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Can you reorganise/recatorgorise CC?

MadeInOzMadeInOz Posts: 54 Member
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Hi all, just wondering if there is a way to properly categorise your cc - e.g. when you download and use some cc for example an umbrella and whoever created it made it come under curtains which it isn't and that is where it appears in your sims game, I wanted to know if you can rename the category so that it goes into decoration category so I know where to look for the right items in the right place or wherever you want it so it's easy to find.

When I"m looking for something specific it takes so long to scroll through every section of items - decorations, plants, etc where some randoms are put into weird spots. I hope this makes sense as it's hard to explain.

I have the sims 4 tray importer for mac and the Sims 4 studio but I don't know how to change the types (category of item) or what numbers are needed in warehouse tab, maybe there is already a post about what tuning ids etc for each item - couch, bed, fridge, decoration etc?
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