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Sims 5 - Ideas, Hopes, Predictions (Megathread?)


  • juicyredjuicyred Posts: 160 Member
    I would definitely like more ages in the game. I think it should be baby, toddler, child, preteen, teen, young adult, adult, middle aged, elder. But have the ability to turn off certain ages.
  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 2,159 Member
    Interactions id like:
    ▪confess cheating
    ▪talk about marriage (if pressed enough the SO will propose spontaneously
    ▪more romantic actions
    ▪ask to be prom date
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  • ResSteelResSteel Posts: 63 Member
    I already commented, but I had more ideas! Seasons for sure! Winter and Fall would look so pretty! Also something similar to the Island Paradise expansion pack from sims 3!
  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 2,159 Member
    edited October 2017
    Also more interactive community lots.
    For example:
    ▪a working movie theater
    ▪a car lot where you can purchase your cars instead of buy mode
    ▪roller skating, basketball courts, baseball fields
    ▪school. Not the entire school visible, but the auditorium and the playground.That way you could see your child sim act in a play, play at the playground, eat in the cafeteria etc. You could also see a prom dance and watch your teen sim awkwardly shuffle with his date.

    Also for "parties" or events a sim can host, an engagement party, baby shower, and funeral would be great.
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  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 2,159 Member
    ResSteel wrote: »
    I already commented, but I had more ideas! Seasons for sure! Winter and Fall would look so pretty! Also something similar to the Island Paradise expansion pack from sims 3!

    Man, id love it if they could put a few of the basic seasons in the first game. Like rain, snow and sunny. A season expansion pack could feature more extreme weather like thunderstorms, hurricane, earthquake etc. Also could include holiday themed items.

    It would be cool to have at least one vacation area in the base game. A tropical location would be great.
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  • SophiaBlissSophiaBliss Posts: 51 Member
    I would definitely want toddlers, seasons, pets..I also think we need pre teens because I feel like the life span as a whole is too short also I'd like it to be a little more realistic instead of going from kid straight to teen..I'd like a daycare that you could go with the kids to (like get to work) and school you can join with the kids. Height sliders!! also more toddler skills and higher levels for them because as of now I feel like it's too easy to get to level 5 of a certain skill.

    That's just a general idea of some of the things I'd like.
  • CreativeSimmerCreativeSimmer Posts: 156 Member
    I hope there will be seasons and pets in the base game :) Also prom and more clothes for children. To be honest though I like the sims 4 though it would be improved a lot with small pets and seasons
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  • ari100ari100 Posts: 74 Member
    Sims 5 Base game:

    - Nostalgic elements - Similar music soundtrack from TS1 and TS2.

    - An actual challenging game: Some examples- (There would also be cheats for people to access this stuff the easy way, for those lazy simmers)
    1. Limited CAS clothing options (must earn and buy in a clothes store)
    2. Buying your groceries at a store.
    3. Going to the hairdressers for a haircut.
    4. More complex school and career systems. (E.g. School- clubs, popularity groups, volunteering, projects, that give you credit to allow you to get into university or pass requirements to get into some jobs). (EA doing research into actual jobs will allow them to make job systems more engaging and complex, but won't go into that now, although I've written lots on this if anyone wants to know)

    - Seasons and weather:
    I've met people who don't have pets, but I've never met anyone who lives somewhere without weather or seasons. I'm pretty sure the Sims is based on Earth, and I don't want to wait several years after Sims 5 is released to get something as fundamental to life as this).

    - Small, but completely open, complete, compact and aesthetically beautiful worlds:
    There would be several small worlds in the base game, that you can travel to and from (With a cute travelling clip in the loading screen).
    1. Poor neighbourhood- 10 or more grungy houses closely compacted together (so it's more realistic). A corner shop (for groceries), a bad clothes store (with a few cheap clothing options), a hairdresser (for haircuts, piercing and tattoos), a diner, and a park.
    2. Middle class neighbourhood (with all the above but more middle class), and a beach.
    3. Suburban neighbourhood (with all the above but more expensive), and a beach.
    4. Country town (lots larger and more spread out)
    5. Downtown- City area, where other shopping, city hall, work buildings, schools, library, gym, movie theatre etc is.

