her new career!



    After picking up her first audition, Summer decided to have one last big family day before returning to full-time work. The 5 of them went to the new Oasis Spring park. I must say I did not make this, but i did have to add a little toddler section! :)


    There were a few fans around too, so Summer made sure to lap up her new found fame and signed a few autographs while she was out.


    and perhaps pose for a picture or two, with Tane photobombing in the background :lol:


    The little family enjoyed their mums grilled burgers for lunch before heading back home.


    Summer and Tane were loving life and were overjoyed with everything they had accomplished to this point, knowing of course that they still had a long way to go.


    Although i'm a bit ahead in my game, i'll do another update later to save spamming a heap of pictures :love:

    My Simblr
    Current family tree

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    OK guys! Here I am, ta-daaaa. *crowd cheers* Lol, kidding, I don't think that high of myself. Anyway, it's a little later than I promised, but I have time to properly say hi now. I'm even gonna go back and do some comments, but not all the way back to when I first disappeared because that's on page 34 and that is just too overwhelming :joy:

    @Tellex IKR! I tried playing some 'new couples' with a few new packs, but it's just no fun to play something else than this challenge. Or it gets boring really quick. I love your new couple, especially Tane. He's gorgeous. And Summer has this innocent vibe and I love how soft she looks, she's gorgeous too :love: Lol that pic of the babies in the air is hilarious. Some of these glitches are insane. I think Kai is my fav so far, but that's mostly because of the dark skin and blue eyes. He's gonna be a looker when he's older. Though Autumn and Winter have the cutest eyes. I love that blonde hair/brown eyes combo too. Awwww Summer got fired?! :disappointed: It is sort of fitting though, she doesn't seem like the type of person to do this and Karma got her quick. I think in the end she'll be happier when she's honest. OMG Summer is a bombshell with her new look! Johnny Zest is in awe :joy: She's one of those super mama's who are rocking stardom and also manage a family. Look at her go :smiley:

    @Heckstress17 I love that you used Violet from your BB save as this generation founder! She's gorgeous and I know you love them redheads :wink: I remember Kato! Wasn't he also on the mates list somewhere? You renovated that house so beautifully. It looks really lovely and they only did that with 20K? Amaaaazing!

    Aww Pongo, that's an adorable name. I love his and Kato's bond. I haven't tried the gardener thing yet in game. Is it fun? It looks so fitting with Vi. Lol they might wanna consider a grilled cheese just for the protein. I think the plants stay alive as long as they are resistant to the season they're in. If not, you should put them in a greenhouse. Haha Kato is ready for babies!!

    I'm trying to get back now that you are all back too. It'll be fun, but I do need to go in game again haha. It's been MONTHS.

    @Rawla Omg I love Kiozars scar. It's sexy. And tbh, I really liked the botched makeup too :joy: It looks like warpaint, like he's gonna be in a movie about an ancient tribe or something. Look at him getting buffed for his career. I wonder if they have to gain weight for some roles :yum: Like real actors.

    @debjameswhite Hiiiiii :heart: I know I missed so much from your legacy, but if you're alright with it I'm just gonna pick up from your latest post. It'll be too overwhelming to go all the way back. Maybe I can do that sometime when I have time and energy to go through all those pages hehe. You have 3 dogs? Whew that must be a lot of work, I already had my hands full with 1 dog and a cat lol. It's sweet that Aiden takes care of them. All those relics are awesome. You posed them really cool. OMG your hired vets build snowmen during work time?! Bad workers!! The girl Aiden met is super cute. I hope they end up together. Haha I don't think he liked the answer on what WooHoo is :joy: Hey shoo blonde guy taking cake, that's rude! Wow Erich moved quick with Noel :yum: friends and a proposal in one evening. You gotta love The Sims! Haha I love that John and Sarahs alone time isn't really spent alone, because of the doggos.

    @JordanNicoleJJ Thank you! :smile: The surgery was for a good cause, but there was some nasty stuff that happened that weren't supposed to. But I'm feeling a lot better, it'll be alright!

