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Best Households Ever! Recommendations for Maxis Tab.


  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member

    Hello! Wanted to suggest these wonderful households below as recommendations before we all get to play around with this new and exciting expansion pack!

    Dr. Dan and Doggo by @RethaSim
    Nina Reese~StylistBaseSim by @TEYA711
    Atwood by perezanabel
    ♥♥Flores♥♥ by pola240
    Lord and Lady Ravenwood by @4Sanne

    Thanks and a happy simming release weekend to all! :)
  • 4Sanne4Sanne Posts: 45 Member
    edited November 2018
    Thank you @SWSRogueLeader for nominating the Ravenwoods!! :heart:
    If anyone is curious, you can read a bit more about them here :smiley:
  • chluke75chluke75 Posts: 109 Member
    I'd like to nominate Hopeless Romantic Amelia by nolson96. Who can resist a lovelorn lady and her "fancypants" cat.
  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,278 Member
    Quality Control Contest Challenge 70 Just For Fun Sim Entrants:
    Challenge was to create a starting out young family

    Surprise! Twin Girls by @coolsim9999999
    ✦✦ Origin ID: cbear1313 ✦✦ Gallery: cbear1313 Gallery ✦✦ Cbear's Creations ✦✦
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    ✦✦ Quality Control Practice Challenges ✦✦
  • FruUtterFruUtter Posts: 128 Member


    Acting married Couple


    Motivation: A down to earth couple yet they have great acting ambitions! And they do look great in CAS!

    4 sweet 44beg PetLover

    Motivation: This is a collab between two simmers. This is a good example how fun, inspiring and surprising a re-make practice can be. Sharing is indeed CARING!


    AHS Thaddeus B4&Afterlife
    Motivation: This player has a great skill and imagination that one can be jelous about! A true designer!

    ♥ Mirna & Teo ♥
    Motivation: Excellent colour combo and the sims look just great!

    ♥kalyn & ruben wed chall♥
    Motivation: The idea of making a wedding party in gold is as sophisticated as the outfits! In addition this is an entry to a fun and creative challenge. And challenges are very inspiring.

    That's all for now folks!

    @FruUtter - Fear Otter No Man

  • gillr52gillr52 Posts: 35 Member

    I'd like to nominate

    The Leading Role is MINE by @FruUtter

    She makes splendid use of the fabulous new costume wardrobe in GET FAMOUS. I love the colour combinations and I love that she chose to create a person of colour--it would be lovely to see more diversity on the Pop Now tab. Thank you so much for your consideration!

  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 477 Member
    edited November 2018
    Sul Sul simmers & Maxis reviewers! I was shopping for some simmies for townies in my new Get Famous world & I've found these that I've moved right in! :)

    Lecon by Barn_Vuur ~ I have been a big fan of Barn_Vuur's male simmies ever since I found him on the gallery. I love the cute & handsome combination he gives them <3

    Geralt of Rivia by IllogicalSims ~ Merging the creepy vampire aspect with our new actor items in Get Famous is a hit idea for me :) Very reminiscent of the old Dracula movies & a perfect fit to prey .. I mean play with the celebrities of Del Sol Valley <3

    Thanks so much for choosing this family for a Maxis Fave! Takahashi Family by JoellenSims ~ Different & diversified is a wonderful combination to see in the gallery & this lovely family fits both beautifully. Great little story too making me want to see how this cute self absorbed teen turns out <3

    Sussudio by LilacLydiaDeetz ~ She is just so cute & her brightly vibrant colors contrast so beautifully with her dark complexion but the icing on the cake is her name .. go on read it again & if you're like me it clicked instantly reading the first line in the description. This adorable simmie is straight 80's all the way <3

    Thanks for your weekly consideration of all the nominations here :) Happy simming everyone!
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  • fuzgirl65fuzgirl65 Posts: 55 Member
    Hello Maxis team!! I have a couple of awesome sim creations I would like to nominate for your review.