    - Vehicles and Traffic light system Cars, bicycles, motorbikes, buses (Buses come every 30 sim minutes. Sims have to go to a bus stop and wait, then when bus arrives can have options to "go to work", "go downtown", "go to school", etc.). Vehicles will drive to the end of a road in the neighbourhood that "goes towards" another neighbourhood, and then it goes to a pleasant loading screen of a animation of the vehicle that the sim was in, looking out the window to scenery going by. Different neighbourhoods have different scenery in the loading screen animation)

    Focus on Careers-
    I think a huge focus of TS5 should be on careers. They could be so much more engaging and complex. Even if you had a limited amount of careers in the base game it would be okay, if each one was unique and complex.
    E.g. Police - Low level would be desk duty, answering calls, directing people, etc. Then driving around in a cop car and arresting people for speeding, going through red lights. Go to house calls, shut down loud parties, arrest teens that are out late or Sims that act crazy (like a sim streaking in public). Then could investigate car accidents. Eventually go onto missions, undercover (And could choose disguise), get a police partner, Solve cases and catch criminals (like literally chase and fight them).

    - World editing tools, terrain tools.

    - Life stages:
    Baby (not object), toddler, child, preteen, teen, young adult, adult, middle aged, elderly.
    Each stage with unique actions, options and effects.

    - Cats, dogs, birds, fish:
    The reason I would like this in the base game is firstly we have had a pets expansion from TS1, and two, it will make way for new expansion packs. (But you can't just omit it completely because people would be fuming).

    EP ideas:
    - Business and Vacation should be done at some point (Assuming Seasons, pets and university is in the base game or added in a patch)

    - Farming
    - Sports
  • ari100ari100 Posts: 74 Member
    I would like sims 5 to be on a new game engine that can actually support the content.

    The focus on TS2 was ageing, TS3 was open world, TS4 was emotions. I would like TS5 to be consequences. Let me explain.

    The game is too easy, there is no story progression, and there is no difference between each sim (their traits mean nothing, and the game play is just the same with each family. It doesn't really matter what I do, there are no consequences).
    I'm fine if there are cheats for gamers if they want to make it easy. But challenging gameplay is what makes it engaging. Without any challenge you can't really even call it a game.

    1. Traits should make sims unique, and shape them, their decisions and possible actions. Not just boost a skill or take an 'evil shower'. Three traits are all you need to start with (Traits can develop - See number 14).

    2. Relationships and family tree - Better system. 1. Not everyone gets along, and if you intentionally get on someone's nerves, unless they have the 'good' trait, they are probably not going to be super nice to you and want to make up after. But if they are family, or you have a history of friendship, then a sim may want to make up if you have had a fight.

    3. Behaviours and decisions should have health risks.
    - E.g. "Working hard" all the time, not sleeping enough (or being exhausted all the time), eating unhealthy, being stressed, doing dirty things, not keeping hygiene, being obese is going to make you sick. Eating off food or poor quality might give you food poisoning for 24 hours.
    - Sims should get the flu, not want to get out of bed, feel like lying down, throw up, get itchy rashes, get a stomachache, headache.
    - Sims should need to go to a doctor to get diagnosed, and sometimes receive medication.
    - Some medication could have side effects, like drowsiness, redness, itching etc. Maybe the doctor will tell you to take a day off and rest (don't do strenuous things).
    - Sims that are sick are not going to be able to work at their job as well, they won't be able to work out for as long and won't get the most out of their workout. Eating some foods may make them nauseous and throw up, they may tire easier. They may not be as focused on a task, or do as well at a skill that they normally would.
    - Close interactions such as kissing, hugging, or cooking food for other sims whilst you have some illnesses may spread the illness.
    - Healthier Sims who are not as stressed, sleep, eat and exercise will be less likely to get ill, even from other sick sims.

