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Giveaway: Get Famous


  • OliCaitOliCait Posts: 408 Member
    Wow how awesome!

    I took the movies quiz and got 52%! I think I need to go watch a few more movies!

    I'm gonna upload a sim soon too! :smile:

    Thanks for the opportunity :smiley:
  • Olivesims2Olivesims2 Posts: 360 Member
    I got 64% thank you for the giveaway
    I get my games free using this site :) To earn gift cards
  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 31,709 Member
    76% on the quiz
  • pkstracypkstracy Posts: 12 New Member
    -- You scored --

    By answering 20 out of 25 questions correctly

    Scroll down the page to see which questions you got wright or wrong
  • HCKiwiGirlHCKiwiGirl Posts: 1 New Member
    I got 83%, I know I won’t win for the quiz but definitely uploading a sim soon! The pack is just so expensive even though I really want it
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 997 Member
    edited October 2018
    Awsome celebrities.

    I choose to enter with a celeb as well, not because I'm good at creating celebs/sims (actually, I'm rather bad at it), but because I love that actor so much. I first created him with the CAS Demo before TS4 was even released and started my first save with him as a child.

    Young Heath Ledger


    He's uploaded to the galery (ID: 83bienchen). I didn't use any CC on him.

    Hope there's a chance I win. My two daughters are so much looking forward to play the EP directly after release.
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,225 Member
    Your simversion of Heath Ledger is very nice! @83bienchen :) You have reflected him very well as a sim! He looks very handsome :)
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 3,655 Member
    edited October 2018
    -- You scored --
    By answering 14 out of 25 questions correctly

    So much better than I was expecting seeing as I have never seen a Harry Potter, Wreck-it Ralph, Indiana Jones, Lemony Snicket, Eragon or Star Wars movie
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  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 997 Member
    edited October 2018
    Thank you very much, @rosemow, for your nice words on my Sim.
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • tmcevoy1121tmcevoy1121 Posts: 286 Member
    84% but I would like to disagree with one question. Question 19- Which movie has different races. (Correct answer was Lord of the Rings) but there were different Races in Star Wars as well (even though the correct term was species for Star Wars-but it is still the same principle).
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  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 997 Member
    Yep, I failed on that anwer as well.
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

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  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 16,358 Member
    Just wanted to mention that the quiz winner is not chosen based on scores so you could totally bomb and still win. :)
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  • SandySimSandySim Posts: 2,523 Member
    I got 56%

    14 out of 25 questions correctly.

    Thanks for doing a giveaway!
  • AphoticLeeAphoticLee Posts: 1,164 Member
    edited October 2018
    Amazing challenge.

    I got a 76% on the quiz. I am also inspired to create my own golden age sim though, I'm not that great at making them look realistic I will try my hand at it.

    My first attempt at some hollywood icons. Clark Gable and Jean Harlow. They are CC free. Tried to make their Young Adult selfs from the first movie they did together Red Dust. Though here Gable has his infamous moustache and Harlow, given I didn't use CC is without her iconic beauty mark.




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  • KPSimmerKPSimmer Posts: 187 Member
    I got a 44% on the quiz. 11/25 answers correct.
  • BluegayleBluegayle Posts: 2,887 Member
    28% so I probably should catch up on some NetFlix. LOL Thank you for doing this.
  • saarlandbabe2saarlandbabe2 Posts: 82 Member
    --You scored --
    By answering 17 out of 25 questions correctly
  • loutredorloutredor Posts: 404 Member
    edited October 2018
    Thank you so much for this giveway :smiley: that's very generous, I am so impressed by our sims community sometimes.

    I tried to make our dear Vivien Leigh <3
    Gone with the wind style:
    Cleopatra type of make up:

    You can download her on the gallery, my username is Eik4si4.
    I just used these custom lashes.

    On the quiz I only scored 60%! But in my defense some questions were quite hard for non native English speakers. :neutral:
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,225 Member
    Your simversion of Vivien Leigh is very pretty! @loutredor :) You have reflected her very well as a sim! Her hairstyles are very nice.
  • loutredorloutredor Posts: 404 Member
    Thank you @rosemow :) That first hairstyle almost looked like it was inspired by Scarlett O'Hara :wink:
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,510 Member
    -- You scored --
    By answering 11 out of 25 questions correctly

    The truth is that I've only seen Harry Potter (and read) and Shrek. That's it. So it could be way way worse, lol :D Anyways, thanks for the opportunity.
  • FogityFogity Posts: 122 Member
    -- You scored --
    By answering 17 out of 25 questions correctly

    This is higher than I'd expect given how few of the movies I have watched (or remember).

    Thanks for the giveaway.
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  • Briel24Briel24 Posts: 7 New Member
    I’m disappointed in myself... I scored 68%. Could have been worse I guess!
  • KaatyKaaty Posts: 19 Member
    -- You scored --
    By answering 20 out of 25 questions correctly

    I'm actually surprised, I guessed on a lot of them. I'm not a super huge movie watcher. Anyways, thanks for the opportunity! ♥️
  • loutredorloutredor Posts: 404 Member
    If anyone is interested, I wasn't really satisfied with my Vivien Leigh so I made a new version, she's on the gallery too. :smile:
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