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Mythology Pack

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Hi folks! I've had some ideas brewing for a while now, so I thought it was time to actually get off my behind and throw them out there. Now I know that there is a lot of dispute about how much time Sims 4 has left of its lifespan and what "should" be incorporated into the game at this point, but I'm going to go ahead and look on the bright side and say that there is still plenty of time for some new things. In any case, even if some ideas don't make it into Sims 4, there's still the possibility of them being forwarded on to the next iteration, so I might as well throw them all out there. I will make separate threads for each idea because that makes it a little easier to focus on the subject and get other people's input together.

For this thread, I would like to suggest a Mythology expansion pack. As someone who loves lifestates, I want to see more, more, MORE of them. I've seen a lot of people requesting mermaids, a thread on dragons, and preferences for fairies. Since the devs are always looking for ways to add some new fresh content while still providing classic themes, I think going all out and giving us Mythology would be amazing. What would this kind of pack include? Well, I'm glad you asked.....

CAS: This is going to sound a bit ambitious, but since pets is coming out soon, our CAS is going to expand. This means that there could be certain game mechanics in place to make it a little bit easier (hopefully) to stretch the options. We could have the means to create fairies, mermaids, elves, satyrs, minotaurs, werewolves...maybe even replicate Egyptian gods. We could create mythical beasts like dragons, gryphons, sphinxes, ligers (who are an actual creature, but still...) a hippocampus, (which is a sea horse that is pretty much a merhorse) and all kinds of creatures. This would mean getting a variety of horns, ears, tails, body fur, wings, teeth, skin details, claws, etc. to choose from instead of a selection of clothing and hairs. I could see getting some clothing and stuff for humanoids, but the bulk of CAS would be for creature creation. Of course, we might need a couple of new voices and walks. We could still utilize the secondary form (like vampires and aliens do) for some of them, but I would also like to see a way to use that with the animal CAS as well. This would mean the capability to create beasts who can shapeshift into humanoids, like a werewolf whose true form is a wolf. I don't know if that would be too complicated to do, but it would be awesome. I would also like to be able to make fairies with darker personalities, like the types from old tales who steal away children. >:) Maybe even some goblins.

Build/Buy: We would have ways to build fairy treehouses, Roman style temples, Egyptian pyramids, rocky labyrinths, and underwater homes, as well as old castles. We could have more fantasy styled furniture, strange trees and flowers, and rugs that look like moss. Maybe some terrain paint that looks like volcanic rock for dragon realms.

The New World: We would definitely need a fantasy world theme. Instead of neighborhoods, it could have different terrain regions. We'd have the enchanted forest, the rocky volcanic area, and the watery region, maybe even sandy dunes. Of course, I realize this is probably shooting a little too high for one map, but if it could be done, I'd really like to see it.

Game Play: So of course after having all of these ideas about the theme and extensive CAS, I had to consider that it still needs gameplay, or it just ends up being a glorified stuff pack. Well, besides some new artifact collections and unusual food dishes, we would need a couple of brand new activities. The first would, of course, be underwater swimming. You can't have mermaids who can't go in the water. It's possible that regular swimming is being worked on already, with all of the requests being made for a tropical paradise, so this could expand on that to allow for creatures who can live and breathe underwater. This could open up the ability to create underwater lots, and maybe a new type of "fishing" where you chase and catch them for food. There would be new underwater creatures, maybe some to keep as pets, or put into salt water aquariums on land. Back on land, we could have the ability to explore some mythical ruins, or find hidden places. Of course, gameplay could always be added through new creature powers and abilities as well. Some kind of flight for winged creatures would be necessary, even if it was just above ground or done like bats in the Vampires pack. There could be places that could only be accessed by beings who have flight capability. But in addition, this pack could really put to use the hidden lot system. We could find a secret underground labyrinth, guarded by the Minotaur, and have to defeat him to gain entrance (need to have high fitness level, or be able to "spar" like the vampires do), or we could find an obscure gateway into a lost tomb where we need to answer a riddle from the Sphinx to enter (need a high logic to access the riddle). Now, as someone who loved to play the old Myst games, I would love to see some puzzles put into the game for our sims to solve. I wouldn't expect the difficulty level of the Myst games, of course, but it would be cool this time around to have a small variety of puzzles and games within the game. Maybe our sims could find some old games in the hidden places that when they go to use them, would actually bring up a little puzzle screen that the player could work out. There could be a few game levels that could be accessed depending on the logic level of the sim, and when you complete them, your sims get special rewards. Maybe some puzzles could need more than one sim to work together. It would also be cool if a group of sims could access the hidden lots together to uncover the riddles within. It would be something new and fun to add to the Sims 4.

....So that's it, I guess. I know it's a huge concept, and probably wouldn't fit into one expansion so if it were done there would have to be things cut out, but a lot would depend on what kind of packs and features come out in the meantime. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas they would like to contribute, feel free. :)

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