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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 2,732 Member
    MAGIC. Like Supernatural, not like Making Magic. I want a witch life state, and I don't want all sims to be able to learn magic. <33
  • paradiseplanetparadiseplanet Posts: 4,368 Member
    The "Rooster Man" mask seems to be missing from the actual pack, no matter what you do to try and unlock it somewhere. Please make it available.
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  • Spl88ae1Spl88ae1 Posts: 1 New Member
    I really want Pool Table Interaction back and snuggle in bed together while asleep like on Sims 3 and watch Tv on the bed also
  • cornflake88cornflake88 Posts: 242 Member
    I'd like to have an update on base game CAS. Adding more swatches from the more recent expansions. This is an example

  • procianprocian Posts: 143 Member
    Change celebrity disguise so we could chose between baseball cap and glasses or just sunglasses.
  • procianprocian Posts: 143 Member
    More non alcoholic drink choices at bars etc....such as cream soda...cherry pop...lemonade.
  • cornflake88cornflake88 Posts: 242 Member
    Portable potties for outings with toddlers
  • BreakingReignBreakingReign Posts: 2 New Member
    Am I the only one who has been waiting, in long anticipation, for these build items in The SIMS 4?

    1. Bunk Beds
    2. Spiral Staircases
    3. Ladders

    Compact homes with a 4-by-1 staircase is just not doing me justice.
  • StormsviewStormsview Posts: 2,602 Member

    We have the greenhouses and so many vegetables we do really need canning now. Also, I would like if we could use that cute vegetable stand in the game to sale our own veggies in front of our home or in the town areas. we can sell them on our yard sale table but they do not look nice like they do on the city stand.
    Regretting not buying all the Sims 3 packs when they were on sale. :s
    (Q) Which pack do I regret most buying?
    (A) Sims 4 base game.
  • faisalfaisal Posts: 20 Member
    I hope the sims 4 if the improving babys and put favorites color and favorites music and sign and add hobby's for the sim and coustmiz the colors for hairs and makeup make it paint mode like the sims 3 and clothes beds umbrella more things like sims 3 better then we download recolors like we need to coustimz the colors in things and put weft for the clothes and for the stuff in the house beds and pattern and the wall and floor and a lot of things like the sims3 and more realistic game and more game play and more small pets and more big pets like improving the small pets fish and birds and another small pets a lot of things like sims 3 and more traits and if i want to do personality for my sim its good to add 4 or 5 to make it realistic game and more fun better then adding 3 traits so its good to add 4 trait on the sim or 5 and more lifetime wishes and create own worlds add more lots and manage own worlds and open neighborhoods or open worlds and add different stairs and elevator and go to school like i go with the teens to school and activity's for the teens like football and cheerleader clubs and more activity's like get to work and cars and beaches of course and showtimes cuz get famous is there and if they put more songs and songs from sims 2 and sims3 that will be more great and more music and i hope if they put more words when i chat with sim like if I click on the sim and i want to chat i hope they put more words and more things and different things Another thing and if i go to create a sim its good to put on the sim more then one thing like multiple from accessories and makeup and skin details and cap a a lot of things we love sims 4 but we trying to make the game more gaming play and we want to enjoy the game and stay on the computer for hours and playing sims 4 i hope if they will lsn to as to improve the game more and make it more gaming play and realistic and fun game not boring game and i hope if they do the relationships and skills move slower like the sims 3 its will be more realistic and hard to enjoy the game and feel it and get exited cuz if everything come easy that will be boring its good to feel the game and enjoy it and if they work to and if they go to school to it good to feel the gamplay and i hope the add more careers and different things like use the laptop and buy a land to sell it and have lands to make it for rent or i use it to open any kind of store salon store anything else or hospital or any thing else and add a secret lot like if my sim die i can go to him in church like the sims 3 and make the game open world or make it open neighborhoods and more lots and beaches and if we create we own worlds that will be more cool like sims 2 and sims 3 that will be more realistic and cars and more details gaming play like if i have kid or teen i can tech him how to drive and tech him or her how to use the bike that will be nice details and camera video like the sims 3 and add firefighter and thief and more things to make the improve the game play and make it more fun and realistic the details is importing we are trying to give better i deas to enjoy the game and make it the top game and fun and realistic game cuz we love sims 4 i hope the lsn to as to improve the game and make it fun realistic to play for hours nonstop not a boring game and i hope if the put preteen that will be great change and more life span and i hope the put career home articles and home design like the sims 3 and career tailor thats will be great adding and firefighter and hobby's and many things we can go home after home to design the home that will be great its okay if we have loading screen but i hope they put the article and design home like the sims 3 its okay if we dont have open world but for real i wish they do open world or open neighborhood if they do open world the game its will be amazing and we can manage we own worlds like the sims 2 and 3 and adding a lot of lots and techs the teens how to drive and a lot of a gifts the give gift to another sim like car or bike like the sims 3 and more cool things and improving the pets too like the sims 3 make the pets playing together and if person come to fight the pet come to help the sim and if the sim come sad they come the calm down the sim and make the pets playing together and of course beaches i hope they read this message and lsn to as cuz we love sims and we love sims 4 and we trying to give them new ideas and i hope the lsn to as cuz sims 4 its very great game but theres a lot of stuff missing and they can make it perfect but plz dont
    sabotage the game cuz the game is very good just they need to work hard on it to improve the game and make it play game and play it for hours non stop and not making it boring game they still have time to make the game perfect and improve the game more cuz the game still new i hope the lsn to as i hope they read this message and make this i deas thank u .
  • StormsviewStormsview Posts: 2,602 Member
    Portable potties for outings with toddlers