    4. More complex school and work systems:
    - And what you do in school and work and the decisions you make may make it easier or harder to get a job.
    - Career: You would need to do an interview and impress the boss to get the job.
    - School: What matters are grades, volunteering, part time work, great science projects, detentions, which would improve or impair your resume for the future which will help get a job, and maybe start at level 3 for some jobs.
    - School homework will vary depending if public or private school and age. But Primary students would need to read a certain amount each night, and fill out a homework book. Preteens would start to have projects to do/make, Teenagers would also need to do pair/group projects.
    - Preteen/teenager sims that do really well in school (joining clubs and doing extra credit) will be offered a scholarship for private school for the rest of their school time (as long as they keep up their grades that is). (And scholarship for university too in the EP).
    - Open ended jobs are complex and engaging.

    5. Bills are more complex: Therefore bills can be really expensive for rich sims but still affordable most of the time poorer families.
    - Loan/mortgage,
    - School fees (private schools),
    - Water/electricity (depends how much you use each),
    - Insurance (death, life, health, theft, fire - Sims can choose whether or not to get them).
    - If you rent out another property you may need to pay to fix things and for their electricity/water bills as well.
    - University fees and debt (University expansion),
    - Taxes (Top of politics career can change tax rate on citizens (with consequences of corse).

    - How poorer families could save:
    - Live in a place where don't need a loan/mortgage
    - Public school,
    - Don't use much electricity (e.g. tv, computers, stereo, etc), don't take baths, have short showers, don't own a pool, don't water the garden too much, buy a water tank.

    6. Limited CAS clothing options (must earn and buy in a clothes store)

    7. Buying your groceries at a store.

    8. Going to the hairdressers for a haircut, piercings, tattoos.

    9. Laundry in the base game. (Clothes can run out if you don’t have enough and don’t wash them).

    10. Have somewhere to put your money when families get rich:
    - become an investor in Sims ideas, games, etc.
    - Buy property, renovate and create houses to sell on the market via auctions. (buy advertisements to attract Sims to the Auction. Hold open for inspection days (where you can convince Sims to become interested or to make an offer (This is where Charisma skill would come in handy) - You may not always get the price that makes you break even. (Read the newspaper to see if property market is good or bad for selling buying).
    - Become business owners (which will them allow you to edit the lot).
    - Be able to split how every much of your finances you want, when Sims move out.
    - Donate/fund/start a charity (Can make advertisements, put adds in mailboxes, go door knocking to ask for donations, hold fundraiser events).
    - Have expensive parties (Hiring waiters, bartenders, clowns, band, entertainer, ice sculptures, chef and expensive buffets)
    - Take a spa day
    - Go on extravagant holidays (EP)

    11. Parenting style:
    - Parenting style and behaviour may affect the trait options for your growing children.
    - Things that may affect future trait options and mood/attitude (e.g. more rebellious, moody, defiant children) - Social neglect, continual and unfair punishments, or not showing love (through interactions, and touch (e.g. hugging your child, praising, telling them you are proud, snuggling with your baby) or care to your children (E.g. Teenager that goes to a late party without parents knowing, and parents don't mention anything to the child. The teenager may feel the parents don't care about them). Of course the usually bringing up toddlers skills would be important as well.
    - Parenting style will affect how easily Sims will make relationships and get close to sims.

    12. Different things you do provides sims with different actions, opportunities, challenges in life.

    13. Extreme Fears:
    - Sims can develop extreme fears to things, from traumatic or negative experiences in toddler years or childhood.
    - Extreme fears that come from negative experiences will be linked to certain traits.

    - Extreme fear from negative traits:
    1. e.g. Cowardly Sims can develop an Extreme fear to dolls or clowns from seeing a clown at a birthday party or if they sibling scares them multiple times with dolls, or clown faces.
    2. e.g. Neat Sims can develop extreme fear of bugs if lived in a house infested with bugs when young.

    - Extreme Fears from traumatic experiences:
    1. Dogs/cats (Dog/cat attack/bite),
    2. lighting/storms (If lighting burnt a tree, or started a fire),
    3. fire - Terrified of candles/birthday candles, fireplaces, fire (From house fire),
    4. Fear of death (if saw a person die),
    5. Water/swimming - pools/ocean, won't like to fish because near water, or take a bath, or view a fountain or pond, (From almost drowning or seeing someone drown).

