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Gender neutral pronouns mod?

trinibabeegurltrinibabeegurl Posts: 23 Member
Does anyone know of a mod that allows for sims to be referred to by gender neutral pronouns such as they/them? I would truly appreciate any information leading to such a mod. Thank you!


  • xteamppxteampp Posts: 16 Member
    The game is REALLY based on gender... Like real life...

    A gnp mod would be confusing to say the least...
  • foxx_fennecfoxx_fennec Posts: 753 Member
    I’m not aware of such a mod, and I’m not sure how feasible it’d even be (since binary gender is pretty solidly incorporated into the base game), but I agree it’s something I’d love to see.
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  • FogityFogity Posts: 122 Member
    Hi, as far as I know there is no mod to have a particular sim be referred to as "they" (and my impression is that it likely isn't possible to do).
    However, I have recently created and released a mod that changes all pronouns to "they" and titles to gender neutral ones.
    If that is good enough, you can find the mod here: Gender Less
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    Gender Less - Gender neutral pronouns and titles
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