    Do you mean public potties for toddlers? like the public bathrooms that's put in by the game., or do you mean a portable potty that the parent would carry in their inventory and be able to use any place the toddler would need to go?
    Regretting not buying all the Sims 3 packs when they were on sale. :s
    (Q) Which pack do I regret most buying?
    (A) Sims 4 base game.
  • StormsviewStormsview Posts: 2,602 Member

    I think we should keep asking for everything we want because I believe just like they added Sims 4 to a mobile game, and added Sims 4 to the console, they can add a new Sims 4 to our PC.
    Just maybe they can also add a new game engine running Sims 4 whereby giving them the ability to download the new Sims 4 game engine right into our computers by way of Origin.

    So then we could get anything and everything we want in our Sims games for the PC, most of their console games can truly do a lot more but for right now it seems they are just giving them what we have, and whatever they make us.
    When that new engine is ready they could give it to us as a patch like with toddlers, or they could just Put it for sale but either way, I think it will be a simple download through the Origin. I feel that Origin can handle anything.

    (So why is it that I don't want a new better engine for our Sims 4 or Sims 5 for our PC )

    So why not just make an Origin console? That would make us an even playing field. So no one would have to worry over what PC to buy, Just buy the Origin console and Play your sims games. I do not want the other consoles, But I would buy the Origin console. It would be so much cheaper also less wear and tear on your computers.

    Why do I want an Origin console,? Because I want to separate my gaming from my banking and other private things on my computer. ok yes, I understand Google knows what color I just painted my toenails but hey that Google lol.

    I know computers are not private we all know that, but and console can be. A computer for an online world may be a must have, but why not Origin make a console that can handle even online worlds. They could If they did everyone would want and Origin console.
    Regretting not buying all the Sims 3 packs when they were on sale. :s
    (Q) Which pack do I regret most buying?
    (A) Sims 4 base game.
  • akuheikomatsuakuheikomatsu Posts: 32 Member
    edited December 2018
    Gonna put in my list of suggestions. Been Simmin' since about 1999 or so. I understand not everything on this list is realistically achievable, but here it goes.