    - Sims who come in contact with fears when they are older will have a Extreme fear moodlet and will want to run away. It will effect their mood for some time.
    - If you want to get rid of a fear, sims attend a Psychologist (e.g. 2 sessions in a week) (It can be a rabbit hole).
    - The wants and fears from TS2 will need to come back for fears to work

    14. Hidden traits/interests: Additional traits developed from life experiences. Must be a lot of exposure regularly for these traits to develop.
    1. Hates outdoors/loves outdoors (if you have a lot of indoor or outdoor experience as a toddler/child)
    2. Commitment issues (parental style)
    3. Loner (for making no friends as a toddler/child (Family don't count)).
    4. Bookworm (For reading a lot/being read to a lot)
    5. Ambitious (From seeing successful ambitious/hard working parents)
    6. Brave/cowardly/looser (Winning/loosing fights, parental style, positive/negative life experiences)
    7. Technosavy (For fiddling, exploring, playing with electronics).
    8. Athletic/Couch potato (For doing/not doing active games/sports/walking/running/climbing as a child)
    9. Frugal (for growing up in a poor home).
    10. Neat/slob (From growing up in very clean/dirty home)
    11. Natural cook (Growing up reading cook books, baking with friends/parent, watching cooking shows)
    12. Virtuous (Growing up listening/playing/singing/dancing to music including live, on the stereo)
    13. Artistic (Surrounded by artwork, draw/paint a lot. (Can do as a toddler/child on a arts table, and can draw as a child at any time)

    It all sounds very complex, but 1, you could get around a lot of it with cheats, and 2 it wouldn't be confusing or difficult gameplay, it would just create a world where behaviours and decisions have consequences and will shape Sims lives. So no family you make will ever be exactly the same as the last.

    What do you guys think?
  • LilyGraceGamingLilyGraceGaming Posts: 63 Member
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,672 Member
    edited November 2017
    I want the same vibes & the same love that they made for TS2. A real complex game, with consequences. Please I don't want TS5 luminous like TS4, use the same shades as TS2 & TS3. I want each sims different.
  • SimlishTVSimlishTV Posts: 157 Member
    I would like to see more autonomy and variety of action by non-playing families. And for example, secret love. I would like 2 Sims had different relationships to each other - (he is in love and she hates him).
  • simsobsessedsimsobsessed Posts: 11 New Member
    I have MANY suggestions for Sims 5.

    For example, private schools. Let's say in the town there are two automatic schools, a private school, and a public school. The public school would work just as it did in the sims 3 (In my idea the map follows the sims 3 layout, not sims 4), children and teens would go to school in their everyday outfits. However, in the private schools, sims would have to wear uniforms. Also, just like with the Get to Work expansion for Sims 4, you could go to build mode for the private school and set up your own uniform. you could even set a tuition for every week, and if you wanted to you could set gender restrictions (not to be sexist, just to make it realistic). The way you would do this is to have a public school for anyone, one private school for just girls, and a private school for boys, or just one private school. Another thing to add on is having a separate elementary school, middle school, and high school. This would work if there were more age options (child, preteen, and teenager.) I also think they should add back universities. The only bug with this idea is that there would be multiple schools in one town, but maybe there could be another town simply for the University (such as in Sims 3) Also, to enroll in a private school a parent sim could use their phone, computer, or with the sims 3 map layout, simply click on the school. I think it would be cool to have a "tour" option for schools. Maybe the sims could even take their kids to the school, where they meet a principal NPC. One thing I'd love to see is where you could actually follow students to school, such as with the doctor, police, and scientist professions, but this isn't a necessity to me. I wouldn’t mind a university and private school EP instead of a base game.

    My next suggestion is illness and injuries.

