Yes!! Loving the Terrain Tool

About time they put the tool in to adjust the terrain of the lots in game. I'm now satisfied and happy that I can create realistic park and gardens for my sims. Really pleased with it too, very easy to manipulate and create the perfect lots for me


  • mshadaimshadai Posts: 75 Member
    um I have a issue every time I build add a level below ie a room etc my terrain goes up hmmm its really messing up my game .. my poor sims stand outside waiting n waiting to eat etc n I'm trying to build more space for extra family members n such .. i have looked at terrain tools but still not helping guess its a learning thing might need videos to help
    "One Day At A Time" - If that seems too long, lets try a hour, minute or second. and remember to Breathe, Pray, Love :D Marg
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