    Improve Romantic Interactions!
    • Fix the puritanical make-out interactions! I miss the explosively naughty Sims 2 make-outs! And why can't you make-out while standing? "Ooooh, Nancy, I think we're gonna have to sit down for this..."
    • Longer couch cuddling, rest head on lap
    • Cuddle while lying on bed, not just sitting on edge of bed
    • Cuddling/spooning after woohoo
    • Cuddle/make a move/jump into arms while watching scary movie
    • Steal popcorn
    • Steal ice-cream
    • Kiss up arm
    • Kiss up against wall
    • Propose at table
    • Planned proposal with ability to hire guitarist, photographer
    • Ask in laws for permission to wed
    • Cuddle/kiss/make move while stargazing/cloudgazing
    • Cuddle/kiss/etc in front of fireplace
    • Goose/smack bum
    • A kiss similar to the Jet Pack kiss
    • Make-out/kiss on counter tops/tables
    • Kiss/hug from behind
    • Leap into Arms
    • Bridal style carry or carry over shoulder
    • Slow dance, waltz, tango
    • Skate together
    • Take romantic selfies
    • Public woohoo
    • Dating app such as Simdr or online dating. Can get catfished or ghosted.
    • Woohoo in shower, elevator
    • Take bath together
    • Write love letter
    • Check out Sim/scan room
    • Kissing booth
    • More interactions for pregnant couples: read to tummy, kiss/talk to/listen to belly, paint belly
    Let There be Cops and Robbers
    • Burglars (with spooky burglar theme music, of course!)
    • Cops. Can fine you if you call with no emergency.
    • Burglar alarms
    • Ability for dog to chase off burglar
    • Confront the burglar
    • Might as well add firefighters and paramedics too for other emergencies
    Cars and Garages
    • Add make-out/woohoo location: cars
    • Garages
    • Teens can take car for joyride
    • Parents can teach teens how to drive
    • Limos for special events, rich folk
    • New trait/hobby: vehicle enthusiast. Can work on/upgrade vehicles
    • Mischief: egg car, slash tires, clog exhaust pipe, key car
    • Pets and toddlers can ride in car
    • Cars can be stolen if left unlocked. Can install car alarm
    • Baby shower
    • Gender reveal party
    • Engagement party
    • Bridal shower
    • Prom
    • Graduation party
    • Golden anniversary
    • Retirement party
    • Funerals
    • Honeymoon
    • Bachelor/bachelor party
    • Midlife crisis
    • Slumber party
    • Teen House party
    Move Object Cheat now moves Sims?
    This is a personal thing of mine, but I wish the bb.moveobjects cheat would move Sims again. Sure, I can use Teleporter, but with the wide variation in body types, some poses clip *ever* so slightly and could be easily remedied by just moving the Sim.
    Missing Build/Buy Objects
    • Pool tables
    • Slot machines, blackjack table, roulette table, poker table
    • Pinball machines
    • Gondola
    • Boats
    • Hot air balloon
    • Picnic basket
    • Juice Keg
    • Baby strollers
    • Cribs
    • Changing station
    • Baby bouncer/jumper/swings
    • Playpen
    • Rocking chairs, pool chairs, & recliners
    • Drums, bass guitar
    • Trash compactor
    • Spiral Stairs/l-shaped stairs
    • Modular sofas
    • Murphy bed/bunk beds
    • Laptops
    • Vending machines
    • Mini-fridges
    • Igloos
    • Ceiling decor
    • Decorative arches
    • Sliding glass doors
    • Alarm clocks
    • Changing booth
    • Soccer nets, volleyball nets, baseball diamond, footballs
    • Inflatable pool floats
    • Water slides
    • Bouncy castle
    • Bicycles, skateboards, snowboards, surf boards
    • Sculpting station
    • Pottery wheel
    • Sewing machine
    • Ballet barres
    • Drafting table/artist's table
    • Mix and match showers/build a shower kit
    Missing NPCs
    • Bonehilda
    • Mrs. Crumplebottom
    • Social Bunny
    • Therapist
    • Unsavory Charlatan
    • Entertainers
    Free the Babies!
    Another huge step backward having the babies confined to the bassinets. Would be a great opportunity to include the items I previously mentioned.
    Is it just me, or do we not have that many traits in comparison to TS3?
    • Angler
    • Neurotic
    • Absent-minded
    • Brave
    • Computer-whiz
    • Handy
    • Coward
    • Daredevil/adventurous
    • Dramatic
    • Gullible/Easily Influenced
    • Workaholic
    • Frugal/miserly
    • Mooch
    • Party animal
    • Schmoozer
    • Rebel
    • Conspiracy theorist
    • Spoiled
    • Pleasure-seeker/hedonistic
    • Manipulative
    • Philanthropic
    • Loyal
    • Hyperactive/energizer bunny
    • Frivolous
    • Brooding
    • Quirky/Hipster
    • Superstitious
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Cynic/idealist
    New Venues
    • Beach
    • Amusement park
    • Mall
    • Grocery store
    • Dedicated movie theater
    • Arcade
    • Casino
    • Cemeteries
    • Concert hall
    • Sports stadium
    • Recreation center
    • Resorts/hotels, more themed destinations like Selvadorada
    • Mini-golf course
    Tone down the creepy smiles
    That's AFTER adjusting his mouth to the smallest width possible. :'(
    Fears, Diseases, and Death, oh my!