    Sims 4 tried to add illnesses, but to me, they weren't very impressive. I haven't experimented with illnesses much, but I think we need more of a variety. Also, I'd like to focus more on injuries. Maybe clumsy sims could be prone to get injured at work or school. They go to the hospital and the doctor says they have to use crutches for a week or have a wheelchair. There could be many minor injuries, such as falling down the stairs and needing crutches. And maybe something severe like getting a concussion. Maybe if the sims injuries are so serious, they could be sent to the hospital, and their pictures would be greyed out. It would also be cool to get a hospital bill, and if they are in school, there would be a "Make Up Work" option the next day they went to school. Also, let's say a sim doesn't think they need to go to the hospital. For every day they procrastinate, the injury gets more severe. To explain this in depth, let's say a kid gets a concussion, and two days after the injury, they finally go to the hospital. Normally, the conclusion would last maybe 5 days, but since they waited to be treated it would last 7 days because they didn't get treated. I'm not sure if this is accurate at all to the real world, but I think some research should be done to make sure it's as realistic as much as possible. I wouldn’t mind this being in EP as it seems a bit complicated for the base game.

    Another suggestion is clothes.

    I was very disappointed in the difference between sims 4 and sims 3 CAS. We had many more options in Sims 3 and I would like to see those options return (Color wheel). However, I did like how Sims could buy outfits in the Get to Work expansion pack. It'd be nice to have that again in Sims 5. Also, I think there should be more stores, and that we shouldn't have to build EVERY store, with a minimum of 10 mannequins. I think there should automatically be a layout for clothing stores. Also... WE NEED MORE WEDDING DRESSES AND TUXEDOS!! I can only recall there being a couple of dresses that could be considered a wedding dress in Sims 4, and only one in Sims 3. We should be able to go to a store to buy a wedding dress, and maybe just evening gowns all-together. Also, since the details in Sims 5 are supposed to be more intricate, it'd be nice to customize more of the clothes, such as length of shirts, skirts, pants, etc. One idea is when going in CAS mode, you could click on a shirt, and there would be a customization mode where you change it to ANY color, maybe even add a logo or picture, and change the length or width. All of this would be done on a mannequin version of your sim. And when you're finished, you could click done, and even a "Save" option for future use.

    One thing I don't want to change is Build Mode. To me, it was so much easier to build a house in Sims 4, and hopefully, they keep that format but add more to it. Also, I like how you could change the land plots in sims 3 "Edit Mode". I would really like that feature back.
  • dipstick10dipstick10 Posts: 2 New Member
    The main thing I wish for in Sims 5... smarter, more realistic autonomy. Sims should feel like they have an effect on each others lives. Particularly within the household, sims should feel like they're living their lives alongside your personal sim...finding jobs, expressing wants, asking for advice, questioning each others decisions. Relationships should be complex in some way and not easily sustained. If needs aren't met, then the relationships should suffer consequences.

    If sims are really having an impact on each others lives, then it could really feel like a living simulation. Everything else would fall into place, shortcomings and waiting on expansions wouldn't matter that much. IF the programmers could improve autonomy and family-relationship dynamics, The Sims game would really spring to life again and take that much needed step forward.
  • JinxiePie13JinxiePie13 Posts: 11 New Member
    I have no idea where to talk about it, but it's not about TS5 or entirely TS4, but I use to play all the PS2 sims games before playing them on PC. One of my favorites is The Sims 2 Castaway! Ever since TS4 came out, I've always thought it would be awesome if EA somehow brought TS2 Castaway back for PC as an updated version, using the graphics and mechanics of TS4. Keeping all the content from the old game of course, but adding new content too, along with the map being similar to the TS4 map. (BUT, for TS Castaway it would be one big map, instead of having them separated like the cities of TS4.)

    Lol, I really loved TS2 Cast away, and I enjoy TS4, just thought it would be cool if they merged together somehow. <3
  • Colton147147Colton147147 Posts: 10,370 Member
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  • AHolyToiletAHolyToilet Posts: 870 Member
    edited March 2018
    I have some ideas as well.

    First off, I request that it is open world. While I am fine with TS4 having closed areas, the open world of TS3 was more fun. However, if this means that the development time will take even longer since they'd have to propely optimize it ( and I really hope they do ), then I'm fine with that. If not open world, at least bigger neighborhoods where you didn't have to enter a loading screen just to visit your neighbor. The closed worlds DO make it easier to edit the world, which I do like.