    Ohhh my family's summer was ruined by rain too! Seriously, they only had one day of actual summer. It sucked :yum: River is such a cutie with his little glasses and his bowl cut. I so love that Ari is still friends with Billie! Omg those phases, my kids went from being bff's to sworn enemies in a day. I swear it's crazy. I hope Reed and Bentley make up. Haha poor little River. You tend to forget those toddlers at parties huh :smirk: Billie and Hunter are still gorgeous! I so see Reed as an astronaut in the future! Aww River's gonna be a gloomy artist. I hope he gets to keep his bowl cut :yum: Noooo Koda :cold_sweat: I hate when the pets die. She WILL be missed.

    @OJenn Aww no :disappointed: I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hope they fix your pc and that we'll see you soon again! :heart: I'm also sorry you lost your job. I wish you all the best, hope your family manages the next month. I'm sorry I wasn't there when you revamped the challenge, but I love the new ideas. Would it be possible to sort of mix them up as well? Like, do a 10 generation legacy with the fixer upper edition or mix rebuilding and fixing up? I think I'll stick to 5 generations for now lol, seems more doable. I'll have to select some lots to fix up though.

    As for my own simmies: I haven't been in game for ages, like 3 months or something? The last thing I did was age up the kids to teens and I love how they look. I hope to be able to play later this week, maybe buy Get Famous and play again.
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    @Tellex - Thank you for saying my couple was interesting. I appreciate that.
    For your update, all I can say is that it was packed so full of awesomeness I don't know where to begin with my comments of praise. The triplet glitch made me grin. And could your toddlers be any cuter! I love their names too. Summer's new look since becoming 'famous' is gorgeous! The green-haired kid going all weak in the knees because of an autograph was a fun pic to see. The toddlers at the park were adorable! I loved seeing their parents playing with them. Such a happy family.

    @Francisca464 - I loved the 'war paint' on Kiozar too! Also yes, fitness skill is asked for in some of the gigs you can choose from. Plus he's active so he would naturally want to be working out too. It works out nice. I hope you can buy Get Famous and play too. You'll love it I think.
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    @JordanNicoleJJ - That picture of the rain looks so peaceful to me but I am weird and I love Thunderstorms. Ah, little River is so adorable with the infamous bowl cut ♥ I love inquisitive toddlers. I absolutely love seeing the family all together in your pictures, look at all that red and brown hair! River's room makeover is amazing, I think it suits his aspiration and traits pretty well. Oh no a sad ending! Rest in Love Koda :(

    @debjameswhite - Thanks, I think we were able to get some of it resolved my husband will be working on getting me a new hard drive. We were able to use one of my old ones but we're unsure of how long it has left.

    John's collection of artifacts is amazing and museum worthy for sure! Haha poor Aiden's face during the woohoo talk is priceless lmao.

    @Heckstress17 - Violet grew up into a beautiful young woman! I absolutely loved the red hair she and her brother had! Kato and Violet's home looks amazing and very cozy. I love that Violet is starting straight away with the garden, seasons really adds to gardening in the sims now - let me know how you feel about it I always struggled with it lol. OMG Pongo is so adorable with his blue bandana. More pongo pics, keep them coming! Lol that pic of Kato's whim! He just wants to grow his family :lol:

    As for the rules, yes you will only be playing with the heir :) And I think Santa is working on something for me thankfully Christmas comes early this week.

    @Rawla - LOL the botched make-up is always funny because the sims are always so unhappy about it. Careful with Risky Woohoo I think @Heckstress17 had it on like 5 and still ended up with some surprises before.

    @Tellex - You are always so good with big families, I would be terrified with triplets lmao. Congrats to Summer on finishing the positivity challenge! The posters you get are cute ♥ I love the spacious new home that they moved to, they will definitely need space for their family to grow into. That glitch with the triplets scared me for a second when I saw SIX BABIES. The triplets turned out super cute. Congrats to Summer as well for breaking into the limelight.