    I want consequences! Bring back death by flies, fright, satellite/meteor, ranting, vending machine, Murphy bed, & elevators. Who knows, maybe something funny like choking on a ridiculously horrific meal. Or light a fart on fire, and... well, you know the rest. Rare but random death by woohoo. Include more illnesses that are fatal if untreated, like in TS2. Natural disasters. Repo man. Pick Sims fears and if they experience that fear, they get a massive negative moodlet. Maybe I want my Sim to be terrified of grilled cheese... >.>
    Life States
    • Zombies
    • Werewolves
    • Witches/warlocks
    • Fairies
    • Simbots/plumbots
    • Mummies
    • Mermaids
    • Genies
    • Education
    • Military
    • Law
    • Architecture
    • Agriculturalist
    • Engineer
    • Social Services
    • University
    • Swimming in oceans/lakes/etc
    • Teens can sneak off to parties/have significant others sneak over
    • Party games, such as spin the bottle/7 minutes in Heaven/Twister/juice pong
    • Pregnant Sims no longer "share big news" to same person multiple times
    • Ability to change frame color of photographs
    • Desk frames for photographs
    • Select poses for photographs
    • Pregnant Sims can do yoga
    • Boarding school/private school
    • Seasonal festivals (including activities such as a spring dance, bobbing for apples, haunted house, hot dog/pie eating contest, snow cones, public fireworks display, ice sculpting contest)
    • More toned down color options for clothing/furniture. Sometimes I really like the style of the clothing or furniture piece, but end up not using it at all because of the outrageous color schemes.
    • More clutter
    • More winter outerwear, particularly puffy/furry jackets & gloves. Maybe a jacket accessory to go over clothing? Scarves?
    • Play interactions: cops and robbers, tag, catch, Frisbee, hacky sack, give noogie/wedgie
    • Prank calls
    • Form bands
    • Nectar tasting festival
    • Get "juiced"
    • Dares and influencing other Sims
    • Kleptomaniacs can steal any item
    • Ability to place mirrors anywhere on wall
    • Can properly shrink lamps & candles without them glitching
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  • procianprocian Posts: 143 Member
    Really need to tone down the sims reacting to famous sims bit....just taken my sim 2 sim hours to use a workout machine at the gym because of npc sims firing off party poppers...swooning and generally gushing all over my sim...I know there's a disguise but this is a bit ott.
  • Rooke420PRooke420P Posts: 4 New Member
    A few thoughts I have to make Sims better.
    1. Recently bought Seasons and noticed that none of the outdoor Sims are dressed appropriately. I chose winter my personal favorite, and have to wonder am I going to have to cheat and change their clothing so they dont die? Most of the Sims seen are in summer gear and are freezing. Not even the activities of running or ice skating keep them warm.
    2. One would think that after all these years the curtains would fit. Just like all the pants fit all the butts, curtains should fit all windows. I love the different kinds of windows we have, mostly the tall grouped ones. Yet its a headache to find any of the curtains. And most dont fit at all and have to pick other windows just to have curtains. Lets not even talk about how most of the ones offered are horried shapped and colored. There's maybe 1 or 2 that I have to resuse in every house.
    3. As a older player it would be great to have styles of clothing based on the real world. Not all of us want to look like runway models. Not to mention that i personally would never wear any of it, or let my kids out of the house in some of the available styles. Not all of us like hoochie girl look. Seems you get models. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and nerds. (Esp in the male depo) It would be a blessing to get longer shirts, skirts, or even a grab an pull option's for hems.
    4. Really miss the options to make objects personalized.
    5. As a side note. Sometimes Sims come over and their dressed so awful you gotta step in. It would be great if I didnt have to cheat my way through this.
    6. On the positive challenge. Everything was going great till my main sim died of old age, now picking it up with other sims im finding. A. Harder than it should be my male had to ask Bobbie 10 times before shed let him. B my child could do it fine, since ageing she cant access it at all.
    7. Lastly we should have a the parent hood option under manners to learn to say excuse me after burping and farting. This isnt funny, its crass and rude. Even the child should be able to tell the adult to excuse its self or say sorry for farting. This is mannors 101
    8. Thank-you for letting me finally say something.
  • TopNotchToddlerTopNotchToddler Posts: 189 Member
    The ability to define our own radio stations. Discogs lists 514 musical genres and subgenres, but my Custom Music folder only offers 24.
  • cornflake88cornflake88 Posts: 242 Member
    Stormsview wrote: »
    Portable potties for outings with toddlers