    Worth Every Minute! created by @nightlioness- He is so bold and beautifully scarred!! An adventurous sim who pushes the limits, and yet, lol, he is clumsy!!! I find him to be so tough, and yet that bit of clumsiness adds so much character. :p

    ♥ Bianca et ses chats ♥ by @kassSimsDesign. Bianca is an adorable genius, and she has 2 of the cutest cats, brother and sister. I just LOVE them in my game!! <3

    Thank you very much for your consideration of these 2 amazing households.
  • nightlionessnightlioness Posts: 34 Member
    edited November 2018
    fuzgirl65 wrote: »
    hello Maxis team. First I have to say, so excited about the newest update!! thank you!! Also, I cannot wait for Get Famous release on tomorrow. So sweet!! Now... I would like to nominate these households for your consideration of a Maxis fav:

    1) Going For Gold by @nightlioness. He is an awesome sim creation, with a very lively description, and he doesn't disappoint in game!! A great intro for the new Get Famous pack:)
    2 Let's Drop The Beat also by @nightlioness. He really is a diamond in the rough, and a sweet and sexy sim "to DJ the "Get Famous" party launch" . I love him in my game, and just couldn't choose between the two sims.
    3) parsons♥ by @SimDels. A fun and happy couple with 3 dogs!!! What is not to love??

    Again, thank you very much for your consideration of these 3 awesome sim creations!! have a wonderful weekend. HUGS:)

    Thanks so much @fuzgirl65! I am thankful for the nominations and that you like my sims :smiley:
  • nightlionessnightlioness Posts: 34 Member
    Hello! I would like to nominate the following fabulous creations:

    1. ♥Let's Play♥ by @missmurderrella - Cute mint green kitty with beautiful artwork :smile:
    2. ○º•.Bow Wow Beautiful.•º○ by @At-SimmeringSims - Love the expression on this pup's face and has wonderful artwork :smile:
    3. Yer a mean one by @KBetelgeuse - What an awesome Grinch and pup. Did a great job with their expressions :smile:
    4. PlayDate by @Julchens77 - Such a cute ginger son and father duo. Too adorable not to like :smile:
    5. Rowe by @DolphinSimmer13 - What a cute trio with wonderful background story. Check out the dog's name :)
  • fuzgirl65fuzgirl65 Posts: 55 Member
    hello Maxis!! I have one more for you to consider:

    ☆ Captain Clumsy ☆ by @RethaSim !! OMgosh, this teen hero has me in tears.... from laughing so hard. She is everything a teen girl hero should be...adorable, good, sweet and clumsy!! The storyline is Fantastic, the sim is stinking adorable and she looks amazing in game. Please, please consider this wonderful creation for a Maxis fav!!

    thanks for all that you do, Maxis Team <3<3<3
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member
    edited November 2018
    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Considered skipping household recommendations for this weekend, but there are just too many amazing creations going on!

    Bake by @Sandy2k
    Samaël by Vale1968
    Sasha Bueno - SKILLED by missinfinity2002
    ♥ Bianca et ses chats ♥ by @kass17
    Boy and his best friend by LafooTroll

    I just realized @fuzgirl65 already recommended ♥ Bianca et ses chats ♥, so let's suggest this wonderful gem of positivity below...
    Hanson by @theoctanepumpkin

    Hope everyone has fun this holiday weekend! If not, then perhaps the amazing ☆ Captain Clumsy ☆ can save the holiday for you! ;)<3
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  • kass17kass17 Posts: 91 Member
    Long time I didn't come here. Thank you @fuzgirl65 and @SWSRogueLeader to nominate my upload.
    My nominations for this week is Poise and Grace by carolcolors
  • Nalanii95Nalanii95 Posts: 16 Member
    Hey guys,

    I just realized I can nominate simmers for a maxis fav so I do :smiley:

    - "* ~I am a Mom Simmer~ *" by @PINKUSFAMILY: just amazing simmer who stayed young & smart
    - "IAmASimmer" by @JuiceboxQueen : great simself & a lovely mother
    - "We are Simmers" by @carolcolors: they are great together & having some fun with sims
    - "IAmASimmer" by @railmom: whole family loves sims and thats great!
    - "I Am A Simmer" by @tweedlebug123 : geeky & lovely girl who loves her parents
  • 12mich0612mich06 Posts: 28 Member
    Hello everyone , and good Thanksgiving Day

    SülSül Simmer and Gurus :)

    , I come to ask you to take a look at three wonderful creations that ' attracted me this week,

    _1rst a room of @Lsnishi called "California dreaming" so beautiful colors and beautiful landscaping , clear, spacious, pleasant

    _2nd A park created by a French @Angerouge24: it is called "Le parc de la colline" a small marvel of creation, pleasant floral with a bridge is very beautiful.

    _3rd A piece for a challenge created by @ElocinecinQuatre, a delightful creation called "Courtyardchall White and Gold", very chic and nicely adorned, a nice coup de coeur for me.

    Hope i have not make a mystake to post this message here, (i use a google translater )

    Thank you for the attention you have to all <3 , and for the happiness you offer us every nomination , I wish you all good game and very good weekend .
  • FruUtterFruUtter Posts: 128 Member
    edited November 2018

    ~ Virgilia & George ~


    Motivation: A cool historical couple carefull and tastefully crafted in CAS!