    @francisca464 - Mixing things up could be fun, would you want to add more mates? I think I have every sim on the gallery now in our challenge lmao. I was going to play the 5 gen challenge with lifespan on long this time so I can take time to enjoy it...once my computer is alive again.
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    @OJenn No, no. I was wondering if you could do the fixer upper thing but with the 10 generation mates in stead of the 5. That sort of stuff :smile: There are plenty of sims as mates haha. But then I thought about doing 5 generations and it might be a better idea. Like you said, to really enjoy the generations. I can't wait till you're back.
  • Is there a legacy challenge where the sims has to master a skill to earn money, before going onto the next gen?
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    @Riverspirit123456789 - There is the Drifter challenge (by @Vihisha) that requires you to meet certain requirements before you can move on to next generation. In some generations, one of the requirements could be mastering a skill. But to have a challenge based solely on your idea, I'm not sure. You'd have to check here: Challenges List
  • Rawla, I will check it out thanks
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    @OJenn No, no. I was wondering if you could do the fixer upper thing but with the 10 generation mates in stead of the 5. That sort of stuff :smile: There are plenty of sims as mates haha. But then I thought about doing 5 generations and it might be a better idea. Like you said, to really enjoy the generations. I can't wait till you're back.

    Oh I see what you mean! Now you have my wheels turning! And yeah I can't wait to get back :(
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    @Rawla Such cute kids! I removed all of the mods/cc from my game to make it easier for my old laptop, but I really miss risky woohoo! I wish that was part of the base game. It's so much more realistic.

    @Heckstress17 Another update, eee! I see your Brindleton Bay is rainy too. I wonder if it's like that in all of the neighborhoods/worlds, or if that neighborhood gets more since it's on the beach. Pongo is adorable, omg. You're really making me want another pet in the house! But it's so much easier before the kids come along, they kind of steal the show lol. Ah young love...I don't blame you for wanting to put off having kids, they need to enjoy their youth (and make some money) first. The pics of Violet arranging flowers are just darling. That room is so perfect. And Pongo is too sweet, hanging out by Vi and Kato all the time <3 Ooo I can't wait for fall to start in my game! I imagine it does make gardening harder, but all those pretty colors!! And the bee keeper! Man, I really need to do more with my game, I haven't used any of this stuff yet lol.

    @Tellex Yes a big update! You're handling those triplets better than I would be, for sure. What was the reward for the kindness challenge? I never got around to it, it was too stormy all summer in Brindleton Bay :neutral: Glad to see they're working hard to support their little ones--looks like they're doing well if they can afford a new house! Oh my gosh, the kids are adorable! I looove Kai's blue eyes, and identical twins!! You really hit the jackpot. It's funny how complete opposites they are though, they definitely don't look like triplets! Aww their Harvestfest dinner was so cute. Oh my gosh--Summer lost her job?! That's crazy! But it's awesome that she finally got a celebrity star. And she still looks amazing! She reminds me of Samantha Jones from "Woohoo" and the City lol. Ooo I can't wait to see what shenanigans she gets into in the acting career.

    @Francisca464 Well I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! The rain is really getting to me. I wonder if it's just Brindleton Bay (or even just that neighborhood) since it's right on the water. Reed and Bentley will make up on the big family camping trip...I'll make sure of it lol. Toddlers certainly don't belong at parties haha. I thought Bailey was still going to be a toddler and they could play, but she must've been a few days older or something. River is going to be an artist--he rolled Mansion Baron for his adult aspiration, so I'm going to make him be a painter in case I need to fill the house with expensive art lol. He didn't keep the bowl cut, but maybe he'll go back to it someday haha. Koda's death really came out of nowhere, it was so sad :bawling:

    @OJenn I love thunderstorms too, but anytime they try to go outside they run back inside from "almost being struck by lightning" :astonished: I love how their new room turned out too! I wasn't sure how such two different sims' room would look like, but it works pretty well I think! Koda's death hit me pretty hard. I'm resisting the urge to adopt another puppy out of grief lol. I've been thinking about switching to the 5 gen version too, because I want to play on long lifespan and enjoy each generation a little more too. I'm trying to figure out how to transition to that with my current family though... Maybe I'll just move Gen 3 into the biggest lot with 20k and go from there? It feels kind of cheat-y since he was born & raised in game so he has toddler/child traits and stuff...Idk.
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    Just here for comments. I've got a little bit I could make into an update but I'd rather wait to picspam you guys once I get a good playthrough in :tongue: Oh and I've gotta say my couple had 20k but then sold all the furnishings in the house to renovate. So it was definitely more then 20k. Don't give me too much credit :joy:

    @Rawla - You should totally get your family a pup! I recommend a Dalmatian ;)

    @debjameswhite - Your comments about the snow made me laugh. I bet after another 2 or 3 snowfalls I'll feel similarly to you lol Ah yes Hope! I completely remember now. I loved her, fingers crossed she makes an impression in your current save. I'd love to see more of her. :blush: Moving the gardens inside is a good idea. I think I'm gonna have to build Violet a "greenhouse" when they have the money so she can garden through the winter. I'm playing on long lifespan so there should be time to save. Is there an actual greenhouse that came with Seasons I'm just overlooking?

    @Francisca464 - You know me well, I do love my redheads :blush: I'm hoping the red hangs around for generations to come. And yeah I think Kato was on the mates list somewhere. I never got to him though so I made a Kato 2.0 so I could start with the same founder coupling I began the original challenge with, Pacific Islander + White. The Gardener career is nice to have but I do wish it was more of a profession so she could work from home and tend to her plants more. As of now it's like a regular 9-5 job, but maybe that'll change the higher up she gets? I don't have to tell you how happy I am to see you posting on here again, even if it is only for comments. Fingers crossed you can play and love it again. But no pressure :smile:

    @OJenn - I'll definitely keep you updated on my gardening progress. Gardening has always been my fav so now that the seasons effects it it's been refreshed in my eyes. I'm enjoying it so far, we'll see how I feel about it in winter lol. Aw yay Santa!!! I'm so happy to hear he'll be making an early stop for you :wink: Can't wait to see your updates again :heart:

    @JordanNicoleJJ - I was wondering the same thing about the rain. It's funny because my family and I just moved to Tennessee and it's the first time my husband an I have really experienced seasons, and all fall long it's been raining. We were wondering if that's just typical fall weather or just unusually rainy. Now that it's been raining all fall long in my game so I gave my husband my expert analysis that that's just how fall weather works :lol: You're totally right about the animals. They're way easier before kids come along. That's why I love to give my single sims and couples a pet. Once kids come along I never have enough time to spoil and give my pets attention. It makes me sad, so I'm giving Pongo all the attention he deserves before some little monsters come along. :tongue: And don't worry, I haven't played with even half the stuff added from the EP's in my game lol I'm always seeing stuff in everyone's updates and thinking to myself "I wonder if my game has that?" lol I need another update btw! Maybe play through this last generation in the house you just built (I really love it too! You can't let it go unused!) and then use your heir to start the Fixer Upper challenge in a different save like they're starting a new life on their own? That way you can come back and continue the Riggs family and the original challenge later, just with a different kid for the heir?

    @Tellex - Thanks! The kitchen is my fav too :smile: Tane and Summer's new house is so cute! They definitely needed the space. What a relief that the babies aged up. Or maybe not lol guess we'll see how they behave as toddlers. omg :love: Kai is the cutest!! I love his curly hair and light eyes. What a cutie. Winter and Autumn are adorable too. They look like they're gonna be gorgeous just like they're Mama. I like how you described Winter's independence. Reminds me of my daughter at that age lol omg I can't believe Summer got fired! Who fires a mother of 3 like that!? Even Hollywood in the sims is pretty cut throat. Summer's makeover is great though, hopefully it helps her in her new acting career. I loved all the pics of the kids at the park and Summer being her famous self. Great Update! Don't be afraid to picspam us. I really miss the days of logging onto the threads to pages and pages of updates.
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  • Francisca464Francisca464 Posts: 737 Member
    Hi guys! I went in game to take some pics of my family, because last time I was in game the twins aged up and Javier and Zauna did too. Here's a little photoshoot :smiley: I'm gonna play now. Fawn is gonna be my heir and I gave her the actress aspiration, so I can play with Get Famous a little :smile: I forgot Leo's aspiration, but he's gonna be a social media nerd if I won't get too lost in playing Fawn :yum:

  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,329 Member
    @Francisca464 - I LOVE THIS PHOTOSHOOT OMG I AM SCREAMING! It's so good and wholesome!! Everyone looks great with their new makeovers.
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