    Do you mean public potties for toddlers? like the public bathrooms that's put in by the game., or do you mean a portable potty that the parent would carry in their inventory and be able to use any place the toddler would need to go?

    I meant potties that can be put in their inventory. Sorry I wasn't clear. :)
  • eSanneiiieSanneiii Posts: 3 New Member
    [quote="friendlysimmers;c-16844200"]@eSanneiii even if you have your game install in Swedish everything in the game is the same maybe your sims just need to unlock is cooking skill to get the hamburger cake and even in Swedish the black and white party should be in your sims phone did you also try repairing the game to see if what you mention shows up?[/quote]

    @friendlysimmers ... its not the same! Also in the english game the have "change DIRTY diaper" for the baby, in swedish that never show up. Its just "change diaper" and the green smell... also i've been level 10 in both cooking skill and culunary skill and the hamburger cake doesnt show up...
  • eSanneiiieSanneiii Posts: 3 New Member
    [quote="friendlysimmers;c-16844200"]@eSanneiii even if you have your game install in Swedish everything in the game is the same maybe your sims just need to unlock is cooking skill to get the hamburger cake and even in Swedish the black and white party should be in your sims phone did you also try repairing the game to see if what you mention shows up?[/quote]

    @friendlysimmers ... its not the same! Also in the english game the have "change DIRTY diaper" for the baby, in swedish that never show up. Its just "change diaper" and the green smell... also i've been level 10 in both cooking skill and culunary skill and the hamburger cake doesnt show up... :/ and as i said, the black and white party are not in the event categhory... not in the phone or the "season calender".
  • sparklypirhanasparklypirhana Posts: 1 New Member
    Pet birds, reptiles, and stuff like that. Sims 3 has pet birds that I loved! Please bring it back! :'(
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,615 Member
    Ruface wrote: »
    I ,personally, would LOVE to see the back of THIS.
    This really genuinely makes me not want to play. I own every expack, I've spent A LOT of money on the sims over the years. This is super infuriating. I understand that EA is a company and views customers as nothing but a walking wallet, but this feels like a slap in the face.

