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More Friends! The Sims Mobile


  • HistoricKiwiHistoricKiwi Posts: 63 Member
    I am always active and I always makes sure to give all my stickers out!
    My code is: MXTQ9DF

    I hope to see you around! :smile:
  • B_DiddyB_Diddy Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey 😍🤓 Need a good Sim friend? Looking to gain some momentum in your Sim-verse? Well me too, so go ahead and add me... XKF4JVN

    Daily Player

    No problem handing out tickets

    Host party’s

    Attend party’s

    Usually go all the way with my Sims world.... not new to this, just true to this. Hehe...
  • VoltronVoltron Posts: 288 Member
    edited September 2018
    Looking to add Simmers who give stickers and host level 10 parties as I do the same!

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  • TheTinyDancer1TheTinyDancer1 Posts: 4 New Member
    Need more active friends please add me 4D4FW7R. Thanks
  • revertoirerevertoire Posts: 7 New Member
    Daily active player, attends parties as much as possible and doesn’t mind giving out stickers !! :smile:
    Friend code is LVFH6DE
  • AngelcherryAngelcherry Posts: 1 New Member
    Add me I play daily, Im on level 25
    6CUKCGF !!!!!!☺☺
  • urfatalsinurfatalsin Posts: 2 New Member

    ADD ME
  • urfatalsinurfatalsin Posts: 2 New Member

    ADD ME
  • XxXSimJenniLoveXxXXxXSimJenniLoveXxX Posts: 4 New Member
    Hey everyone! Add me
    Alex Vaus & Piper Chapman OITNB💚
  • ShatteringstarsShatteringstars Posts: 1 New Member
    4KKMHLW My friend code add me:)
  • 333simlover333333simlover333 Posts: 1 New Member
    Plz add me I play all day 7LXLR4K
  • HarleyDchickHarleyDchick Posts: 2 New Member
    Hello everyone . I love the sims and I am a daily player . Please add me and let’s me friends

  • Cheesietoast01Cheesietoast01 Posts: 1 New Member
    I’m a daily player and I’m pretty far in the game. Level 24 and just leveled up and am now a Haute Hotshot.

    My code is 9QEXAGF
    Add me please!! I always add back!
  • LylyVorfreudeLylyVorfreude Posts: 1 New Member
    TPPJLGV :)
  • SuReinaSiempreSuReinaSiempre Posts: 1 New Member
    Daily player. Attends parties. Gives out stickers. Hosts only level 10 parties. Friends back.

    My code: NFFDQE9
  • SlumFlowers21SlumFlowers21 Posts: 7 New Member
    Add me please, daily player and party 10 ten
  • SonggBiirdJAGSonggBiirdJAG Posts: 1 New Member
    * Add Me Fellow Simmers: ELPRUEM *
    Nearly Level 31. Daily player. Likes giving and receiving stickers. Hosts and attends parties. Will add back :smile:
  • lerkovallerkoval Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm a daily player, I have amazing house and I like to give stikers!

    I host parties every week and attend them every day

    Add me, let become friends! And you will fall in love with my house in Scandinavian style :smile:

  • StevenwchStevenwch Posts: 1 New Member
    This is my Friend code ! Add me

  • NightonNighton Posts: 12 New Member
    I used to go to parties for the quests, fashion gems, and simouleons. But to be honest, right now all those things are secondary. I just want to go to a party where the Sims don't look like on of goosebumps monsters with biceps bigger than their thighs and raggedy clothing. Id expect normally that anyone who plays this game would be constantly striving to use the numerous characteristics available to us to create the most beautiful and handsome sims possible but sadly this is not the case. It's becoming harder and harder to find Sims worthy of a sticker. It's like they were designed in 3 seconds by Neanderthals. I'll leave my friend code here. Please reply with yours if you feel the same or if you at the very least put one effort into designing your Sims.
  • NightonNighton Posts: 12 New Member
    NUATYQ6. I'm an active daily player. I give stickers to Sims that are worthy and host the lvl 10 parties every week.
  • Liz12DozenLiz12Dozen Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm a daily player currently at level 21. I attend parties every day and always give out stickers! Would love to see some new houses and hope you'll check out mine :)
    My friend code is TQ7D7LJ
  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 556 Member
    MKRUFN9 is my friend code. I play daily.

    I have stopped playing this game. I got bored and deleted it.
  • MrPouchPantyMrPouchPanty Posts: 1 New Member
    Level 30
    Uniquely Chic
    4 Sims
    Online Regularly

    Looking for similar stats players to achieve regular level 10 parties and to prioritise gifting stickers for weekly rewards.. Add me..

    MrPouchPanty - AQYVJXL
  • cruise_simcruise_sim Posts: 1 New Member
    Always nice to have more friends PA7VYDH
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