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  • SimpatsyannSimpatsyann Posts: 1,143 Member
    I've finished houses 001 and 002 and am a few days into house 003. I'm not much of a builder so doing my own building from the ground up is new-ish to me. :) And it was a little bittersweet to leave those homes behind after I spent so much time on them. Fortunately my house 003 heir seems to like his tent so far, heh.
  • SalemSvartulvSalemSvartulv Posts: 117 Member
    @mojot89 thanks, I'm loving them :D and I think everything went great with House 3, at this point is only waiting for the heir to age up and trying to teach her some skills while I can xD sadly, she's not getting the Emotional control value so her mourning periods will be harder :disappointed:

    @Simpatsyann yeah, is hard to let them go at the start, but your heir seems strong to move on :D do you have MCCC? It makes things a little easier to me because once I move out, the rest of the family keeps on with their lives. My MS has been hanging around with some of his cousins lately xD
  • SimpatsyannSimpatsyann Posts: 1,143 Member
    I'm getting very close to finishing House 003 - the aspiration is done, fishing & gardening are maxed and the house has topped $40K (with still more to do). However everything is a bit chaotic right now because they have two sets of twins (toddlers and infants, currently) and the cowplant died with only two essences obtained while I was distracted. :p
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,010 Member
    @Simpatsyann house 3 was crazy! I had to do it over. Thorne was cake hungry but had not finished everything. Not sure how I managed it but the daughter from 1st attempt and the son from the alternate universe of second attempt ended up as colleagues at the science lab. I may have forshadowed that by placing the Observers by @luckyheather in the house 4 file. The whole house 4 had a good FRINGE vibe and two alien abduction pregnancies including twins and some alien roomy infidelity. (Five boys total) House 5 is not getting played very often even though it is one of my fave saves. I just have too many saves and would prefer to build than play.
  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,133 Member
    @Simpatsyann Wow... two sets of twins?! No wonder you were distracted. Congrats on getting all those goals done.. now you just have to survive your twins!

    @JojoMOMSTER I feel you, I've been doing more building than playing lately, too. And house 6 is still waiting for me to finish aging the heir and building the house. I almost have it done, I'm just mansion baron'ed out from working on another two challenges that had me do it recently. It's definitely my least favorite aspiration.
  • SalemSvartulvSalemSvartulv Posts: 117 Member
    edited October 2018
    @Simpatsyann wooow two sets of twins sounds exhausting! I varely can take care of one xD I hope everything goes well with the second cowplant! Magnolia Promenade is a good place to fish them xD

    @JojoMOMSTER the cowplants can be tricky! but the fact that the AU kids got to know eachother at the lab sounds almost like a compensation! so cool! and yeah, there's always periods where you want to build xD good think is the savefile will be waiting for you! :D

    @IllusoryThrall I'm not excited for the mansion either D: but I'm kkind of excited to try house 007 so I think that will help to keep me motivated

    Aaaand so...I haven'tr got a lot of time to play lately, I'm really itching to start house 004 but at this point in my game my heir is still around a week from her YA birthday :weary: but I decided to come share some pictures before finishing :D I have all goals complete by now so is just the birthday to come

    As always, Avery's journey started with lots of fishing and colleting. His first days where lots of this, his tiny garden grew really fast, and I'm happy with that because it gave so much money it practically pay for the house just with it xD

    At some point in his second week I thought it was time to look for a partner so he went to the restaurant. I liked this mixologist but when I put the pointer over her, her name was Cheyenne Chaney, she was one of uncle Cole's daughters! xD
    Good thing he also got the number of one of the chefs, Kenya Oswald! I thought I took a picture of her making faces when I realized she was erratic xD but it looks like I didn't so we're stuck with this picture of them chatting by his garden...in his pjs xD he's really charming hmm?
    And the second picture to show that during their conversation, he discovered she id an alien!! i was excited since I wanted aliens in my game for some time now xD and since he got the "xenophilia" moodlet from discovering her, I thought he would totally love dating her

    There was some flirting and dates, but this was the night that sealed the deal! Kenya called him to invite him on a date at that romantic club in San Myshuno, he proposed just after they date and the eloped inmediatly :smiley:

    with marrying an alien, the family visits came often xD seriously, he has been abducted at least 5 times, no pregnancies though xD

    they didn't waited too long before having kids! he looks sad on this picture, but he was actually happy with the news xD

    Also, something funny happened with Kenya, when I went into CAS after the wedding to change her clothes her alien form looked exactly like her disguise, I was kind of disapointed and thought maybe she was just a human looking alien....but then one day while I clicked on her by accident I saw she had the option to take off her disguise and kind of cheated by clicking it... and there she was in all her blue glory :smiley:

    Soon after that, the heir was born with the same blue skin, and later the same red hair than her mother :D they called her Danielle. As a funfact, she's the fourth gen of the Chaney family, and the eyes from her great grandfather Jayden are still in the family :smiley: I want to see how much more that's going to last xD also, I've had Male-Female-Male-Female heirs so far, so I'm also curious to now if her first born is gonna break that trend or not
    And last thing, that cute kitty is Rani! Kenya has the Friend of the animals aspiration and since I had just bought that pack I decided to try it, I love having pets :D