    Thats been happening since the original The Sims, I recall that when I bought The Sims Deluxe edition back in 2003, there were two greyed out buttons at the top; one for Downtown and another for the Vacation Island, if you hovered over them it said to purchade these packs to visit these places (or something like that). Since at the time I didn't know those packs existed and I wanted to play them when I saw that, I bought those packs, which I'm glad I did. So for me at least I find those teases quite useful.

    It's the same with with the TS4 load screen, all the EPs, GPs and SPs listed down the left side with the ones I don't own greyed out, I find it quite useful to see at a glance what I have and what I've yet to get, with the ability to click on one to go and buy it. :smile:

    Maybe we could get the ability to disable them in the options, but they're always there by default :)
  • atrainoratrainor Posts: 29 Member
    I've always wished for multi-venue lots - for example, a two-story building on a single lot with cafe on the first floor, and a residence above it.
  • instantmagicinstantmagic Posts: 32 Member
    One word. ISLANDS. I miss the Sunlit Tides world and the lifeguard career maybe a new career? The surfing machine, the beach themed tiki huts the lighting mod from Sunlit Tides was the best! Playing in the sand! Waves! Beach themed wardrobe! However MAXIS EA, you should know that most players hate the townies and the random way that they are dressed! Let us choose what our townies will look like and what they will wear! Similar to the way the townies get dressed in the Sims 4 Vacation world Selvadora, they are not so much wearing the horrendous mismatched clothing that is generated, you guys would be HEROES if you fixed that one thing. So keep the Goth's and the Landgraab's but let US decide how they look and what they will wear. And won't wear. Also keep the Vampires in their own world of Forgotten Hollow. Keep the Aliens in their own world, we can still visit them on Sixam if we choose to.
    And if you really want to be heroes then get rid of drink water, wash hands, check toddler, think about family member, dance if their is a radio on, check social status, make bar drink, just because a bar is close by? Baloney guys! the only auto things that Sims should do is eat, sleep, and go the toilet! All the rest should be player controlled! Program in the function that they are waiting for us to say what they should do next. Have the sim stand where it is tapping it's foot or looking at the sky as if to say what do you want me to do now? So much better! I cannot tell you the frustration when I am trying to get a handy sim to fix things and he goes and drinks water or washes his hands! It makes the game so un-smooth. Also, the smelling things 20 times before eating it. Oh, and the holidays, give us more holidays, but do not schedule a "Love Day" festival at the same time on the same day. Don't give a negative moodlet if we cannot participate in a holiday. Also, no getting sad if a sim we barely knew dies. Take out the toddlers emotion of Very Angry. You guys made the toddlers so unlovable. They should ask the parents to feed them. Take out the social worker that takes them away. I would never choose to let them just die, I would not do that, However if a sim parent player does let them die, then that is a good reason for them to get a 24 hour sad moodlet. There aren't many players who would let a sim baby or a sim toddler die. Esp. if we are into playing with genetics and a family tree. Please stop adding negative moodlets for every good thing we buy from you. An example would be the ice cream machine, I was happy to buy that for my cooking sims, but you guys had to add something negative like an ice cream headache! Stop doing that, not funny for something we paid for. Well there you have it folks, that is my feedback. Hope you are listening to your players. And I hope you all are doing well. Thank you, and Goodnight.
  • Dukemon20Dukemon20 Posts: 27 Member
    The Sims studios could support the C&C development and bring back the C&C content from The Sims into The Sims 4. ;-) I think Westwood by themself created this bonus content for The Sims.

    Genrale, you could bring more Content from other EA brandings, old and new.
  • The8bitsimmerThe8bitsimmer Posts: 2 New Member
    I have feedback for the gallery. I have an issue where it gets confusing, and quite often frustrating, that when I check certain packs I get content that's not only using those packs, but also other packs that I have unchecked. Even checking show owned content, it still does it. I've heard from a few followers that it's also annoying to them as well. I'd like for this be fixed if possible. Where we check certain packs, and only get content that actually includes just the packs that we've selected. Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, this is my first time posting on the forums.
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