    Motivation: A household to remeber! Cool characters, great dressers and wonderful to play with!!



    Motivation: Simply put - with this player you always get CAS-quality every inch of it!

    Nero Nufferja


    Motivation: yes yes yeeees, no poses for nomination. Yet it would be a crime not to try nominating this sim-male ^^


    See u later alligator!

    Always Urs
    FruUtter - In Otter we trust

    Visit me on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPWyHEpwgOcHkqbLcZFF-gw

  • FruUtterFruUtter Posts: 128 Member
    And one more time



    Motivation: A witty story about a clever sim-girl. The sim is excellently crafted in CAS in every detail.




    Always Urs
    FruUtter - In Otter we trust

    Visit me on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPWyHEpwgOcHkqbLcZFF-gw
  • kass17kass17 Posts: 91 Member
    New nominations:

    1. Pirate Vane by @GLovely1
    2. Film crew by @simplyanjuta
  • fuzgirl65fuzgirl65 Posts: 55 Member
    Hello Maxis team :) I have a new nomination, Chocolatte Milk?! created by @KildareFaerlynn. The story: Jayden and Andrea had a fling in their teen high school years. Many years later they meet again.... Jayden has no idea who is the blond teen... Andrea refuses to reveal the truth and Kailani wonders if that guy is the dad she always wanted to meet." All 3 sims are absolutely stunning!!
    Thank you for your consideration of them, and have a wonderful week <3
  • gillr52gillr52 Posts: 35 Member
    Oh my, oh my!! I just woke up to find Lucy Pirate Queen has been fav'd! I''m shocked--don't know what to say!! There are so many FABULOUS nominations this week! Many thanks to you all--I'm so grateful! And what an unceasing inspiration all my fellow simmers are! Have a lovely week and THANK YOU again! <3<3<3
  • kass17kass17 Posts: 91 Member
  • MeekaDenimoreMeekaDenimore Posts: 10 New Member
    I would like to nominate #KSsDesign for her Polly sim. Polly wants to become the most popular dancer in the world. Can we help her do that? On top of making some of the best sims in the Gallery, Kass supports us with guidance on how to make poses and sims. She is truly a wonderful Simmer and person. Thanks for your consideration. Good luck Kass. :)
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member

    Hello, everyone! I've really enjoyed seeing the "Best Households Ever!" thread thriving these days. Let's keep up the great work and continue to recommend the very best households for consideration! :)

    Mustang by Krejzolkadomi
    M.A. Versailles (Skills) by @Brennachan
    Alicia Boss by retrovamp13
    ♥ Polly ♥ by @kass17
    AMELIE JUDE by Gillou38630

    Hope you have a great weekend! <3
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 477 Member
    edited November 2018
    Sul Sul simmers & Maxis reviewers! First, thank you very much for giving my Hopeful Rising Star a Fave this week! Receiving this exciting honor always has the ability to brighten the day of everyone receiving one :) Which brings me here tonight in the spirit of our fun, in game positivity challenge where we continually "brighten day" for sims. Please help me brighten these fellow sim creators day this week:

    Gourmet Genes by carolcolors ~ The outfit coordination on these two simmies is totally adorable. They are obviously sisters & their cheerful faces make me smile. I like the fuller natural figures on these wannabe cooking channel stars & their names, Bella and Stella Crocker are a fun way to connect to another famous Crocker. Super sweet! :)

    Vintage Hollywood Star by @lisabee2 ~ This is a terrific throw back character to the vintage Hollywood leading man. He is instantly attractive with his trim, stylish suit & his debonair classically handsome looks. Great history in his descriptive bio too. Augustus can lead on any stage! :)Thanks so much for helping me brighten Lisabee's day today! <3

    Thanks again for always considering the nominations on these forum threads! Happy simming <3
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  • fuzgirl65fuzgirl65 Posts: 55 Member
    Hello Maxis Team!!! As you prepare your selections of households for the coming please, please consider these Maxis Fav worthy creations;

    1) Öskar will Win The Oscar! by @Elocine54. Oh My, Oskar is so pompous and full of himself, a sensational sim creation with so much character. @Elocine54 is amazing at creating unique sims, and this one definitely is a gem.

    2) Celebrity Photographer by @SWSRogueLeader. Fantastic paparazzi photographer for the rich and famous. I enjoyed the story and love this adventurous sim.

    Thank you for your consideration of these worthy sim creations!!

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