    They didn't wait to have another nooboo, they tried for it the same night they came from the hospital with Danielle, so little Sawyer was part of the family in no time, and since they only have 3 days between them, the girls are always around eachother, I think is cute :D
    Side note. I really love that toddler room! I even had to save it in the gallery for future uses xD Kenya is active so from the start I knew that once the yougest kid had grown I would turn that room into a small gym

    and talking about the yougest kid...
    Meet Zayn! I'm now sure why but I always thought Avery would want a boy named Zayn, and third time was the charm xD he was a little terror, I think he made more messes than both of his sisters, but he was the spoiled prince of the family after all! Also, he grew up to be Erratic like his mother xD

    cute family picture! on of the few times they where all at the same place, even Rani is just comming in if you look behind Avery

    And I'll end this with Danielle's teen birthday, I think she's beautiful :D
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  • SimpatsyannSimpatsyann Posts: 1,143 Member
    Thanks, @IllusoryThrall and @SalemSvartulv ! I got a second cowplant grown and collected the three remaining essences. Then my heir (and his twin) aged up to child and I realized there's nothing left to do during the long haul through childhood and teendom, except maybe tweak the house.

    I did manage to get him all five of his toddler skills, which should help him in his future endeavors. His three siblings aren't getting that much attention, unfortunately, hehe.
  • SalemSvartulvSalemSvartulv Posts: 117 Member
    Wooow, great about having all toddler skills maxed @Simpatsyann :open_mouth: I've never been able to do that, always get one or two short°! but yeah, is always difficult to give all the kids the same ammounts of attention, and since you only get to keep one on this challenge...well, you usually focus on that kid xD

    Also, I finally did it! :smiley: yesterday I had some free time and I finally got to Danielles birthday! here are some highlights of that final days!

    First, the Goals complete pictures!
    finished the whole Gardening aspiration first, Avary was alredy almost done so it was no big deal xD
    This was actually the last goal I completed, a couple days after Danielle's birthday Avery take her fishing, he got the last point he needed and also she got to level 3!
    And here are the Cowplant esences, I decided to keep our little pet and it survived until the end :D which also means a lot of extra 'snacks' when Avery wasn't fast enough to feed it xD
    the top ones are the five for the Challenge: Energized, Happy, Confident, Focused and Sad. We got tons of duplicates after that, and managed to also add 2 Uncomfortable ones
    This was actually his last snack before Danielle's YA birthday xD and a sneak pick to teen Zayn
    I don't have a picture of the house value but believe me, is way over the needed amount xD this challenge has teached me that I aparently have a very expensive taste on houses

    Here's Sawyer as a teenager, she wants to be a Supermom, is a Dog lover and also Erratic, like mom (which is funny because I don't use Pinstar's random trait generator xD) but physically, she looks a lot like her dad!
    And Zayn, As I said, he was a little terror since toddlerhood so I wasn't even surprised when he rolled Public enemy as his aspiration xD He's Erratic and Perfeccionist
    Also, Danielle here is the only non-erratic from the three siblings xD She's Art Lover, Cheerful and Foodie, so nothing too useful for her future challenge. But even with that, I have this idea in my head that she would get curious about science and Sixam since she has an alien mother, and maybe she would want to get more in touch with that side of her family ;D I wonder if I should get her an alien boyfriend or not xD
    Also, she got abducted a lot so I think that will help with her curiosity xD on the bottom picture I was trying to get the moment she and Avery came home from abduction at the same time, but I failed :disappointed: The aliens also met Sawyer btw xD only Zayn was safe because he only got one day as teen before Danielle moved out

    And just on another couple of things
    Rani died on Winterfeast :cry: that's the first pet death I've had in this game, we laid her to rest by our friend Cowplant, she always liked it
    I was sadder because she died the same day Avery got Sawyer a dog, little Brook here, I wanted them to be friends
    sooo...we got another kitty xD you can't blame me, I had just updated a lot of Rani's stuff and bought another food bowl. Also Bandit and Brook were my main sourse of entertaiment those last days xD

    also, funny picture! xD I was looking around and saw Kenya falling from the treadmile. But even with that she got to level 10 on fitness al on her own! I'm impressed

    and that's all I thnik, the kids were really close, I'm gonna miss Sawyer and Danielle going around eachother all the time! and Even Zayn was pretty close with them, he gave Danielle her last hug before moving out!
    That blonde on the last picture is Dakota btw! she was always calling Avery so he invited her a lot, they had maxed friendship for all the house's length

    And here I was trying to get a good picture with all the family, but the other kids wouldn't come down the stairs and while waiting for them Danielle almost got eaten by the cowplant. I didn't wanted to start her house with that bad moodlet for 2 days :tired_face: so we only have a picture of a very excited Kenya celebrating while Avery is walking to the place I had told them all to go celebrate xD

    Anyway...house completed! finally I'm able to move forward :D
  • SimpatsyannSimpatsyann Posts: 1,143 Member
    Congrats, @SalemSvartulv ! Your house and the family look great. Congrats on finishing :)
  • TheAmazingLeeTheAmazingLee Posts: 140 Member
    On March 4, 2017, I started this challenge. Today, in game, I completed house twenty-four. It'll be a bit longer before it's all updated on my blog, but I've done it! I managed to finish the entire challenge! It was a ton of fun and I loved sticking with this family for so long. I might have failed a house or two, but I was always right at the edge of finishing the challenge, so I count it as a win overall!

