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My Dog is constantly scared....



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    brikg12brikg12 Posts: 1 New Member
    how do I use the mod? (the fear one)
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    Kas519HKas519H Posts: 3 New Member
    i have the same issue with both of my dogs, I think it's an issue that occurs after taking them to the vet since it only appeared after I took both of them to the vet.
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    Jennacide777Jennacide777 Posts: 5 New Member
    My dog is constantly scared as well, and she's never been to the vet, nor does she have any of the traits that would cause her to be so scared all the time.
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    simlish1simlish1 Posts: 2,739 Member
    Ive had this. It was a bug
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    YellowMegzYellowMegz Posts: 1 New Member
    My cat has the same lampshade fear....could it be Hats??
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    VampireAlienVampireAlien Posts: 3 New Member
    This is frustrating because I just assumed you could keep calming them down and eventually they get over it like barking at people or waking you. I like living in my apartment, so why should I have to get rid of my awesome tv AND computer? Why do I have to constantly calm down? Or do I just let them stress out and feel like a monster?
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    FKM100FKM100 Posts: 886 Member
    My sim's two cats have been constantly fearful since getting the preventative shot at the vet. I thought it was because I gave them the skittish trait, but I now see that it is a bug of sorts. I did find that feeding them a health treat stops it temporarily, but it always comes back again. I am going to try getting rid of the remaining health treats in my sim's inventory and see whether that helps at all. My sim has never had the option to calm the cats down. Perhaps that option only unlocks at a higher stage of relationship?
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    allieb028allieb028 Posts: 44 Member
    My pets get scared when they go to the Vet, so I started my own Vet career and they aren't scared anymore cause I do their exams. Also I noticed the puppies will get scared of the TV haha.
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    christian_39christian_39 Posts: 51 Member
    Since yesterday it's happening to my dog too, and it started to happen shortly after I got him to the vet because he had fleas jumping from his body. The vet said he was ok (that was weird) and gave me the option of the preventive shot. I went along with the preventive shot and the non-stop fear to the man with a cone in his head started happening.
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    LimeyLemurLimeyLemur Posts: 1 New Member
    I found a quick fix if you don't mind losing some progress or if, like me, you dont know how to use mods. If the fear started after getting the preventative shot, like it did for me, you can go in and restore a save from before that vet visit. I just tried it and it looks like its working.
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    rosemowrosemow Posts: 163,791 Member
    LimeyLemur wrote: »
    I found a quick fix if you don't mind losing some progress or if, like me, you dont know how to use mods. If the fear started after getting the preventative shot, like it did for me, you can go in and restore a save from before that vet visit. I just tried it and it looks like its working.

    Hello @LimeyLemur . Welcome to the forums :)
    The issue with the preventative shot causing the pets to fear, was fixed in a recent game patch. It may be best to check that your game is patched with the latest updates, if you are still having this issue.
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    animatedoodleanimatedoodle Posts: 12 New Member
    Hi there. I just updated my game and my Samoyed that I raised from a puppy via adoption is constantly scared. She has gone to the vet a few times, once to get spayed and 3 times because she was sick. She is an elder now. Anyways I didn't know about the vet treats, and she is getting the "scared all the time bug" regardless. No preventative shots were given, aside from the expensive treatments. She started getting scared once she became an elder. It's so sad, she has such a nice life and my Sims can't comfort her. I have her ID and have reset it using the sims.remove_all_buffs <ID> cheat and she is fine for about a couple of hours and then she gets the evil Man with the lampshade thought bubble and is scared again. I have read that it affects cats too, but not as often. It looks like the next generation will have to get a cat. I pray that it doesn't happen anymore. I thought you should know so you may have more information Gurus, and maybe fix it? I now know about the Vet treats and will give Deli (my dog) the treats anyways. Dogs like that, and at least she has some happiness amongst all that anxiety. Such a weird bug to happen...
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    simmerlyrosesimmerlyrose Posts: 196 Member
    Sometimes I've found that it still happens with vet treats. It doesn't always necessarily happen right away but it still happens in my game sometimes!! :( I've just copied and pasted the sims.remove_all_buffs cheat into a note on my computer with my pet's ID so that if it happens I can use it right away, without going through the trouble of finding their Sim ID every time. Could be useful for those that are having the problem constantly!
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    kitty29041985kitty29041985 Posts: 792 Member
    This "scary" dogs behavior is really annoying, afraid of everything :( my sim has a Doberman dog and it's silly looking when he put himself on the floor and shaking :( I am a dog person and real life (not sims), and one of my dogs did that! I use to have a Doberman too, and he never afraid of anything!
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    I've seen comments in dogs being scared of terlets, (Toilet if pronounced by Archie Bunker) my dog tends to drink from it and I can't get him to stop doing it. Diana Prince's dog, Ace on the other hand is scared of computers. Every time a sim in that household uses a computer, he cowers and shakes. And this is supposed to be Batman's dog, Ace the Bat Hound.
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    DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,918 Member
    My sims white husky is scared of the dishwasher, yet he keeps going In the kitchen when the dishwasher’s working.....
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    Paigeisin5Paigeisin5 Posts: 2,143 Member
    edited November 2018
    CoolSpear also has a mod for this issue. It is a bug and one EA/Maxis has not fixed yet. He has many helpful mods that I use. So tired of needing mods to fix the things EA/Maxis has conveniently left off their to-do list. At last count, I have fourteen mods in my game. I am not looking forward to the pre-expansion patch as I know many of the mods I am currently using will need to be updated. The updating of mods is just one more reason why I will not be buying Get Famous. I cringe to think what other bugs and glitches will come out of that expansion. LOL
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    theyellowshoetheyellowshoe Posts: 288 Member

    I've been having those issues for the last month I've been playing. I played one of my other sims yesterday for awhile, this morning I went to my simself & no more "dog in the red"! An hour later, still no problem.

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    Sid1701D9Sid1701D9 Posts: 4,718 Member
    Well, when the Sims 4 Cats and Dogs came out, they said each pet is afraid of different things in the house. My two dogs in one house is afraid of the Toilet in the bathrooms. My Cats are afraid of the Stereo when its on they hide on the other floor the other cats are afraid of the TV.

    Some Dogs are afraid of Strangers, that is part of a trait for a dog or cat shy or skittish, not sure which one, because I am not in the game at the moment, but one of them gets a lampshade bubble above their heads followed by a sim with the no sign and than they go hide.
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