    Graphics and artstyle, I'm fine with either a realistic look to the Sims or a more cartoonish look like TS4. I find it really easy creating attractive Sims in TS4 which I say is a plus.

    Get rid of the "happy" feeling of the game. This game has so little consequence and danger in it to the point of it being easy. I once accidentally left my game running for a while and I came back to find my Sims just chilling with no problem. Only family play has actually felt like a challenge, but I never left that running by itself.

    They should also adjust the personalities of the Sims themselves. We were promised "Smarter Sims" and "Weirder Stories", but we never got that. The Sims lack all semblance of personality and this is because of the Emotion System and the Traits.

    The traits are too "underpowered" to really add to the personalities of the Sims, causing the Emotion System to overtake their personalities. The only thing the traits actually do is make a Sim be more likely to feel something. That's it.

    For example, in the Sims 3, the Evil trait made your Sim good at being evil. There were special interactions they could use with other Sims to achieve their evil desires. However, this was not limited to just how it made them interact with Sims, it also affected how they interacted with the world. They're good at being a criminal. They're more likely to win fights. They'll mock a Sim that died or tease a Sim for not reaching the toilet in time. ( And since Sims with a low bladder need use that ridiculous walk that slows them down, the chance of seeing a Sim tease another like that is increased )

    Evil Sims like "dark lairs".

    When an Evil Sim reached the top of the criminal career, they gained an aura. And just many more examples!

    The Evil trait in the Sims 4 just gives mostly moodlets, two interactions that never did much, and allowed you to smash a dollhouse even if they weren't angry. Yay.

    The Evil trait is just one example, but this fits with all of the traits in the Sims 4. Because of this, the Emotion System takes over. A Sim in a bad mood will be just as angry as a Hotheaded Sim would. The only difference is Hotheaded Sims get angry more often. A Sim that's inspired will do something artistic just as a Sim with artistic traits would. The only difference is artistic Sims will probably do it a little bit better.

    If you were to go to the Wikia posts right now for the Evil trait in the Sims 3 and put it next to the Wikia post for the Evil trait in the Sims 4, you'd see that there's not only far more attributes for the Sims 3 Evil trait, but that there's even a whole list of Player Notes talking about what else the trait does in the Sims 3. If you scroll down, you'd see that there's even a list of objects that "get an evil twist" from an Evil Sim.

    The Sims 4 Wikia post for the Evil trait does not have any of this. That's because the trait in the Sims 4 is substantially inferior to the Sims 3 one.

    With that, I say if they want to keep the Emotion System in the next game, either make the traits more substantial or don't add in the system at all. I could go on about how bad the Emotion System really is, but I'll stop there.

    Bring back the Color Wheel. Straight up. The CAS is fantastic, but that's the only thing it's missing.

    That's really my biggest problems with TS4, problems that I hope are addressed in the next game. I don't hate the game at all, in fact, up until very recently, I was playing it a lot. But these are what I think to be major issues in the game that have to be looked at.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,994 Member
    edited March 2018
    Everything that was in TS3, but better optimized: I want terrain mapping and CASt back, as well as open world. And this time there'd better be hockey in the game. Natural Disasters... Death by Flies - Needs to be consequences for Slob traits.
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  • ShaikeShaike Posts: 1 New Member
    What about Funerals in the sims 5
    That would be crazy dope
  • Rollant2310Rollant2310 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like to have "go for a walk" interaction
  • Crafty_Crafty_ Posts: 3,381 Member
    Resurrected thread!
  • Lee1993Lee1993 Posts: 2 New Member
    I have a couple of ideas I would LOVE to have. I will mention I really only play Sims 2 so if some of these ideas are in 3 or 4 I wouldn't know so don't hate me lol

    1. A combination of Apartment Life and Open for Business - Make apartment type lots with multiple apartments with shops downstairs. Rent the apartment and it's like opening a home business at the same time.

    2. This could also be in the one above - A Useable/Buildable marketplace with rentable stalls. You go to the lot, rent a stall and add the items you want to sell. Stop renting the stall when you have no items left.