    I'm kind of sad about finishing the challenge, but I'm excited to start something else. I'm going to keep playing the Driftwoods through other challenges so it's going to be fun seeing what they get up to. I'm also going to keep reading everyone's stories here! Even if I don't say much, I am reading them!
  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,654 Member
    I haven't visited this thread in a while, so time to catch up.

    @SalemSvartulv, your family from house 2 is cute.
    Lovely family with the blue skin for house 3. Congrats on completing all goals!

    @theamazinglee, that's awesome! Congrats! Which challenges are you going to do now? Are you trying for 100 generations?


  • TheAmazingLeeTheAmazingLee Posts: 140 Member
    I might try for 100 indeed! Doing challenges of course, haha.
    I'm going to do the Apartment Switch and Build Newcrest for sure. I think I'm going to do Shipwrecked next though, as an inbetween. I'm pretty sure after that it'll be Apartment Switch because I really wanna play in apartments haha.
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,285 Member
    edited October 2018
    @TheAmazingLee Congrats!!

    @illusie Hiii. I've been silently lurking from time to time. This is one of the best challenges ever. If I wasn't working on 5-6 other challenges at the moment, I'd try this again. Its addictive. <3
  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,133 Member
    @TheAmazingLee congrats on finishing drifter!!! Enjoy the Apartment Switch! I may have to look up shipwrecked, I haven't heard of that one. :smiley:
  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,654 Member
    @theamazinglee, sounds like fun! I have not heard of the shipwrecked either.

    @rawla, hi! *waves* You are right, this is very addictive!

    I'm not making much progress with my drifter sims. I'm more into building at the moment.
  • SalemSvartulvSalemSvartulv Posts: 117 Member
    Thanks a lot on your congrats :D I'm really happy with my blue family since I've never before had alien/hybrid sims and I'm having a blast with Danielle

    @TheAmazingLee, mayor congrats on finishing your challenge! right now the end seems so far away to me and I can imagine how it feels to get to that point :D I'm also considering to try the Apparment switch challenge in my free time because I love aparments, and I'll have to check the shipwreck too! good luck for those 100 generations!

  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,285 Member
    illusie wrote: »

    @rawla, hi! *waves* You are right, this is very addictive!

    Great seeing you! :smiley: Happy Drifting.

  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,654 Member
    Rawla wrote: »
    Great seeing you! :smiley: Happy Drifting.

    Ia gree, great to see you :D Thanks! I hope you have fun with your challenges too and hopefully you'll come back to the drifter challenge.

  • FennadevFennadev Posts: 180 Member
    After taking a long break I finally finished house 2. It can be found under the hashtag #DrifterChallenge and is simply named house 2. Now getting my Sim ready to move out and start all over again.
  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,654 Member
    welcome back @fennadev! Good luck with the second house!

    I'm playing house 15 now, but am going slow.
  • Piazzagirl1015Piazzagirl1015 Posts: 2,481 Member
    @SalemSvartulv I just caught up with your challenge and congrats on finishing house 3. I wish you luck and look forward to following the rest of your challenge.

    @TheAmazingLee OMG! Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear that you completed the challenge all the way to the end. I'm glad to hear that you are continuing to play the family and please give us updates on how they are doing.

    @Fennadev Welcome back to the Drifter Challenge and I wish you luck with your new challenge.
  • TheAmazingLeeTheAmazingLee Posts: 140 Member
    edited October 2018
    It was a lot of fun and I encourage everyone to keep at it. It's the first time I've ever finished a challenge that's more than one generation and the feel accomplishment is really big haha!


    Also, you can end up with a ridiculous number of gnomes if you don't sell them after each Harvestfest.

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  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,654 Member
    edited October 2018
    @theamazinglee, that's funny you have so many! lol
    I never completed a challenge longer than 1 generation either! You should be proud of yourself for completing all the drifter challenges!
  • SalemSvartulvSalemSvartulv Posts: 117 Member
    Thanks a lot @Piazzagirl1015 :smiley: this Challenge is really fun and it sure knows how to keep you hooked!

    Also, that's an funny pictures with all the gnomes @TheAmazingLee xD I usually sell my gnomes next day from Harvesfest because if I don't all the house ends up covered with seed packages xD
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