    3. Add a Farming Expansion pack - Plantable crops/vegetables, Harvestable fruit trees, Egg laying chickens, Milkable cows, Shearable sheep, Rideable horses, Pigs, Honey producing bees. Maybe a tractor for harvesting? Stables? And bigger lots for farming. Maybe animals can occasionally break fences and make a mess?

    4. Add a Time Expansion Pack - With Medieval and Futuristic Neighborhoods. Add Clothes, Hairstyles, Items and Jobs for each. Medieval can add features like Royals, Bards, Tavern Keepers, Merchants ect (Like Sims Medieval) and Futuristic can add hover cars, teleporters ect.

    5. Add an Abandoned Island neighborhood? Like Sims Castaway but without the quests? With more camp style options like build a tree house or hut? Kinda like the tent from Sims 2.

    6. Add an Enchanted Woods Neighborhood? Add Playable Elves (like Lord of the Rings type Elves not Santa's Helper's lol) No technology works, no deliveries (like groceries or pizza or bills) and you have to make everything yourself. Plant, harvest and catch your own food, keep animals like sheep to make clothes?

    7. Add more supernatural Life States (Sims 2 has Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Plantsims, Witches, Bigfoot, Aliens, Zombies and Servos) Maybe they could add Fairies, Elves(See above for more info lol) ect. Maybe as supernatural pets you could have Unicorns or miniature dragons (about the size of a cat?)

    8. Zoo Expansion pack - Own your own zoo? With pens that come with the animal included and people come to see them. Visitors pay an entrance fee and can buy snacks or souvenirs. Your animals can be confiscated by the authorities if it isn't fed or its cage is dirty for too long.

    9. A playable hospital - You own and run the hospital. You can hire Doctors, Nurses, cleaners, cooks ect. Add things like MRI Machines and Xrays to boost the standing of your hospital. Sick Sims come to the lot, check in and it's your job to treat them. You could examine them yourself (Maybe requires you to go to college and get a Medical degree?) or have one of the doctors/nurses do it and have it come up as a popup at the side what is wrong with them. Maybe it comes up unknown or in pain and you have to MRI or X-ray them. You can then treat them when you know what is wrong. (Stuff like broken arms/legs need x-ray then plaster?) Maybe there could also be surgeons?

    Let me know if these are good ideas! :smile:
  • Lee1993Lee1993 Posts: 2 New Member
    > @Lee1993 said:
    > 7. Add more supernatural Life States (Sims 2 has Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Plantsims, Witches, Bigfoot, Aliens, Zombies and Servos) Maybe they could add Fairies, Elves(See above for more info lol) ect. Maybe as supernatural pets you could have Unicorns or miniature dragons (about the size of a cat?)
    Also maybe some creatures that you can just encounter? Like your at the beach and encounter mermaids? or in the woods/forest and see the Fairies or Elves or Unicorns. Maybe spot the loch ness monster or something :smiley:
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    Lee1993 wrote: »
    9. A playable hospital - You own and run the hospital. You can hire Doctors, Nurses, cleaners, cooks ect. Add things like MRI Machines and Xrays to boost the standing of your hospital. Sick Sims come to the lot, check in and it's your job to treat them. You could examine them yourself (Maybe requires you to go to college and get a Medical degree?) or have one of the doctors/nurses do it and have it come up as a popup at the side what is wrong with them. Maybe it comes up unknown or in pain and you have to MRI or X-ray them. You can then treat them when you know what is wrong. (Stuff like broken arms/legs need x-ray then plaster?) Maybe there could also be surgeons?

    Let me know if these are good ideas! :smile:

    You can play as a doctor in a similar situation to this. You don't own the hospital, but it's a playable career.
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    With gaming and hardware technological advance in the future, I wonder what Sims 5 or further will look like.

    I would like to have public transportations like buses, trains, planes, and ship, and make it open world/semi-open world. So you can have different experiences when travel with your sims.

    Or we can choose different eras to play with, like medieval, renaissance, etc.
    In the medieval era we can start a war with other lords.

    Or in the industrial/modern era our sims can become a real spy for the government, wear a trench coat with hat and given a mission like assassinate a target or something.

    I don't know.
    So many thoughts man, so many possibilities.
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